DS Daily - 26th October 2009


Brief interventions short-change some heavily dependent cannabis users

For the first time this large US study demonstrated that more extended psychosocial therapy for heavily dependent cannabis users can improve on outcomes from briefer interventions. Print publication 2005 [Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK]

Preventing cannabis use will not have much effect on rates of mental illness - study

A strange bit of research was published this week by researchers [UKCIA]

Safety and Health Week 23rd October 2009

Everyone’s business, everyone’s problem: drugs, alcohol and the workplace [Concateno, UK]

WGCADA celebrate 30 years

West Glamorgan Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (WGCADA), one of EATA’s newest members, celebrate their 30th Anniversary this year and held a conference on the 8th October in Swansea [EATA]

Pharmacist Support Begins new partnership with Action on Addiction

The UK’s leading independent welfare charity for pharmacists and their families in Great Britain has agreed a new partnership with Action on Addiction [EATA]

'Tryg Den Af’: Safer Nightlife Campaign Begins in Copenhagen

As part of Tryg Den Af – an alcohol harm reduction project in Copenhagen supported by IHRA – a social marketing campaign was launched in October across the city [IHRA]

Feelings mixed about student drinking

Alcohol and university may be inseparable to many, but some students are opting out in the name of health, morality and productivity [The Journal, Queen's University, Canada]

Pregnant and addicted, mothers in South Carolina find hope

A state-run drug-treatment program at the Phoenix Center's Serenity Place ... [because] South Carolina's state supreme court is alone in upholding the prosecution of pregnant women for the damage drugs might do to their unborn children [CNN, USA]

'Medical marijuana' is a Trojan horse

My post about “medical marijuana” stirred a lot of comments, some of them approving, the vast majority hostile and vituperative -- and one or two actually threatening. So, let me try this again [Washington Post, USA]

What Two Super-Jocks Can Tell Us About the Disastrous War on Pot

We have a double standard -- promoting the recreational use of alcohol and banning the similar use of marijuana [Alternet, USA]

President Obama And Gov. Paterson Get Love For Recent Drug Policy Reforms

We are obviously a long way from elected officials being honest and principled when it comes to dismantling the disastrous drug war. But the tides seem to be turning [Alternet, USA]

Marijuana Legalization; A Non-Starter

Statement by director R. Gil Kerlikowske - Attorney General Holder issued very clear guidelines to U.S. Attorneys about the appropriate use of Federal resources. He did not open the door to legalization [ONDCP, USA]

Questions about pot

Has the Justice Department taken a first step toward decriminalization of marijuana? [Washington Post, USA]

States Pressed Into New Role on Marijuana

Health and law enforcement officials around the nation are scrambling to figure out how to regulate medical marijuana now that the federal government has decided it will no longer prosecute legal users or providers [New York Times, USA]

Two NIH grants Use Cell Phones to Collect Real-Time Data on Substance Use

It eliminates the problems associated with study participants having to recall their behavior, and cell phones are ubiquitous with young people, who are our main targets in these studies. We capture their data right away. It's all computerized and stored immediately [University of Buffalo, USA]

New study vindicates needle exchange campaigners

A major study has found that for every dollar spent on the controversial needle exchange programs the public purse is four dollars better off, but anti-drug campaigners remain unconvinced [ABC News, Australia]

Alcohol biggest problem for addicts

Nearly half of all Australians seeking help for drug addiction say alcohol is their "principal drug of concern", new figures show [The Australian]

Most hepatitis C infections amongst gay men in Sydney linked to injecting drug use

The Australian researchers also found that rates of hepatitis C infection about ten times higher in HIV-positive men than they were in HIV-negative men [Aidsmap, UK]

Indonesia adopts new repressive narcotics law

Although a careful textual analysis of the legislation is still needed, it is clear that the political considerations far outweighed sensible drug policy arguments in the adoption process, which is reflected in the texts [IDPC]