DS Daily - 30th October 2009


Seizures of Drugs in England and Wales, 2008/09

This publication presents figures for drug seizures made by law enforcement agencies in England and Wales during 2008/09 [Home Office, UK]

Shooting Up: Infections among injecting drug users in the United Kingdom 2008

(Revised figure 8) on this 32-page PDF update [Health Protection Agency, UK]

Estimating drug harms: a risky business?

Professor David Nutt Eve Saville Lecture 2009. 13-page PDF [Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, King’s College, UK]

Scientists v Politicians: Round 3

Professor Nutt is a passionate believer in the importance of scientific evidence to underpin public policy and seems determined to initiate a serious debate about the relative harms associated with illegal and legal drugs [Mark Easton, BBC, UK]

Cannabis classification, a pointless issue that just isn’t going to go away

Prof Nutt is right to be annoyed at Gordon Brown’s decision to ignore his advice, but he must be more depressed at the thought of the misuse of drugs act - an act he seems to believe in - being dragged further into disrepute like this [UKCIA]

Influences on how children and young people learn about and behave towards alcohol

Part one of a review of the literature. 64-page PDF [Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK]

Influences on how children and young people learn about and behave towards alcohol

Part two of a review of the literature. 60-page PDF [Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK]

Young people and alcohol: meanings, practices and contexts

The reviews focused on the alcohol-related risks facing young people (Templeton, 2009), the reported effects of national and local programmes on problems arising from alcohol use by young people (Tyler, 2009), and the effectiveness of national policies to reduce alcohol-related harm among young people. 45-page PDF [Institute of Education, University of London, UK]

Future of mandatory licensing code looks uncertain

The proposed mandatory licensing code looks increasingly unlikely to be passed in full effect by parliament in the face of industry, economic and political pressures [Alcohol Policy UK]

HASC discusses calls for an Impact Assessment of the Misuse of Drugs Act

One of the members of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) raised the issue of carrying out in Impact Assessment (IA) of the Misuse of Drugs Act during a witness session as part of the current inquiry into the cocaine trade [TDPF, UK]

Retention in opioid replacement programmes improves chances of HIV treatment working for drug users

HIV-positive injecting drug users who are retained in opioid substitution therapy programmes have an increased chance of maintaining an undetectable viral load when taking HIV treatment [Aidsmap, UK]

Inexcess Question Time

George Williams hosts the first Inexcess Question Time. On the panel with George is Mark Gilman North West Manger of the NTA, Deirdre Boyd editor of Addiction Today and board member of ARF (the Addiction Recovery Foundation), and Ed Mitchell, previously national news broadcaster now Editor of [Inexcess TV, UK]

Euro ruling ‘won’t affect’ alcohol minimum pricing plans

Mr Salmond told MSPs during First Minister’s Questions that the ruling had "nothing to do" with his plans [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Doctors under fire as an alarming numbers of children are given drugs to combat depression and ADHD

Altogether the NHS spent £17 million on ADHD drugs, £1.5 million on antidepressants and £3.5million on anti-psychotics prescribed to children in 2007 ... The figures were obtained by the Tories from Freedom of Information requests [Daily Mail, UK]

The NSDUH Report - Injection Drug Use and Related Risk Behaviors

Combined 2006 to 2008 data indicate that an annual average of 425,000 persons aged 12 or older (0.17 percent) used a needle to inject heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or other stimulants during the past year [SAMHSA, USA]

Pot Is More Mainstream Than Ever, So Why Is Legalization Still Taboo?

Obama's drug czar has said "legalization" isn't in his vocabulary. Here's why it should be [AlterNet, USA]

From corrections to the community

A set of indicators of the health of Australia's prisoners [AIHW, Australia]

Prison health - HIV, drugs and TB

If prisons are not to become a breeding ground for infectious diseases, prevention and treatment must be an integral part of the penal system [WHO]