DS Daily - 1st September 2009


ONS data for drug treatment in England 2008/09

The 2008/09 data from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System will be collated for adults in drug treatment in England and published on Thursday 8 October at 0930 [NTA, UK]

Death by diversity?

Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender services are a rarity, reports Sarah Graham. At the same time, where gay clubs go, straight ones usually follow – and they are succumbing to crystal meth. A taboo-breaking look at addiction in clubland. [Addiction Today, UK]

Legislating for addiction recovery

Are the much-lamented addiction-treatment structures in the NHS lawful? UK Advocates has sought legal advice on improving treatment and access to it– and is about to apply for a judicial review [Addiction Today, UK]

Drinkaware providing funds for alcohol misuse projects

Charity Drinkaware is encouraging organisations to apply for funding to help deal with problems in alcohol hotspots [The Publican, UK]

Booze Asbos? They're just a gimmick, say Tories

The high-profile announcement was met with derision, as opposition critics pointed out that ministers have waited more than three years to bring the orders into force since passing the necessary legislation [Daily Mail, UK]

New 'booze Asbos' come under fire

Critics branded the measure a "gimmick" that failed to tackle the issue, although it enjoyed support from some alcohol charities [BBC, UK]

'Addiction gene' puts white women at high risk of drink or drug abuse

The breakthrough opens up the possibility of a DNA test to screen for those people who are most at risk of becoming drug addicts or alcoholics [The Scotsman, UK]

Cocaine use among young 'exaggerated' - Minister

The extent of cocaine abuse among young people Ireland has been “exaggerated” in recent years, the newly titled Minister for Drugs, John Curran, has said. “It’s somewhat exaggerated, the use of cocaine,” he told The Irish Times, after details of his new title and “streamlined” office were announced [Irish Times]

EMCDDA, moves to new premises

New contact details [EMCDDA]

IHRA Launches Online Document Collection on Overdose

The fifth in a series of online document collections – this time focusing on the extent and prevention of overdose [IHRA]

UDT Study Misinterprets Opioid Analgesic Misuse

A large study of UDT results claiming that three-fourths of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain are noncompliant with the therapy appears to raise more questions than it answers. Inadvertently, the study also reveals significant limitations of relying on UDT as a guide for patient care [Pain-Topics, USA]

Mexico and Argentina move towards decriminalising drugs

Argentina and Mexico have taken significant steps towards decriminalising drugs amid a growing Latin American backlash against the US-sponsored "war on drugs" [Guardian, UK]


A project that aims to inform young people (aged 15–19 years) about how cannabis use can affect their mental health and to link them with information, resources and access to mental health and drug services [a collaboration between the Australian Drug Foundation, Orygen Youth Health and the Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia]

Overdose Awareness Day

Aims, information and materials [Salvation Army, Australia]