DS Daily - 4th September 2009


Blueprint drugs education: the response of pupils and parents to the programme

This executive summary (which comes from the final report), focuses on the second stage of the Blueprint evaluation. It sets out to assess how pupils and parents responded to the programme, pupils’ awareness and knowledge of drug use, their perception of drug use and acceptability of drug use among same-age peers, and the quality and frequency of parent-child communication on drugs [Home Office, UK]

Police join forces in war on drugs – and ask public to help

Grampian Police, Tayside Police and Northern Constabulary are joining forces with Crimestoppers Scotland and the Customs arm of the UK Border Agency to enlist the public's help in their battle against dealers [The Scotsman, UK]

New advice on OTC analgesics containing codeine

New advice on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines containing codeine and dihydrocodeine (DHC) to minimise the risk of overuse and addiction [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK]

Over-the-counter painkillers 'can cause addiction within three days'

Over-the-counter painkillers taken by millions can cause addiction in just three days, the Government’s drug watchdog has said [Telegraph, UK]

The codeine addict who downed 100 pills a week

According to the most recent figures from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency of the 1,984 individuals who presented for drug addiction, 2% (48) cited codeine and paracetamol as their main drug of misuse [Belfast Telegraph, Ireland, UK]

Teachers want right to get drunk at weekends

More than 10,000 teachers are demanding the right to be able to get drunk at the weekend without facing the sack [Daily Express, UK]

MP calls for 'cocaine' drink ban

An MP is calling for a ban on a new high-energy drink made in Derbyshire, because it is called Simply Cocaine [BBC, UK]

Insite safe drug-injection site sues critic for defamation over article

The operators of Vancouver's controversial drug safe-injection site are suing one of its critics for defamation and slander over a two-year-old article [Metronews, Canada]

Opioid prescribing challenges doctors

There are no straightforward, off-the-shelf solutions to mounting concerns in Canada about prescription opioids [CMAJ, Canada]

‘Have you done drugs?’ How to answer your kid

Honest communication is the key to talking to your children about drugs [MSNBC, USA]

An Inhumane Drug Policy

Mexico’s new law to decriminalize personal possession of small amounts of illicit drugs and the ruling in Argentina are consistent with the trend in Western Europe, Canada and other parts of Latin America to stop treating drug use and possession as a criminal problem - Director, Media Relations, Drug Policy Alliance [Letter New York Times, USA]

The war on drugs is immoral idiocy. We need the courage of Argentina

While Latin American countries decriminalise narcotics, Britain persists in prohibition that causes vast human suffering [Guardian, UK]

Hallucinating over Mexico's drug law

Mexico's new drug law isn't a real step toward legalisation. The last thing Felipe Calderón wants is to let up on the war on drugs [Comment - Guardian, UK]

Community collaboration leads to smokefree success

A Christchurch community which has pulled together to encourage its residents to consider the dangers of smoking is beginning to show a shift in attitudes toward tobacco, with almost a hundred people in the process of trying to quit [Scoop, New Zealand]

Radical new plans to control tobacco supply

Major new proposals to alter the supply of tobacco products in New Zealand will be presented at the Public Health Association conference in Dunedin today [Scoop, New Zealand]