DS Daily - 7th September 2009


Message On A Bottle

Supermarkets are contributing to an epidemic of heavy drinking by promoting cheap alcohol that is poorly labelled. Many of the supermarkets‟ corporate social responsibility statements (where they exist with regards to alcohol) are totally at odds with their actual practice [Alcohol Concern, UK]

Focus: Drunk and disorderly

The introduction of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, which bans pubs and nightclubs from running irresponsible drinks promotions and happy hours, was heralded as the biggest shake-up in the country’s alcohol laws in 30 years [Times, UK]

Evaluating Harm Reduction Works campaign

The National Treatment Agency (NTA) invites tenders for an evaluation of the Harm Reduction Works (HRW) campaign, produced by Exchange Supplies for the NTA [NTA, UK]

The war on drugs has failed. Now we need a more humane strategy

After decades of over-flights, interdictions, spraying and raids on jungle drug factories, Latin America remains the world's largest exporter of cocaine and marijuana. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, president of Brazil from 1995-2003 [Comment - Observer, UK]

Former president of Brazil says hardline war on drugs 'has failed'

Fernando Henrique Cardoso urges global decriminalisation of cannabis use [Observer, UK]

Is America ready to admit defeat in its 40-year war on drugs?

A wave of decriminalisation is sweeping through Latin America [Observer, UK]

74 years jail for cocaine smuggling gang

Seven members of a drug smuggling gang from Surrey have been jailed for a total of 74 years eight months, for smuggling cocaine with an estimated street value of £1.5million into the UK through Manchester Airport [HMRC, UK]

Take more babies away from bad parents, says Barnardo's chief

Many more children need to be taken into care at birth to stop them being damaged beyond repair by inadequate parents, the chief executive of the children's charity Barnardo's has told the [Observer, UK]

Cigarette branding 'misleading'

Subtle branding on cigarette packets is misleading smokers into believing some products are less harmful than others, research suggests [BBC, UK]

A Standard Drink in Ireland:What strength?

The purpose of the study was to examine the different alcoholic beverages currently available in Ireland, in terms of beverage categories, the alcohol content and serving size of typical drinks and other relevant information. 20-page PDF [HSE, Ireland]

Change drinking guidelines, says HSE

Weekly drinking guidelines should be based on the number of grams of alcohol in a standard drink rather than the current unit-based system, a report published yesterday said [Irish Times]

School System Referrals to Substance Abuse Treatment

Schools were more likely than the criminal justice system to refer children and adolescents to substance abuse treatment for the first time (88 vs. 68 percent) [SAMHSA, USA]

New Nationwide Study Shows Reduced Risk of Substance Abuse in Children

Drug Czar, Top Federal Experts Use Vital Town Hall to Announce Success of Major Community Based Drug Prevention Effort [NIDA, USA]

Adolescent Prescription ADHD Medication Abuse Is Rising

The sharp increase, out of proportion to other poison center calls, suggests a rising problem with teen ADHD stimulant medication abuse [Abstract - Pediatrics, USA]

Fresh thinking on the war on drugs?

There are times when silence can be as eloquent as words. Take the case of Washington’s reaction to announcements, in quick succession, from Mexico and Argentina of changes in their drug policies that run counter to America’s own rigidly prohibitionist federal laws. No U.S. expressions of dismay or alarm [Reuters, USA]

Mexico's Brutal Turf War

For Mexicans living in Ciudad Juarez, this week's massacre at the rehab center could've been just another violent day in Mexico's deadliest city [CBS, USA]

Survey shows ignorance of drinking guidelines

The Salvation Army is calling on the Federal Government to do more to publicise the country's alcohol guidelines as it raises the alarm about the level of drinking by children [ABC News, Australia]

UN report warns Afghanistan must control drugs trade

After eight years of war in Afghanistan and apparently democratic - although disputed - elections - two things remain constant in the country - violence and drugs [ABC Radiao Australia]

Initiative to curb trade in chemicals for illicit drugs

The UNODC and the European Commission have partnered to launch PRELAC, a three-year project to strengthen the capacities of national administrative control authorities to prevent the diversion of precursor chemicals from the licit market into Latin America and the Caribbean [UNODC]

Shining a Light on a Hidden Epidemic

Why and How Civil Society Advocates Can Support the Expansion of Hepatitis C Treatment in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 52-page PDF [Open Society Institute, USA]