DS Daily - 8th September 2009


SMMGP Clinical Update

For August 2009 [SMMGP, UK]

Drink and Drugs News

7th September issue [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

You're barred

What could the forthcoming vetting and barring scheme mean for ex-service users’ employment prospects? David Gilliver investigates [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

The long view

The NTA is shifting its focus from getting people into treatment to long-term recovery, as chief executive Paul Hayes tells [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

Right impact

Roger Howard explains the UK Drug Policy Commission’s findings from a year-long review of drug-related law enforcement [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

The dark stuff

Lifeline has produced a new short animation on overdose awareness [Drink and Drugs News, UK]

New FEAD videos from Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE

Including: Ground breaking work on discrimination in the NHS and The Community Engagement Model [FEAD, UK]

Getting it Right

The aim of this multimedia learning resource is to provide a broad introduction to the issues affecting minority ethnic carers and service users with an emphasis on achieving cultural competence within individual practice [IRISS, UK]

Improving ethnic data collection for equality and diversity monitoring

There are important health inequalities related to ethnic group and other aspects of the diversity of the Scottish population. Addressing ethnic inequalities in health requires accurate and complete information to support monitoring and health improvement [ISD Scotland, UK]

Former drug addict turns her life around and heads to university

A former drug addict who injected amphetamine on her 13th birthday has spoken of her battle to be accepted into normal life again [Wales Online, UK]

Drugs charity in administration

The Lighthouse Project was set up 40 years ago and has more than 100 staff [BBC, UK]

Emergency Medicine Guidelines for Information Sharing to Reduce Community Violence

This guideline is to assist Emergency Physicians sharing data with Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (Community Safety Partnerships in Scotland and Wales) to reduce community violence [The College of Emergency Medicine, UK]

Alcohol firms not encouraging underage drinking despite growth in online ads

Advertising Standards Authority's study comes a day ahead of publication of BMA report into alcohol advertising and young people [Guardian, UK]

Advertising watchdog praises drinks industry

Vast majority of drinks adverts compliant with codes [The Publican, UK]

Drink problems

For too long governments have conveniently sought to scapegoat young people as "the problem" in relation to drinking, while ignoring the wider drinking habits of society. Don Shenker, Chief executive, Alcohol Concern [Letter - Guardian, UK]

Minimum drink price ‘within EU laws’

The European Commission has made it "perfectly plain" that plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol are within EU laws, the SNP has claimed [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder revisited

Here, we take the opportunity to revisit the topic of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), first covered in series thre [Inexcess TV, UK]

Hooked 12: Online Resources

We decided to review a couple of great websites, and a not so great iPhone application [Injecting Advice, UK]

Bans for Bath pair stand as RFU opts for ‘instant justice’

Neither player attended the hearing, at which their representatives argued that the RFU had no legal basis on which to ask them to submit to drugs tests [Times, UK]

The racism of marijuana prohibition

Enforcement of marijuana laws disproportionately affects young African Americans - even though their usage rates are lower than whites [LA Times, USA]

Point man in Mexico's war on drug cartels resigns

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has accepted the resignation of the attorney general who was leading the battle against drug cartels, making the biggest shake-up yet in his offensive against organized crime [Washington Post, USA]

The effect of alcohol on hormones

A recent study examined the effect of drinking moderate amounts of alcohol on the HPA axis, the system which produces hormones in our body, and they found that it matters what drink you prefer and whether you drink it on an empty stomach [ABC, Australia]

Women Advised To Avoid Alcohol During Pregnancy

The Alcohol Advisory Council’s advice to pregnant women and those planning to be pregnant is to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The advice comes on the eve of International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awareness day [Scoop, New Zealand]

Nanotherapeutics Announces NanoBUP™ Capsule for Treating Opiate Addiction

Nanotherapeutics, Inc., a privately held specialty biopharmaceutical company, announced that NanoBUP™ Oral Buprenorphine / Naloxone Capsule, for treating opiate addiction, demonstrated strong oral absorption in a Phase Ia clinical trial [Nanotherapeutics, USA]