DS Daily - 14th September 2009


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Clamour grows for heroin on the NHS

Experts call for national network of 'shooting galleries' after hailing successful trials ... Professor John Strang, head of the National Addiction Centre at the Maudsley, who led the study, said the findings had sent a ripple of excitement through the addiction treatment community, which is unused to seeing progress with hardcore heroin addicts [Independent, UK]

Leading article: An injection of common sense

A nationwide roll-out of heroin clinics would be a significant step, but a profoundly sensible one [Independent, UK]

Statement on Recovery

We wish to make clear SMMGP's position on recovery and to emphasise the pivotal and on-going role of primary care in delivering recovery-oriented treatment [SMMGP, UK]

Plea to ease curbs on 'miracle' heroin drug (Naxalone)

The government's advisers on illegal substances want curbs eased on a controversial "Lazarus" drug that reverses heroin overdoses, in an effort to cut the rising death toll among addicts [Guardian, UK]

The case for legalising all drugs is unanswerable

The extreme profits to be made from narcotics – a direct result of prohibition – fuel war and terrorism. Legalisation is urgent [Observer, UK]

An idea whose time has come

This year’s Druglink survey of street drug trends found that a drop in the quality of drugs could be accelerating a longer term trend towards poly drug use – taking a variety of different substances in combination or at different times – as users look to ‘top up’ on low quality drugs or experiment with alternatives [Druglink Blog]

Why target poppy fields and not breweries?

While opium farmers in Afghanistan are bombed for spreading ruin, sellers of cheap drink reap profits [Guardian, UK]

Alcohol and drugs

One of the big holes in the logic of the current drugs policy is that somehow alcohol isn’t a drug [UKCIA]

"We didn't know our babies had been damaged by alcohol'

Ryan and Tracey both suffered brain damage in the womb. Their adoptive mother, writing anonymously here, fears the children of Britain's bingeing generation face a life of emotional trauma [Observer, UK]

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are 100% preventable

Learn more about the cause, signs, and treatments and what you can do if you think your child might have an FASD [CDC, USA]

Creating a performance management framework for a minimal alcohol data set for PCTs in Cheshire and Merseyside

The overall aim of the project is to develop a performance management framework which can provide a minimal dataset to be collected on a range of alcohol-related issues across the Cheshire and Merseyside sub-region [Centre for Public Health, UK]

SNP curb on drink prices is condemned in America

The Scottish Government's flagship proposal to tackle the nation's alcohol problem has been attacked by US drinks companies who have urged ministers to abandon their minimum pricing policy [The Scotsman, UK]

Brighton paves the way with alternative approach to alcohol issues

City Council adopts a more flexible approach than Oldham [The Publican, UK]

Sharp increase in number of children ‘at risk’

Referrals from professionals and calls from the public about at-risk children have risen steeply across Scotland ... Several council social work departments attributed the rise to growing concerns about parental alcohol and substance abuse [Times, UK]

Twitter for drug workers

A quick guide to using Twitter for drug work, harm reduction and networking with other workers and activists [Injecting Advice, UK]

Corner shops flout cigarette ban

Fines for shopkeepers are so low - less than £100 - that they do not act as an effective deterrent, trading standards officers have said [BBC, UK]

Dutch cannabis coffee shops ban tourists

Alarmed by the side effects of its tolerant approach to soft drugs, the Dutch government announced plans this week to limit drug tourism by reserving hundreds of cannabis-vending coffee shops for locals [The Age, Australia]

Medvedev proposes anti-alcoholism measures

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the government on Friday to prepare draft laws on his package of measures to counter alcohol abuse, the Kremlin said [RiaNovosti, Russia]

Needle activists move on

Harm Reduction Victoria, a health advocacy group for drug users, has closed the needle exchange it has operated at the corner of Pandora Avenue and Vancouver Street since May 31 [Times Colonist, Canada]

How marijuana became legal

Medical marijuana is giving activists a chance to show how a legitimized pot business can work. Is the end of prohibition upon us? [CNN, USA]

Officers’ New Tool Against D.W.I.: Syringe

A select cadre of officers in Idaho and Texas have received training in recent months in drawing blood from people suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol [New York Times, USA]

Researchers find prisons lack addiction treatment

Though more than 200,000 heroin addicts are incarcerated every year in the United States, many prisons still lack pharmaceutical treatment for opiate addiction, according to a new study by researchers from Miriam Hospital, Brown Universit [Brown Daily Herald, USA]

Cocaine's deadly road begins in rugged Andes

The cocaine chain starts in the mountainous jungles of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, where peasants sell their coca leaf crop to criminal gangs. It ends on the streets of the United States and Europe [Earth Times]

Drinking at work over, bar shouting

The report, prepared by the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Flinders University, says Australian business bears more than half the economic cost associated with alcohol use [The Australian]