DS Daily - 15th September 2009


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DrugScope is pleased to announce that the DS Daily news service has joined forces with the DDN online news service. Subscribers will receive the latest headlines and news from the field, compiled by researcher Jim Young, and have a direct link to Drink and Drugs News magazine and DDN online jobs. DS Daily now has a growing circulation of over 4500 subscribers as a result of the new arrangement, which reflects both partners’ commitment to high quality information provision for the field

NTA statement on injectable heroin trial

The National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) has clarified today that contrary to a story in today’s Independent, it is not calling for a nationwide roll-out of ‘shooting galleries’ for injectable heroin [NTA, UK]

Heroin supply clinic 'cuts crime'

A scheme in which heroin is given to addicts in supervised clinics has led to big reductions in the use of street drugs and crime, the BBC has learned [BBC, UK]

We must curb Scotland’s drink problem, says BMA boss

Dr Brian Keighley said that alcohol is the prevailing drug in Scottish society ... Alcohol now pervades everyday life and has become the hidden problem of middle-class, leafy suburbs, according to the new leader of Scotland’s doctors [Times, UK]

Watchdog challenge to minimum alcohol pricing

The Scottish government’s plans to impose a minimum price for alcohol suffered a serious set-back after the head of the UK’s consumer watchdog attacked the policy as undesirable because it would damage competition [Times, UK]

Cocaethlylene 'use' rising but awareness still low

The website www.drinkingwithcharlie.co.uk has been launched to raise awareness of cocaethlyne, a unique compound produced by mixing cocaine and alcohol [Alcohol Policy UK]

Gang jailed for cocaine smuggling

Nine members of a drugs gang who were involved in smuggling cocaine into north Wales have been jailed [BBC, UK]

Needle hotline to curb drug waste

A 24-hour hotline aimed at cutting the number of discarded needles and other drug waste on the streets of Dundee has been launched [BBC, UK]

Hooked 14: Introcution to heroin

As an introduction to the basics of heroin we discuss where it got its name, what happens with an overdose, how the drug works and much more [Injecting Adivce, UK]

New “Smokefree Generation” want parents to quit

A new ‘Smokefree Generation’ of children say that they will never try a cigarette, think that smoking is really uncool and are increasingly worried about the health of smoking parents according to new research conducted on behalf of NHS Stop Smoking Services [DoH, UK]

Drawing the line on drugs

Can the new National Drugs Strategy, announced last Thursday, work within the current financial restraints? [Irish Times]

Go on, darling, have a drink

Parents who believed giving their teenagers a glass of wine with Sunday dinner would cultivate a responsible attitude to alcohol had their illusions shattered this week [Irish Times]

Proposed Accreditation Standards Could Compel U.S. Hospitals to Screen Patients for Addictions

A proposal to include screening and brief intervention for addictions in national quality and accreditation standards for hospitals could be one of the most important developments ever for addiction treatment -- or wind up being something far less significant, depending upon the outcome of ongoing discussions and feedback from the medical community [Join Together, USA]

Comparing the drug situation across countries: Problems, Pitfalls and Possibilities

This briefing paper seeks to compare the drugs situation in a number of developed countries. Data from six European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are included [Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme]