DS Daily - 17th September 2009


Drug legalisation is no solution - it's a disaster waiting to happen

Adopting the policies of Latin America would be costly and irresponsible - Neil McKeganey, professor of drug misuse research, University of Glasgow [Guardian, UK]

Heroin trials welcome - but the wait has cost lives

As the RIOTT Trials are published to much celebration, what have we really discovered? [TDPF, UK]

IV heroin – I predict a RIOTT

But there is some science to look at and consider ... [Northern Doctor’s RIOTT]

Prisons inspector sets out priorities

Scotland's new Chief Inspector of Prisons, Brigadier Hugh Monro, CBE, has now visited all of Scotland's Prisons and is generally satisfied by what he has seen. However, he also has a number of concerns [Scottish Government, UK]

Prison chief 'concerned' by drugs

Scotland's new chief inspector of prisons has set out the "issues of concern" he will be concentrating on [BBC, UK]

Cash crisis in prisoner rehabilitation scheme adds to overcrowding

Hundreds of convicts who could be released are being held in jails because the Government has failed to pay for enough drug treatment and rehabilitation courses, a leading prison governor warned yesterday [Independent, UK]

Prisoners at HMP Erlestoke qualify as health trainers

The team can help others with quitting smoking, drug and alcohol addiction, getting fit, as well as other lifestyle changes and self esteem issues [HM Prison Service, UK]

More addicts are looking for treatment

The number of heroin and crack cocaine addicts in Swindon has reached 1,359 — but less than half of them are receiving treatment [Swindon Advertiser, UK]

Early intervention could save £486bn

Failure to tackle social problems like family breakdown, drug abuse and mental illness, could cost the UK £4 trillion over two decades, a major report has concluded [Children & Young People Now, UK]

Mandelson to shelve laws aimed at cutting binge drinking

Measures to curb binge drinking top a list of regulations to be shelved in the latest U-turn forced on Labour by the economic downturn [Times, UK]

Cost of alcohol on Scots lives revealed - figures

The figures, revealed in a Parliamentary Answer by Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, add to the case for the Scottish Parliament to introduce serious measures to address Scotland’s relationship with alcohol and support the proposals put forward by the SNP to crack down on cheap alcohol and to encourage responsible drinking [SNP, UK]

Scottish alcohol death toll up to six times UK average

Deaths linked to alcohol in some areas of Scotland are six times higher than the UK average, new figures reveal [The Scotsman, UK]

Scotland's alcohol problem: 'I drink to get out my face and fall asleep'

It is a place where statistics and percentages now act as a collective obituary [The Scotsman, UK]

Backing the Future: Why investing in children is good for us all

Backing the Future provides the economic and social case for transforming the way we invest in the future of society through our children. The report makes clear the need for a comprehensive investment programme in preventative services for children and young people that would both save spending on dealing with the impact of problems later, and deliver wider benefits to society. Registration required [New Economics Foundation, UK]

Matthew Norman: Smokers should be praised not banned

They contribute many billions more to the economy than they take in healthcare [Independent, UK]

Management of neonatal abstinence syndrome: a national survey and review of practice

The majority of units currently use an opiate as the drug of first choice as recommended. Doses utilised and second agents added vary significantly between units. Many of our findings reflect the lack of high-quality randomised studies regarding management of NAS [NDC, Ireland]

Parity of mental health and substance abuse disorder benefits

On behalf of the American Bar Association and its nearly 400,000 members, I write to you today to urge your Committee to include in its proposed health care reform legislation the provisions with respect to parity of mental health and substance abuse disorder benefits that are contained in P.L. 110-343, the “Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2008.” - Written to the Committee on Finance, U.S. Senate [American Bar Association]

Professor Keith Humphreys: SFF Presentation on Recovery May 09 (FEAD film)

Currently Dr. Keith Humphreys, Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University is on detail to [ONDCP, USA]

Burt Reynolds hopes his fight with drugs helps others

Actor Burt Reynolds has gone public with his battle against an addiction to painkillers, hoping his story will help others in a similar situation [Washington Post, USA]

Obama keeps drug blacklist of countries

US President Barack Obama has made no changes to the annual US list of major illicit drug producers and transit countries [The Age, Australia]

New UNODC office opens in Panama

It will implement regional programmes in coordination with States members of the Central American Integration System and key partners to fight drug trafficking and organized crime and to strengthen the rule of law in the region [UNODC]

Gunmen kill 10 at Mexico clinic

Gunmen have carried out another attack on a drugs rehabilitation centre in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, killing 10 people and injuring two others [BBC, UK]

Drug Addicts Branded as Criminals Under New Law

New Indonesian anti-narcotics law prescribes prison for parents who fail to report children's drug use, and the death penalty for drug users [IHRA]

New Human Rights Resource Guide Launched for Practitioners and Advocates

The guide states that “Harm reduction goes hand in hand with advocacy to ensure a range of human rights for people who use drugs” [IHRA]