DS Daily - 23rd September 2009


Former heroin addict inspires growing optimism from the wild side

New film traces the remarkable life of ex-junkie who helps homeless people and offenders through creating wildflower gardens [Guardian, UK]

Teen Lifecheck - "Should I take drugs if my mates do?"

The question that floated into my mind was "why the NHS rather than Frank for this campaign?" [Drug Education Forum, UK]

See? Nice people do take drugs

Hewitt-Birtles is one individual among the 33% of the adult population of England and Wales who have used drugs. The purpose of Release's Nice People Take Drugs campaign, a slogan which although controversial can hardly be disputed, is to persuade the public and politicians that a better solution can be found [Guardian, UK]

70,000 lives saved by NHS Stop Smoking Services

At least 70,000 lives have been saved by NHS Stop Smoking Services in the ten years since they were established, [DoH, UK]

Legislation to put tobacco out of sight will save thousands of lives

Debating the cost of removing cigarettes from view is a smokescreen [Comment - Guardian, UK]

£400,000 to help tackle drink-related violence

New funding to help tackle alcohol-fuelled violence was announced yesterday by the Scottish Government [The Scotsman, UK]

Progress Report on the Implementation of the EU Alcohol Strategy

The first EU Alcohol Strategy was adopted by the European Commission in October 2006 in response to the growing recognition of the health impact of harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption in the EU. This is the first report to review progress against strategy implementation [Europa]

Russia, Plagued by Heroin Use, to Press U.S. on Destroying Afghan Poppy Crops

During talks this week with his American counterpart, Russia’s top drug enforcement official, Viktor P. Ivanov, will press the United States to step up efforts to destroy Afghan poppy cultivation, which he said was feeding a devastating drug problem in Russia [New York Times, USA]

National Drug Research Institute Annual Report 2008: Preventing harmful drug use in Australia

During 2008, NDRI researchers were involved in over 110 projects, many of which are expected to result in a direct influence on policy, practice and the community [NDRI, Australia]

Coalition backs call for tobacco industry inquiry

The Smokefree Coalition fully endorses the Maori Affairs Select Committee’s call for the New Zealand tobacco industry to give an account of the role it plays in causing both sickness and early deaths among Maori [Scoop, New Zealand]

A call to the UNODC Executive Director: Key challenges for the next two years

This advocacy note highlights the most critical issues for the UNODC Executive Director to tackle over the next two years [IDPC]

Comparing the drug situation across countries: Problems, Pitfalls and Possibilities

Problems, Pitfalls and Possibilities - Briefing Number 19 [Beckley Foundation]