DS Daily - 25th September 2009


Should heroin be available on the NHS?

Yes - Martin Barnes, Chief executive, Drugscope.

No - Neil McKeganey, Director of the Centre for Drug Misuse Research, University of Glasgow. [Times, UK]

Revealed: the hidden army in UK prisons

The study by the probation officers' union Napo uncovers the hidden cost of recent conflicts. The snapshot survey of 90 probation case histories of convicted veterans shows a majority with chronic alcohol or drug problems, and nearly half suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or depression [Guardian, UK]

LDAN Briefing on Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse

It is important to address the underlying complexities of both the substance misuse and violent behaviour to fully support and protect the families and individuals involved [LDAN, UK]

Reminder - NDTMS Core Data Set G consultation

There is one month left to respond to the consultation on the National Drug Treatment System (NDTMS) Core Data Set G for drug misusing adults [NTA, UK]

The young woman ravaged by GBL - the legal party drug the Government won't ban

Just days after the Government made the controversial decision to classify GBL as a Class C drug, these shocking pictures are a stark reminder of the devastating effects of the legal party drug [Daily Mail, UK]

Calls for reform grow

This month we have seen a plethora or articles in UK newspapers calling for an end to prohibition. There have been so many we thought we’d bring you the best of them in one blog [TDPF, UK]

Alcohol use disorders - clinical management: draft guideline consultation

Consultation dates: 17 September 2009 – 12 November 2009. Full guideline - NICE guideline [NICE, UK]

Mental health survey findings published

Our survey of people’s experiences of acute mental health inpatient services reveals that too great a proportion felt let down in some important aspects of the care they received [Care Quality Commission, UK]

Cut in alcohol driving limit next year

Reductions in the permitted blood-alcohol levels for drivers will be accompanied by mandatory alcohol testing of all drivers involved in crashes [Irish Times]

Vaccine reduces risk of HIV infection by one-third in large trial

A combination of two HIV vaccines reduced the risk of infection by almost one-third in a large trial in Thailand [Aidsmap, UK]

An unpopular vaccine study produces surprising result

The positive results of the Thai HIV vaccine study announced today are surprising to many, since it was widely predicted that the study would fail to show a protective effect. [Aidsmap, UK]

Cigarette display ban a step closer

MSPs voted in favour of the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Bill today as it completed stage one of the parliamentary process [Scottish Government, UK]

National Drug Strategy Launch 2 - video

Initial briefing session & background to the new National Drug Strategy. Presented by Michael Conroy, Department of Community Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs [Drugs.ie, Ireland]

Launch of counselling and prison-based drug-addiction report

A report on counselling and prison-based addiction treatment in Limerick prison was today launched by Bedford Row Family Project, based in Limerick [DCU, Ireland]

Cigarette Use among Adults Employed Full Time, by Occupational Category

Based on combined 2006 to 2008 NsdUH data, an estimated 33.6 million full-time employees aged 18 to 64 smoked cigarettes in the past month [SAMHSA, USA]

Legalization of drugs spreads in Latin America. Will the US follow?

The 'war on drugs' has failed, some Latin American leaders say. But legalization of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and other narcotics may not curb violence [Christian Science Monitor, USA]

Heroin addiction spreads like wildfire in Russia

As the drug has poured into the country from Afghanistan in recent years, Russians' relative ignorance about its dangers has taken a huge toll, especially on the young [LA Times, USA]

Hep Chat: A Radio Show on Hepatitis and Harm Reduction

Hep Chat is a ground-breaking weekly radio programme in Australia that focuses specifically on hepatitis C and harm reduction [IHRA]

Drug World News

September 2009 [Paul Cook]