DS Daily - 29th September 2009


Report on minimum pricing and off-trade discount bans in Scotland

Model-Based Appraisal of Alcohol Minimum Pricing and Off-Licensed Trade Discount Bans in Scotland: A Scottish adaptation of the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model version 2 [Scottish Government, UK]

Alcohol pricing could save £950m

Charging a minimum price for alcohol could save Scotland £950m over 10 years by reducing the harmful effects of drinking, researchers say [BBC, UK]

Minimum pricing will cost moderate drinkers £11 a year

A minimum price system for the sale of alcohol in Scotland would see heavy drinkers pay an extra £137 a year but moderate drinkers would only have to find a further £11 a year, a major study published yesterday has found [Times, UK]

"Celebrity" drugs take toll on Scots

The spread of “middle-class” drugs glamorised by celebrities pose as big a threat to Scotland as heroin, it was claimed yesterday [Daily Express, UK]

Reducing child imprisonment in England and Wales

Lessons from abroad. 72-page PDF [Prison Reform Trust, UK]

Community protest against proposed cuts

Hundreds of people who work in community projects such as family resource centres and drugs task forces will march on the Dáil on Wednesday to protest against the current and proposed cuts to their sector [Irish Times]

Drug tests in jails show widespread abuse

Prisoners in the Republic’s jails tested positive for illegal drugs on almost 9,000 occasions last year despite a clampdown on drugs in prisons and the introduction of random drug-testing, new figures reveal [Irish Times]

Heroin use a 'national crisis' - drugs group

Heroin use is now a national crisis, according to a group that provides assistance to drug users and the homeless. Every week last year Merchants Quay Ireland accepted 20 new heroin users onto its needle exchange programme [RTE News, Ireland]

Teenage cannabis addiction on the rise

The number of Dutch under-18s addicted to cannabis is on the increase. Many of them begin smoking pot regularly at age thirteen, and get into such difficulties that they have to be admitted to a rehab clinic [Expatica, Netherlands]

Italian binge-drinking set to reach UK levels in five years

Doctors in Italy have warned that binge drinking is becoming such a problem it will reach British levels within five years [Daily Mail, UK]

Why Doctors Are Giving Heroin to Heroin Addicts

Treating heroin addicts by giving them heroin might seem counterintuitive. But for some of the most hardened addicts, administering heroin in supervised clinics may just do the trick where detox and methadone have failed [TIME, USA]

Mexican FM says hardline on drug smuggling working

Mexico's Foreign Minister said Monday the startlingly high death toll of her government's all-out war against drug trafficking shows the policy is working [Washington Post, USA]

Alternatives to drug war championed at conference

The U.S. war on drugs came into question last week during a conference that brought together an unusually broad grouping of policymakers, academics and community activists from Mexico and the United States [SignOnSanDiego, USA]

Russian Heroin Addiction “Spreads Like Wildfire”

Is defoliating Afghanistan the answer? [Addiction Inbox, USA]