DS Daily - 30th September 2009


MEAM at the party conferences blog

Both Ed and David Miliband received a copy of the four-point manifesto report [MEAM, UK]

Mind and DrugScope urge action on adults with multiple needs

The next government should develop a national policy framework on adults with multiple needs to stop them falling into the gaps between services, a coalition of charities (MEAM) has said [Community Care, UK]

Draconian drug tests

The new welfare reform bill gives unprecedented new powers to Jobcentre staff, undermining privacy and confidentiality - Martin Barnes, DrugScope [Comment - Guardian, UK]

'Spectacular results’ or spectacular spin behind Jack Straw’s call for heroin prescribing?

If Jack Straw thinks this amounts to sufficient evidence for heroin prescribing - the inevitable abuse of which was the start of the country's drug problem in the 1960s - then we have to assume that whatever powers of analysis and critical thought he ever had, have now totally deserted him - Kathy Gyngell [Centre for Policy Studies, UK]

First UK recovery march has happened

Almost 1,000 people lined the streets of Liverpool to celebrate recovery in public for the first time in the UK [Addiction Today, UK]

UK Recovery March Liverpool 2009

Putting Recovery on the worlds stage - Nearly 1000 people lined the streets of Liverpool to celebrate Recovery for the first time [InexcessTV, UK]

The road to recovery

Such issues formed the main discussion points at a recent roundtable convened by the Guardian in association with the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA), attended by a number of leading figures working in the field [Guardian, UK]

Welsh Health Survey 2008

Including alcohol consumption [Welsh Assembly Government, UK]

The Scottish Health Survey 2008

Including alcohol consumption [Scottish Government, UK]

Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series

Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2008/09 including drug crime [Scottish Government, UK]

National drug treatment waiting times

Period ending April - June 2009 [ISD Scotland, UK]

Overdose - everything you need to know

Publication [NTA, UK]

HIV, hepatitis c and injecting drug use

Publication [NTA, UK]

Crack pipes

Hooked episode 16 is all about crack pipes, and pipe harm reduction [Injecting Advice, UK]

Shelter film wins major award

Trapped is a dramatic short film depicting one mother’s struggle to keep her young family together as poverty and misfortune eventually leads to their tragic descent into homelessness [Shelter, UK]

Young People into 2008

A unique contemporary archive of young people, Young People into 2008 : web edition provides the answers to over 100 health-related behaviour questions including Legal and illicit drugs [SHEU, UK]

Brown's clampdown is nothing new, admits Home Office

The Home Office has admitted that powers already exist within the Licensing Act to restrict and review 24-hour licences, despite Gordon Brown suggesting new measures are being implemented [The Publican, UK]

Families 'subsidise' binge deals

Families are being forced to spend more on groceries in order to subsidise cut-price alcohol deals in UK supermarkets, a leading liver specialist has said [BBC, UK]

Targets set for GPs to ask patients about their drinking

Doctors and nurses working in GP practices, accident and emergency units and ante­natal clinics are being asked to talk to patients about reducing the amount of alcohol they consume in a bid to reduce the risks to their health [The Herald, Scotland, UK]

Grants for Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery with Priority to Veterans

SAMHSA Awards $10 Million in Grants for Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery with Priority to Veterans [SAMHSA, USA]

Campaign targets military teens' alcohol, drug use

Concerned about drug and alcohol use among teens in military families, three organizations are undertaking an online educational campaign on Wednesday to encourage parents and children to talk about substance abuse [Associated Press, USA]

Hallucinogenic Herb Under Legislative Eye

It's perfectly legal to sell, possess and ingest salvia in the District. But the same stuff will get you arrested in Virginia, where a ban on salvia passed unanimously in both the House and Senate last year [Washington Post, USA]

Annual Report 2008

The fourth edition of the Office of the Director of Mental Health Annual Report [Office of the Director of Mental Health, Australia]

Hep C Review

September issue [Hepatitis C Council of NSW, Australia]

Maceon's hep C introduction

Maceon, a C-een and Heard speaker tells his hep C story - video on YouTube [Hepatitis C Council of NSW, Australia

New book examines the use of the death penalty in Asia

As followers of our death penalty coverage in the HR2 blog will know, Asia is one of the regions of the world where the application of the death penalty for drug offences is most commonly applied [IHRA]