DS Daily - 17th April 2013

Radio Five Live Drive – heroin and Afghanistan

Radio Five Live feature (15th April) on opium production in Afghanistan - the UN's Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) forecasts an increase in opium production this year. Includes an interview with Harry Shapiro, DrugScope’s Director of Communications and Information – starts at 2:22:50 | Radio 5 Live, UK

DDN Magazine

Katy Swaine Williams and José Aguiar discuss much-needed steps to reform women’s justice in this issue. Plus we ask, Do emerging drug use trends in parts of London’s gay scene risk creating a new health crisis? | DDN, UK

Summit to discuss use of legal highs in Scotland

The dangers of legal highs - substances mimicking the effects of illegal drugs - are to be discussed by police, health workers and the Scottish government | BBC, UK

Brighton has a new approach to addiction, but are drug ‘safe houses’ just death’s waiting room?

These supervised rooms for drug consumption might seem like the cutting edge, but until drug treatment is viewed as a health issue, they're unlikely to be successful | Independent, UK

Jersey drug seizures double at post office

Drug seizures at Jersey's Post Office doubled last year compared with 2011 figures, according to customs | BBC, UK

One in 11 hospital admissions for liver disease ends in a hospital death

One in 11 (or 8.8 per cent) hospital admissions for liver disease in England (3,040 out of 34,650) resulted in a hospital death in 2012...Nearly half of liver disease admissions were for alcoholic liver disease | HSCIC, UK

Exploring the promise of mandatory random student drug testing by comparing it to other school drug prevention strategies - commentary

DuPont et al have done researchers and practitioners a favour by examining the key issues involved in mandatory random student drug testing (MRSDT), a controversial drug prevention strategy implemented widely in the United States | Addiction, UK

STOP Drug trend bulletin - drug collection scheme (PDF)

The aim of this scheme is to provide valid drug trend information that is current | Police, Scotland, Force Intelligence Bulletin, UK

Tobacco companies keep people smoking despite UK cigarette tax increases

Raising tobacco prices is one of the most effective means of reducing tobacco use, particularly among price-sensitive smokers such as young people and people with low incomes | Medical Express, UK

Tobacco control

Open access to all articles and commentaries from this May 2013 journal supplement | BMJ, UK

Light drinking 'not harmful to baby' say scientists

Light drinking during pregnancy does not harm child behavioural or mental development, reports the journal BJOG | BBC, UK

Nottinghamshire campaign targets underage drinkers - video

Children as young as eight are being targeted as part of new efforts to combat underage drinking in Nottinghamshire | BBC, UK

Informal kinship carers – the poor relations?

Buttle UK yesterday published research into the experiences of children and informal kinship carers, and I found it a powerful and useful piece of work.  One of the things that struck me was just how many kinship carers arrangements were as a result of drug or alcohol misuse | Mentor Thinks, UK

Ozzy Osbourne confesses to alcohol and drugs relapse in brave statement denying divorce rumours

The rocker is currently 44 days sober and told fans: "Sharon and I are not divorcing. I’m just trying to be a better person" | Mirror, UK

Mexico's vigilante law enforcers

Insecurity dominates the lives of millions of Mexicans. Caught between the murderous drug cartels and absent or corrupt law enforcement, communities are taking the law into their own hands. In the state of Guerrero, a fledgling vigilante force has grown into an organisation numbering thousands | BBC, UK

Alcohol pricing plan to go before departments

New rules on minimum pricing for alcohol and guidelines for drink advertising for sports events will be signed off this week by the Department of Health before going to Cabinet | Irish Examiner, Ireland

WHO confirms that the alcohol industry has no role in the formulation of alcohol policies

More than 500 public health professionals, health scientists and NGOs from 60 countries – inlcuding Alcohol Action Ireland – recently signed a joint Statement of Concern about the activities of the global alcohol producers | Alcohol Action Ireland, Ireland

Cannabis-based oral spray approved for use in Ireland

The Irish Medical Board has approved a cannabis-based spray, which can ease symptoms and significantly improve the quality of life of people suffering from illnesses like multiple sclerosis | Journal, Ireland

LSD Experiment Anniversary: 7 Videos Of People 'On Acid' (And One Cat)

Seventy years ago today a certain Albert Hofmann decided to re-examine a chemical synthesised by colleagues at Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland | Huffington Post, USA

Critique 109: In women developing breast cancer, moderate alcohol consumption before or after diagnosis does not increase breast cancer mortality and decreases total mortality — 16 April 2013

Most previous research has shown a slight increase in the risk of breast cancer (BrCa) among women who consume alcohol (versus nondrinkers); even among those whose average is only one drink/day | Boston University School of Medicine, USA

A New Way to Curb Drinking? Planting False (Bad) Memories of a Bender

Researchers are exploring the possibility that convincing drinkers they had a bad experience with liquor — even if they didn’t — could lead them to drink less | Time, USA

New anti-smoking campaign ‘stop before the suffering starts’

Health Minister, The Hon Tanya Plibersek, today launched a brand new wave of anti-smoking advertising in the Australian Government’s latest world-leading efforts to help Australians stop smoking for good | Ahha, Australia

Happy city slickers top wellness index

People in major Australian cities are lean, happy and healthy, according to a major survey that brands their country cousins as fat and anxious | Herald Sun, Australia

Annual Alcohol Poll 2013

FARE’s 2013 Annual Alcohol Poll will be launched in Melbourne on Thursday 18 April. The poll takes an in-depth look at Australians’ attitudes towards alcohol, their drinking behaviours, and their perspectives on key alcohol policies according to voting intentions | FARE, Australia