DS Daily - 26th April 2013

What is the future of British heroin addiction?

UN report released earlier this month suggests that opium poppy farming is experiencing a resurgence in the country. In areas where poppy farming existed in 2012, it’s expected to expand. And other regions that have been poppy-free for years are set to see new crops [ inlcudes quote from DrugScope] | Vice, UK

Finding Peace In Lambeth: Race Relations, Drugs and Hard Times

The Lambeth poet William Blake saw marks of weakness and woe on the faces of the Londoners that he met. I saw the same marks the other day in a free food distribution centre in Vauxhall, not far from where he lived in the north of the borough | IBTimes, UK

Should those with a vested interest comment on minimum alcohol pricing?

A new study suggests alcohol companies and supermarkets misrepresented scientific research when submitting findings to a consultation on minimum alcohol pricing | Guardian, UK

Alcohol price hike ‘reduces hospital admissions’

Raising alcohol prices by a tenth leads to a near identical cut in the proportion of drink-related hospital admissions, a study has found | Scotsman, UK

Even 'light' smoking may raise women's arthritis risk

"Smoking just a few cigarettes a day more than doubles a woman's risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis," the Mail Online website reveals | NHS Choices, UK

Coalition must act on cigarette packaging

On 5 March the secretary of state for health published his call to action on reducing premature mortality. This correctly identified tobacco use as the biggest single behavioural risk factor for premature death | Guardian letters, UK

Voters Reject Building New Prisons to Lower Crime

New poll shows voters favour investment in jobs and the economy, drug addiction programmes and more police to bring crime down rather than new prisons | Criminal Justice Alliance, UK

SDF pays tribute to Brian Adam MSP

Scottish Drugs Forum Director David Liddell has joined in the tributes to Brian Adam MSP, a former convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Drug and Alcohol Misuse, who has died aged 64 after a long illness | SDF, UK

Sharon Osbourne 'devastated' by Ozzy's drink and drugs relapse

Sharon Osbourne said she is "devastated" by her rocker husband Ozzy's return to drink and drugs, but said the family will cope with it | Independent, UK

Justin Bieber tour bus raided for drugs

Swedish police find small amount of drugs and stun gun after smelling marijuana coming from bus at Stockholm hotel | Guardian, UK

Survey Highlights High Levels of Discrimination Experienced by People with Hepatitis C

A new survey by hepatitiscnews.com has found that almost two thirds of people living with hepatitis C have experienced discrimination and stigma in their daily lives due to their condition | Hepatitis C News, UK

Chicken or Egg? Who cares, the link between health behaviours and educational outcomes are clear

This meta-analysis of 25 years of data from the US makes it very clear that there is an intimate relationship between health behaviours – including substance misuse – and academic achievement. The paper (PDF) looks at the data for the following risky behaviours | MentorThinks, UK

PSHE Association welcomes strong cross-party support for PSHE education

The PSHE Association welcomes strong cross party support for the subject in yesterday’s House or Lords debate on PSHE education | PSHE Assoc, UK

Indigenous Canadians confront prescription opioid misuse

Past actions by the Canadian Government and the medical system have left Indigenous communities to deal with a legacy of opioid drug addiction. Paul C Webster reports | Lancet, UK

Sport ‘will suffer’ from alcohol sponsorship ban

A proposed ban on alcohol sponsorship will have a “detrimental effect” on Irish sport, an umbrella organisation has told an Oireachtas committee | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Legal interventions to reduce overdose mortality: Naloxone access and overdose good samaritan laws (PDF) [state by state guide]

In an attempt to reverse a disturbing increase in preventable overdose deaths, a number of states have recently amended those laws to increase access to emergency care and treatment, including naloxone | Network for Public Health, USA

The White House's Latest Drug Policy Plan Is Actually Based On Science

America's drug czar has announced that the nation's drug policy should be governed by neuroscience, not politics | Pop Science, USA

Drug Czar: Pot Legalization Won’t Change Mission

The nation’s drug czar says the legalization of marijuana in Washington state and Colorado won’t change his office’s mission of fighting the nation’s drug problem by getting treatment for those battling addictions | Time, USA

Supreme Court rules immigrants cannot be deported for minor drug offenses

In a decision issued Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that immigrants living in the U.S. cannot be deported for minor drug crimes absent the presence of a large quantity of a controlled substance or direct evidence of a sale | Raw Story, USA

Anti-Smoking Ads With Strong Arguments, Not Flashy Editing, Trigger Part of Brain That Changes Behavior

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at University of the Pennsylvania have shown that an area of the brain that initiates behavioral changes had greater activation in smokers who watched anti-smoking ads with strong arguments versus those with weaker ones, and irrespective of flashy elements | Science Daily, USA

A Massive Drug Trade, and No Violence

Peru is the single largest producer of cocaine in the world. It's also an incredibly safe country | Atlantic, USA

Rethinking Policing in the Age of AIDS

As police officers, we were trained to regard drug users and sex workers as public enemies. However, in recent years, we -- officers with a combined seven decades of experience -- are realizing that the impact of the HIV epidemic means that law enforcement needs a serious review | Huffington Post, USA

Hating smokers doesn't help anyone

I want to be a smoker. Listening to Professor Stanton Glantz, eminent cardiologist and director of the Centre for Tobacco Control at the University of California, San Francisco, made me want to go out and buy my first packet of cigarettes | New Zealand Herald, New Zealand