DS Daily - 29th April 2013

Public Health England: Our priorities for 2013/14 (PDF)

The priorities encompass the organisation’s broad remit, ranging from protecting and improving the nation’s health to building the public health system and increasing its own expertise | PHE, UK

Substance Misuse Skills Consortium conference: ‘Building effective practice’ – 28th June 2013, London

The Skills Consortium conference will focus on the practical applications of workforce development in this period of transition and change for the drug and alcohol sector Fee: £65 (including VAT) Consortium members, £95 non-members | Skills Consortium, UK

Invitation to bid to carry out research with schools as part of the new DfE-funded ADEPIS project

Mentor would like to invite bids to carry out a piece of research with schools as part of our new DfE-funded ADEPIS project (Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service). We would like to improve our understanding of how schools currently choose and use resources for drug and alcohol education | Mentor, UK

The hidden dangers of legal highs

In the last five years, the market for legal highs has exploded. It's never been easier, or cheaper, to buy drugs online – but no one knows what's in them, or how dangerous they are | Guardian, UK

Clubbers mix former legal high mephedrone with ecstasy, despite ban

Research shows that polydrug use is increasingly common | Observer, UK

Public Health Report on Commissioning of HCV services in London for People who Inject Drugs (PDF)

Chronic hepatitis C infection in people who inject drugs represents a major health inequality in a marginalised group in society. In London the prevalence of hepatitis C is 55% in people who inject drugs compared to 1-2% in the general population. This report represents a call to action for commissioners of drug addiction services and specialist liver services | London Joint Working Group On Substance Misuse and hepatitis C, UK

Two found dead in Bolton after taking 'contaminated amphetamine'

Two people have died after taking what police believe to be a contaminated batch of amphetamine | BBC, UK

Plain packaging lobbyists under fire over links to tobacco company

Former police officers who gave evidence to Lords on upcoming legislation worked for Common Sense Alliance, funded by BAT | Guardian, UK

Cigarette display ban to come into force in Scotland

New laws governing the display of cigarettes and tobacco in large stores in Scotland will come into force on Monday | BBC, UK

It’s time to act on tobacco packs

It is over a year now since this coalition opened its consultation on tobacco packaging and we are still waiting for their answer. Come to that, it will soon be five years since Alan Johnson launched the Labour government’s consultation | Left Foot Forward, UK

A crime mystery. It's going down, but no one really knows why

Nearly all the so-called experts predicted that austerity would lead to more crime. The opposite is happening | Guardian, UK

Calls to lift ban on alcohol at Scottish football matches

Fresh calls have been made for the ban on the sale of alcohol at Scottish football matches to be lifted | BBC, UK

Dangerous legal high Clockwork Orange found on sale across Wales

Calls to ban a so called "legal high" known as Clockwork Orange have been growing after three teenagers fell ill vomiting blood after smoking the substance, which has been on sale in Wales | Wales online, UK

Parents' tribute to Bradley Cockel after Witham drug death

A 19-year-old man who died on Saturday after he is thought to have taken drugs was "sensible" and had the "brightest of futures", his family has said | BBC, UK

Drug users encouraged to tell their GPs following Hove chef death

A coroner has urged people who take illegal highs and have medical problems to tell their GPs – so they can be directed to try different “safer” drugs | Argus, UK

Shorter addiction treatment offered by Jersey charity

A Jersey charity which helps people with drug or alcohol addictions is offering shorter treatment services | BBC, UK

50 years in jail for ‘biggest’ Scots drug gang

Members of the biggest drugs smuggling operation in Scottish history have been jailed for more than half a century in a landmark case for prosecutors | Scotsman, UK

Britons jailed for four years in Dubai on drug offences

Three British men have been found guilty of drug offences in Dubai and jailed for four years each | BBC, UK

Sixth illegal drug sale chemist suspended

A sixth pharmacist caught illegally selling drugs without a prescription in a BBC London investigation has been suspended from practice | BBC, UK

Drug boss who owes us £2m complains as jail savings are seized

The leader of a London drugs gang who owes taxpayers more than £2.3 million protested to a judge about unfair treatment after his prison savings were seized as proceeds of crime | London Evening Standard, UK

Rapper, hit film-maker … now Plan B turns to helping marginalised youths

Ben Drew has set up a trust in his London neighbourhood to help excluded young people gain the skills they need to overcome their troubled pasts | Guardian, UK

Turned away

Homeless people with complex needs are increasingly being turned away by services that can no longer afford to provide the support they require, a new survey reveals. Emily Twinch reports | Inside Housing, UK

Transforming Legal Aid: Delivering a more credible and efficient system

The Transforming Legal Aid consultation has been launched to seek your views on plans to improve public confidence in the legal aid system, reduce the cost of the scheme and make the system more efficient | MoJ, UK

Universal credit: the essential guide

The flagship policy in the government's welfare reform programme is being piloted on 29 April and is due to go live nationally this October. Study the issue in depth and learn all you need to know about what happens next with our essential guide | Guardian, UK

Melvin Burgess on druggy books

Drugs – so many to choose from! But not when it comes to books about drugs. As the late Frank Zappa put it, “Getting stoned is the only thing more boring than watching TV.” | Telegraph, UK

Gangs move growhouses underground to protect drugs crops

Gardai are driving the illegal cannabis growhouse business underground – with gangs moving their operations into bunkers to avoid detection | Irish Independent, Ireland

Probe into claims cocaine, cannabis are being smuggled into psychiatric unit

Complaints have been made to gardaí about illegal drugs being smuggled into a hospital in the West for use by patients in the psychiatric wing | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Plan to ban strong marijuana unworkable, experts say

The government’s plan to classify strong varieties of marijuana as a class A drug under the opium laws will be impossible to put into practice, experts say in Friday’s Telegraaf | Dutch News.nl, Netherlands

Who Feels the War on Drugs? Two Hours in Drugs and Poverty

This post is part of a collaborative narrative series composed of my writing and Chris Arnade’s photos exploring issues of addiction, poverty, prostitution and urban anthropology in Hunts Point, Bronx. For more on the series, look here | Scientific American, USA

Prevention Programs Dramatically Cut Substance Abuse Among Teens

Prevention is often the best medicine, and that is not only true when it comes to physical health, but also public health. Case in point -- young adults reduce their overall prescription drug misuse up to 65 percent if they are part of a community-based prevention effort while still in middle school, according to researchers at Iowa State University | Science Daily, USA

The Next Step in Drug Treatment

The mandatory-sentencing craze that drove up the prison population tenfold, pushing state corrections costs to bankrupting levels, was rooted in New York’s infamous Rockefeller drug laws | NY Times, USA

More Treatment, Less War: The White House Drug Policy Reform

Many people who want substance abuse treatment can’t get it. The White House wants to fix this. Can they do it, and will it help? | Plos.org, USA

Drug Control Strategy A Bust, GAO Report Says

White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske rolled out the latest annual federal drug control strategy this week. But his office has fallen well short of 2010 goals, a report released by the Government Accountability Office on Thursday found | Huffington Post, USA

"Darryl" Episode 3

Latest episode of the series from Hitting Rock Bottom which tells the stories of real people and their struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, how they hit rock bottom and strive toward recovery | Hitting Rock Bottom, USA

Introducing... Wolf Therapy for Addicts

A new hybrid treatment program helps addicts and wolf dogs recover | Fix, USA

Doctors tired of alcohol damage

Surgeons across Australia are urging a change to the nation's drinking culture, saying they are tired of patching up people hurt as a result of drunken violence | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Divisions along a new road to addiction recovery

''One drink's too many and a thousand's never enough.'' | Age, Australia

Warning on addiction to opioid painkillers

Health experts fear a nationwide epidemic in overdose deaths from prescription painkillers and are calling for the states and territories to take action | Canberra Times, Australia

Young women in binge-drinking epidemic

Young omen are giving the blokes a run for their money in the race to get drunk - and putting themselves at severe risk | News.co.au, Australia