DS Daily - 12th August 2013

LDAN/DrugScope response to MOPAC’s consultation for the second Mayoral strategy on violence against women and girls (2013-17) (PDF)

DrugScope/LDAN responds to the London Mayor’s consultation on addressing violence against women and girls. The response highlights the importance of substance misuse in domestic violence and involvement in prostitution | DrugScope, LDAN, UK

50th Celebration..We Want You!

Blenheim is 50 next year. Aside several celebratory events which will take place during 2014, we are compiling a book which narrates the history of Blenheim, CDP and CASA through the experiences of our past and current beneficiaries | Blenheim Project, UK

Cocaine users 'thinner' because drug alters metabolism

Using cocaine can dramatically alter metabolism, a new study has found. Cocaine users are often thinner when using the drug, a study published in the journal Appetite has suggested | Independent, UK

Assessment and management of alcohol dependence and withdrawal in the acute hospital

This brief guide to the assessment and management of alcohol dependence and withdrawal in the acute hospital is derived from the relevant NICE Guidance on the treatment of alcohol problems. It usefully summarises; Identification, assessment of the need for medically assisted withdrawal and the management of risk of Wernicke’s encephalopathy | RCP, UK

Mephedrone: 'We won't police or arrest our way out this'

M-Cat, Meow Meow – call Welsh teenagers’ drug of choice what you want but the warning today is clear: there’s nothing glamorous about the killer mephedrone. James McCarthy reports | Wales Online, UK

Tobacco lobby’s counterfeit argument

The Tobacco Retailers ­Alliance (TRA) is promoting a disturbing story of one in ten corner shops at risk of closing due to sales lost to ­illegal tobacco (your report, 8 August) | Scotsman, UK

North East experts renew minimum alcohol price call

North East England has been "let down" by plans to introduce minimum alcohol pricing being shelved, experts said | BBC, UK

Medical marijuana provides 'miraculous' results for 6-year-old California boy with rare form of epilepsy that prevented him from walking, sleeping and eating

When he was just a baby, 6-year-old Jayden David was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, which causes him to have violent seizures several times a day | MailOnline, UK

Missing nightclub hostess arrested in Peru on suspicion of cocaine trafficking

Michaella McCollum Connolly turns up in Lima after sparking online appeal for information when she disappeared from Ibiza | Guardian, UK

Sting accused of helping turn Uruguay into a laboratory for drug reform

He has campaigned to end global hunger, fought to save the rainforest, and proclaimed the merits of lengthy tantric sex sessions | Telegraph, UK

Mexico and marijuana: A leaf out of Uruguay's book?

Ten days ago, the lower house of Uruguay's parliament passed a law legalising marijuana, reflecting a growing sentiment in Latin America that the current prohibition on drugs should change. Could Mexico be next? | BBC, UK

The ups and downs of working in a prison mental health team

Ben Ross, winner of the Adult Social Worker of the Year award 2012, shares the rewards and challenges of helping prison leavers to settle back into the community | Community Care, UK

Legal Highs: A new prescription

New Zealand’s plan to regulate designer drugs is better than trying to ban them and failing | Economist, UK

New York City looking to ban electronic cigarettes as Mayor Mike Bloomberg's health crusade wages on

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's crusade to rid the City of all things unhealthy has taken aim at various fattening foods and harmful products like cigarettes and trans fats. He even once tried - and failed - to ban large containers of soda within New York's five boroughs | MailOnline, UK

US 'deeply concerned' over freeing of Mexico drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero

Founding member of one of Mexico's earliest drug cartels was convicted of the 1985 murder of US agent Enrique Camarena | Guardian, UK

Latest drug scandal to hit Germany dates back to 1960's

On the eve on the new Bundesliga season, German sport is once again under intense scrutiny over it's use of drugs after latest investigation exposes West Germany | Independent, UK

Altered Images: Russian drug agency gets national flag wrong

Russia's counter-narcotics agency has celebrated its 10th anniversary with a large banner displaying the national flag. Well, almost the national flag, as it got two out of the three colours the wrong way around | BBC, UK

Wilkie Collins the wild opium addict and his women in... well, it certainly wasn't ever white!

Wilkie Collins scandalised Victorian Britain with his ‘sensationalist novels’ about fallen women,  marital bigamy and illegitimacy. But the bestselling author of The Moonstone and The Woman In White had a ‘secret’ private life just as risque as any of his stories | MailOnline, UK

Dublin drug treatment centre reports ‘dramatic increase’ in steroid abuse

Users more aggressive and at significant risk of personal and psychological harm | Irish Times, Ireland

Why Tobacco Companies Are Turning to E-Cigarettes - Video

Ken Shea, a senior analyst for Bloomberg Industries, discusses the growth of electronic cigarettes with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." | Bloomberg TV, USA

Indigenous Colombians resist toxic anti-drug spraying

The Embera community are protesting against the Colombian government’s coca spraying programme that violates their rights. Johanna Rogers reports | New Internationalist, USA

How Breaking Bad’s Science Adviser Keeps It (Mostly) Real

Meth could never be as blue as Walter White's signature Blue Sky meth. "When you crystallize anything that’s colorless, which methylamine crystals are, they usually come out with a yellow tinge because of impurities," says Dr. Donna Nelson, a professor of chemistry at the University of Oklahoma | Vulture.com, USA

Legalizing pot isn't about medicine, it's about getting high

At first glance, my 11-year-old son seems like your everyday, all-American kid. He loves baseball and basketball, plays Xbox with his friends when they come over, and posts innocuous pictures of the family dog on his Instagram feed. Given these mundane facts about the boy, you can imagine my surprise when, while watching the news he asked me, "If pot is so bad, why are they trying to legalize it?" | CNN, USA

Americans agree: Marijuana shouldn't be criminalized

Writing in a just-published report by the Brookings Institute, "The New Politics of Legalization," authors E.J. Dionne and William Galston conclude, "In less than a decade, public opinion has shifted dramatically toward support for the legalization of marijuana | CNN, USA 

HIV Home-Testing Kits: Law Change Proposed

Officials plan to revoke legislation which bans on-the-spot testing kits in a drive to reduce HIV infection rates | Sky News, USA

Top apps for quitting smoking

Jenneth Orantia reviews the best apps to help you quit smoking | Age, Australia

Spike in children suffering foetal alcohol syndrome - audio

Drug and alcohol experts fear the prevalence of foetal alcohol syndrome in the next generation will be significantly higher than in previous generations. It comes as the Federal Government announced a national action plan that will focus on the prevention, diagnosis and management of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders | abc.net.au, Australia

Why people who inject drugs are crucial to Naloxone access programs

Naloxone, known commercially in Australia as Narcan is currently utilised by paramedics to reverse the overdose effects of opiates like heroin | Stonetreeaus, Australia

Teen brothers jailed as part of crackdown on internet drug purchases

People planning to buy or sell drugs online undetected had better think again, WA Police have warned, after three people were convicted for buying drugs off notorious marketplace website, the Silk Road | WA Today, Australia