DS Daily - 16th August 2013

Unexpected findings on child poverty and youth substance use

This study threw up some surprising results on factors linked with youth substance abuse. Although child poverty did indeed predict smoking, less well off young people were no more likely to use marijuana, and less likely to binge drink than wealthier peers | Mentor, UK

Briefing on ending violence against women and girls

This information pack has been developed by the Home Office to supportPCCs in their efforts to galvanise local action to protect and support victims, and prevent further violence against women and girls | Home Office, UK

Health ministers want to take the alcohol out of wine

They have been likened unflatteringly to candyfloss and wine gums, but low-alcohol wines are set to become the next weapon in the government’s war on problem drinkers | Telegraph, UK

Tobacco price rises? Don't put all the blame on the Chancellor

Tobacco industry claims that high prices for cigarettes are due to tax increases are exposed as false today, in an online article for Tobacco Control by economist Howard Reed and Professor Anna Gilmore of the University of Bath and the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies | ASH, UK

Imperial Tobacco to launch e-cigarette next year

Imperial Tobacco will launch its first electronic cigarette next year, the company confirmed as it announced a fall in revenues after one of its “toughest” years | Telegraph, UK

British Consulate: Better drug checks needed in Ibiza

The British Consulate in Ibiza has told Newsbeat that police on the island are not doing enough to stop drug smuggling | BBC Newsbeat, UK

British teenager accused of drug smuggling reunited with father

A British teenager held in Peru over drug smuggling allegations has had an emotional reunion with her father, telling him: “They made me do it” | Telegraph, UK

Peru drugs bust: When an airport arrest turns into a lurid sideshow

In reality, most drug mules are men – some willing, others coerced | Independent, UK

Sentencing Commission in sweeping review of prison terms for drug dealers

The US Sentencing Commission has voted unanimously to begin a sweeping review of federal sentences for drug dealers in a move that could herald long-awaited reductions in America's prison population | Guardian, UK

One nation, behind bars

Eric Holder’s ideas for locking up fewer Americans are welcome, but do not go far enough | Economist, UK

‘Terrorist and drug dealer’ dies in east London exile

Iqbal Memon fled India after the 1993 Mumbai bombings – and never looked back. Paul Peachey tells his story | Independent, UK

Salford named booze sickness capital of Britain

New NHS figures reveal the hospital admission rate for alcohol related disease or injuries per 100,000 population in the city was 1,754 – higher than anywhere else in the country | Manchester Evening News, UK

Drugs and driving - Road tripping

It was like any other accident. Except for one thing—when the speeding Vauxhall Astra collided with 14 year-old Lillian Groves on June 26th 2010, the man behind the wheel, John Page, was high on cannabis. He was tested nine hours later, by which time the drug’s concentration in his bloodstream was too low for him to be charged with drug driving | Economist, UK

LVSC/PBE Impact Project to link VCS providers with expert economists to improve impact measurement

LVSC is working with Pro Bono Economics (PBE) on a project to support third sector employment and skills providers to measure the economic impact of their work. They are seeking to work with London-based small to medium sized VCS organisations who offer employment, training and skills services to evaluate the impact of their ETS provision | VCS Assist, UK

Bolivia: Coca farmers 'poison own crops'

Something is killing off Bolivia's coca crops - and for once it's not the eradication schemes that target drug suppliers | BBC, UK

Mexican judge issues warrant for arrest of freed drugs baron

Less than a week after Rafael Caro Quintero walked free after serving 28 years for killing DEA agent, he is again a wanted man | Guardian, UK

Gangsters only ones to gain from unwinnable drugs war

Whatever the circumstances which led to their arrest at Lima airport and however the charges of drug-trafficking against them work out, Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid are victims, rather than villains | Belfast Telegraph, UK

Problem alcohol use among problem drug users in primary care: a qualitative study of what patients think about screening and treatment

Problem alcohol use is common and associated with considerable adverse outcomes among patients who attend primary care in Ireland and other European countries for opiate substitution treatment. This paper aims to describe patients’ experience of, and attitude towards, screening and therapeutic interventions for problem alcohol use in primary care | Biomedcentral.com, Ireland

GPs to be allowed prescribe medicinal cannabis

Government to criminalise possession of certain prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines without authorisation | Irish Times, Ireland

Anger at court decision to move Maastricht’s drug ‘coffee shops’

City’s mayor says ‘drug tourists’ a nuisance in city centre | Irish Times, Ireland

World watches effects of legal-high law

Influential free-market magazine The Economist has hailed New Zealand's psychoactive substances bill as a victory for drug regulation over prohibition | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand



And finally...

Mechanic tweets asking for marijuana delivery, instead gets retweeted by police and sacked

Police retweeted the request adding 'Awesome! Can we come too?' | Independent, UK