DS Daily - 3rd January 2013

United Nations Drug Control Body Saddened by Death of Former Board President Hamid Ghodse

Press release issued by the President of the International Narcotics Control Board, Raymond Yans on behalf of INCB | UNODC, Vienna

Is Britain's relationship with illegal drugs changing?

The Today programme's Tom Bateman has been trying to find out what is really changing in Britain's relationship with illegal drugs | BBC Radio 4, UK

Smoking: Can the nation kick the habit?

Ever since the link between smoking and lung cancer was established beyond doubt in the 1950s, there has been a push to persuade people to quit | BBC, UK

Dealing with substance misuse in the workplace

Office parties: a potential backdrop to alcohol-fuelled photocopier ‘incidents’, excruciating dance-floor displays and bleary-eyed mornings after | HR Magazine, UK

Drug addict babies: Three born every day are already hooked on heroin and cocaine

Three babies are born every day addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and other drugs, it has today been revealed | Mail Online, UK

Spirituality Linked To Mental Health 'Demons' Like Eating Disorders, Drug Abuse, Anxiety, Study Says

Being spiritual may give life deeper meaning but it can also mess up your mind, research suggests | Huffington Post, UK

Derbyshire 'drug deaths': Victims named

Two young people thought to have died after taking drugs in the run-up to Christmas have been named | BBC, UK

Guernsey prison begins ban on smoking and tobacco

All tobacco products have been banned at the facility, making Guernsey the second European jurisdiction to ban smoking anywhere on prison grounds | BBC, UK

HSE app aims to help smokers beat the habit

Smokers trying to quit are being given another tool to double their chances of beating nicotine with a new, free smartphone app based on a highly successful HSE social networking page | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Even a tipple a day is one too many – warning from doctors

Official alcohol guidelines that were "plucked out of the air" wrongly suggest we can drink almost daily with no ill effects, doctors have said | Irish Independent, Ireland

Medical marijuana dispensary prepares to open in D.C.

By spring, the townhouse at 1334 N. Capitol St. will make a bolder statement by becoming a symbol for the District’s leap into the growth and sale of medical marijuana | Washington Post, USA

Prosecuting a war against heroin

State's attorney-turned-addict fights the narcotic's rising tide | Chicago Tribune, USA

In Drug Fight on Texas Border, Some Officers Play Both Sides

Drug traffickers have long profited here and in other Texas border towns. But their success has sometimes depended on forging unusual alliances | NY Times, USA

The less than human among us

Opinion: Society dehumanizes the addicted while ignoring the genetic and environmental factors at play | Vancouver Sun, Canada

The Missing Link in Overdose Prevention

For about thirty years, the harm reduction approach has been advocated by some in Canada as a means of promoting health and preventing needless injury and death among people who use drugs | Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, Canada

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Want to buy illegal drugs in China? No problem - just go to the wild and woolly internet here and order a $50 or $100 package of methamphetamines, ecstasy or cocaine. It'll be delivered to your door within hours! | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia