DS Daily - 9th July2013

HIV and Injecting Drug Use (PDF)

NAT has published a report on 'HIV and Injecting Drug Use'. Issues discussed include MSM and problematic drug use, policy on OST maintenance, elevated mortality rates amongst people who inject drugs and have HIV - and many other matters. For a quick skim you can see the recommendations in blue boxes throughout the report, and then also collated at the end | NAT, UK

Police Scotland issue drugs warning

Police Scotland and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are issuing a warning about the dangers of tablets being sold as ‘ecstasy’ which contain dangerous chemicals | Police Scotland, UK

Childhood trauma and women’s homelessness

Today, we launch the seventh theme of our Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign. It focuses on the impact of childhood trauma and abuse on the lives of women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness | St Mungo's, UK

The Department for Work and Pensions announce call for evidence for 4th WCA Independent Review

DrugScope and Release are working with treatment providers and agencies from the drug and alcohol sector to develop a sector submission – if you are interested in taking part, please contact Paul Anders for more information | Dept for Work & Pensions, UK

New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group 2013 - video

New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group has provided a safe environment where alcohol practitioners, researchers, service managers and commissioners have explored and debated contemporary challenges. The 2013 conference reviews the development of alcohol related work with families including some of the leading researchers internationally: Professor Jim Orford; Professor Alex Copello and Professor Richard Velleman | FEAD, UK

One in ten primary school leavers 'has drunk alcohol in past week'

More than one in ten children in their final year of primary school admits to having drunk alcohol during the previous week, according to a new survey | Telegraph, UK

Alcohol – the missing component of the new science curriculum

On the day that the new national curriculum is unveiled we see that according to surveys undertaken by the School Health Education Unit one in ten primary school leavers say they have drunk alcohol in the last week | Mentor Thinks, UK

73% of European Countries require alcohol prevention in school

The World Health Organisation in Europe report that 73% of European countries have a legal obligation to include alcohol prevention in the school curriculum and just over half have national guidelines for the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm in school settings | Mentor Thinks, UK

Should teenagers celebrate with a vintage mocktail?

School's out for summer, and a new generation of non-alcoholic drinks are here to help start the party | Telegraph, UK

Substance Use In Social Work Education: A National Survey Of Social Work Qualifying Programmes In England

This survey sought to determine the extent to which qualifying social work programmes (QSWP) in England include education on alcohol and other drugs (AOD). Social workers report having little or no substance use education during their qualifying training (Galvani et al. 2011) | Alcohol Research UK, UK

Drivers could be over limit on prescription pills: Thousands face prison and 12-month ban in zero-tolerance' crackdown

Motorists who abuse prescription drugs face jail under a crackdown that also imposes a ‘zero-tolerance’ limit on illegal substances such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. Thousands of potentially lethal drug-drivers face a 12-month ban, six months’ jail and up to a £5,000 fine under Britain’s first ever official drug-drive limits | Mail Online, UK

Identifying ‘Legal High' Substances With Microcrystalline Test

A team at the University of Lincoln, UK, is leading the way in new research aimed at detecting the vast amount of substances available on the legal highs market | Science World Report, UK

Huge rise in Ketamine casualties in Bristol

Medical experts are warning of a huge rise in the numbers of young people hospitalised after taking the drug ketamine | ITV.com, UK

City's drug problem is one of UK's worst

Bristol has one of the biggest drug problems in the country outside London, comparable with that of Birmingham and Manchester | Tnis is Bristol, UK

Smoking Cannabis Definitely Leads to Harder Drugs

I knew something was up with the person who was supposed to meet me today at 11.30am when there was no sign of him just around 11.45. The lad in question had reached out to me for help as his life was spiraling out of control because of drugs | Huffington Post, UK

Misuse of stop and search powers risks undermining police, says watchdog

Police watchdog report says many forces do not understand how to use powers effectively nor their potential impact | Guardian, UK

Underground cannabis factory found in Newcastle

A large cannabis factory described in court as 'something that had not been encountered ' in Northern Ireland before, has been found in Newcastle, County Down | BBC, UK

'Drug dealers out' call from east Belfast after sudden deaths

About 45 community and church groups are to gather in east Belfast later, to call on drug dealers to leave their area and take their "poison" elsewhere | BBC, UK

Premier League: How Muslims are changing English football culture

When the Premier League started in 1992, it included just one footballer known to be Muslim, Tottenham's Spanish midfielder Nayim. England's top division now features 40 Muslim players and they are having a significant effect on the culture of the game | BBC, UK

Smoking behaviours and cessation services among male physicians in China: evidence from a structural equation model

To investigate smoking prevalence and cessation services provided by male physicians in hospitals in three Chinese cities | BMJ, UK

Time to clear the air on cannabis

Users believe cannabis – most popular with higher socioeconomic groups – is now socially acceptable, and most people would like it legalised for medicinal use. But should it be? | Irish Times, UK

Republicans and loyalists linked to deadly drug

Paramilitaries in unholy alliance to traffic ecstasy that has left 10 dead | Independent, Ireland

It's time to talk about drugs - the legal kind

Misuse and abuse of prescription drugs burdens our health care and public safety systems, and those working on the frontlines in social services and enforcement see the impacts daily | Vancouver Sun, Canada

Cautions are doing their job, say police

The head of the drug squad yesterday denied his unit had gone soft on drug users by issuing cautions, arguing arrests and detection have dramatically increased | Daily Telegraph, Australia