DS Daily -18th June 2013

Breaking the cycle of addiction through social investment

A research project is exploring how social investment can be used to fund substance misuse services | Guardian, UK

Alcohol in pregnancy confusion warning from Public Health Wales

Confusing messages about how much alcohol is safe to drink in pregnancy is making it difficult for the NHS to tackle substance misuse, experts warn | BBC, UK

Future Prisons: A radical plan to reform the prison estate

Future Prisons calls for the government to shut more than 30 run-down and poorly-located prisons and replace them with 12 state of the art ‘Hub Prisons’, containing up to 3,000 inmates. The new prisons would lead to huge costs savings, a reduction in reoffending rates and a better quality of life for prisoners and prison staff | Policy Exchange, UK

Interim re-conviction figures for the Peterborough and Doncaster Payment by Results pilots

The interim re-conviction figures being published in this statistical bulletin report on offences committed in the 6 months following release from prison, and resulting in conviction at court either in those 6 months or in a further 3 month period | Gov.uk, UK

Sir Paul McCartney's son James admits he didn't like Heather Mills and talks publicly for the first time about his struggle with drugs

Sir Paul McCartney's son has spoken candidly for the first time about his drug addiction and the difficult relationship he had with former step-mother Heather Mills | Independent, UK

Liverpool-to-Plymouth £1m heroin and cocaine gang sentenced

Two members of a violent gang that sold heroin and crack cocaine from Liverpool to Plymouth in a £1m-a-year operation have been jailed | BBC, UK

How police caught 'sophisticated' Liverpool and Plymouth drugs ring

A "sophisticated" drugs ring, which had a turnover of about £1m a year, worked like a call centre, police have said | BBC, UK

Cancer society looks for regulation of e-cigarettes

The Irish Cancer Society says it cannot recommend electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco until they are regulated in Ireland | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Reilly: Drink ads ban won’t cause sky to fall in

Health Minister James Reilly said the "sky won’t fall in" if alcohol sports sponsorship is phased out under the Government’s faltering alcohol action plan | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Luke Ming Flanagan: I’m still smoking cannabis… but not in Ireland

The independent TD is bringing forward a bill to legalise the drug later this year and will speak at the seventh annual Legalise Cannabis Ireland protest in Dublin later today | Journal, Ireland

Drugnet Europe 82

In this issue: European Drug Report 2013 highlights | Latest EMCDDA–Europol report on new drugs | Greece and Croatia modify penalties for drug offences | International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking | Scientific Committee assesses risks of 5-IT | Upcoming European summer school on illicit drugs | EMCDDA, Belgium

Beyond the Hype: PrEP for People Who Inject Drugs

The Bangkok Tenofovir Study was the first study of its kind examining a once-a-day HIV prevention method known as PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, among a population of injection drug users in Thailand | Huffington Post, USA

Racially Biased Arrests for Pot

Researchers have long known that African-Americans are more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, even though studies have repeatedly shown that the two groups use the drug at similar rates | NY Times, USA

Another needless death in America's long, failed war on drugs

A Baltimore man, out of prison and working to put his life back together, is murdered over unsettled business from the drug trade | Baltimore Sun, USA

40% of 12-17 year olds in Australia drinking alcohol; it’s time for ‘The Other Talk’ (PDF)

The Australian Drug Foundation has launched a new resource today: a site that is helping parents to have ‘The Other Talk’ with their children about alcohol and other drugs. The new resource, www.theothertalk.org.au is a first port of call for families, with information that can make having The Other Talk easier and marks the beginning of Drug Action Week (16-21 June) | ADF, Australia

Genetics key to addicted children

Genetics and family history can increase the risk of young Australians developing addictions, something that can be prevented, research shows | SBS.com.au, Australia

Strong evidence for raising drinking age but little support

A group of Australian doctors and academics has called on the Commonwealth government today to raise the legal drinking age to 21, in order to reduce the harms associated with early heavy drinking | Conversation, Australia

New Zealand Takes Steps to Allow Recreational Use Of 'Low Risk' Designer Drugs

Admitting lawmakers cannot keep up with the proliferation of new designer drugs each year, New Zealand tries a different approach: allowing them | Medical Daily, New Zealand