DS Daily -19th June 2013

CQC launches consultation on the future of inspection and regulation

Plans to change the way health and social care is regulated have been published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This consultation focuses on hospital care with a further consultation on adult social care and general practice going out later this year | Care Quality Commission, UK

Drugs policymakers of the 1980s knew the score

This is not the time to undermine harm reduction strategies such as the needle exchange programme, bravely, and surprisingly, initiated by Thatcher and her Tory government | Guardian, UK

A new generation of addicts?

E-cigarettes are a way of weaning people off a product that has killed millions, but are they risk-free, asks Michael Hanlon | Telegraph, UK

The Journey of Change - video

Youth RISE Nepal's short documentary film 'Journey of Change' was selected as the winner of the 9th International Harm Reduction Film Festival. This documentary uncovers the difficult realities faced by young drug users in Nepal and the barriers they face in accessing drug services they often desperately need | YouthRISE, UK

Should we teach teenagers to drink more safely?

English guidance supports 'safer drinking' lessons for teenagers, based partly on results of an Australian curriculum, but it was unclear whether its approach and results would transfer to the UK. Now this study has confirmed that in the UK too the lessons curb the growth in alcohol-related problems and also mean pupils drink less | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Recorded crime in Scotland (PDF)

This bulletin presents statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the eight Scottish police forces in 2012-13. Statistics on crimes and offences recorded by the police provide a measure of the volume of criminal activity with which the police are faced | Scotland.gov.uk, UK

Costa Rican drug addicts are killing turtles and conservationists for crack

At the end of last month, Costa Rica witnessed its first turtle conservationist murder. On the evening of the 30th of May, Jairo Mora Sandoval and four other conservationists were abducted while carrying out their checks on Moin beach near Limon, a city on the east coast of the country. While the four others were tied up and left in a house, Sandoval was beaten to death | Vice, UK

New inquest report calls for radical overhaul of prison system for women

Inquest today publishes a comprehensive report on the deaths of women in prison and calls for a radical overhaul of the way women in conflict with the law are treated | Inquest, UK

Pong arm of the law! Police officer discovered cannabis factory despite thinking stench was from house was result of colleague's flatulence

A bad smell that police officers thought was caused by a flatulent colleague was later discovered to be from a £12,000 cannabis farm | MailOnline, UK

The 'Marijuana Moms of Beverly Hills' who throw cannabis-infused dinner parties and say taking drugs makes them better parents

A group of mothers in wealthy Beverley Hills, California, is trying to change the perception that drugs and parenting don't mix. These 'marijuana moms' meet regularly for lavish cannabis-infused dinners. Many of them smoke marijuana several times a day to relax and cope with chronic pain | MailOnline, UK

Northampton alcohol curfew is rejected by councillors

Police plans to impose a ban on early hours alcohol sales in Northampton have been blocked by the town's borough council | BBC, UK

Departments query alcohol sports ban

Draft memorandum proposes phasing out of drink firm sponsorship of sports | Irish Times, Ireland

Got Needles? Why the Greatest Danger to Law Enforcement Isn't Guns

When most people imagine the dangers that law enforcement officers face, they picture high-drama action scenes from Law & Order or CSI -- drug busts where bullets spray from behind a locked door; heart-thumping alley chases... | Huffington Post, USA

Ending the War on Drugs: Easier Said Than Done

During his 2008 campaign and upon taking office, President Obama said he would shift the federal government's drug control resources from a criminalization-centered approach to one based on public health | Huffington Post, USA

SCOTUS: Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences in Jury's Hands

Many mandatory minimum sentences are imposed for drug offenses | US News.com, USA

There Will Always Be More Drugs

Even if we could get a handle on conventional drugs, there would be new ones | Atlantic, USA

Trying to Sell Wall Street on the Value of Marijuana

Kalvin Savanh grew up in Portland, Ore., and, during high school, he said, he grew marijuana. About 15 years later, Mr. Savanh, 33, still helps grow it... | NY Times USA

Beyond the Brain

It’s a pattern as old as time. Somebody makes an important scientific breakthrough, which explains a piece of the world. But then people get caught up in the excitement of this breakthrough and try to use it to explain everything | NY Times, USA

Fewer opioid drug therapy clients aged under 30

Fewer Australians under 30 are receiving pharmacotherapy treatment for dependence on opioid drugs such as heroin, morphine or codeine, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) | AIHW, Australia