DS Daily - 18th March 2013

How do you feel about police and crime commissioners? Survey

This survey is intended for people working in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector involved in community safety and criminal justice. It aims to explore how local organisations feel about the new Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) | Safer Future Communities, UK

Tackling legal highs

The Scottish Government is bringing together a range of experts, including the police and those with expertise in health, and organisations working in the community and with young people, to discuss how the problem of legal highs in Scotland can be tackled | Scottish Government, UK

Summit to tackle ‘legal high’ menace

Methods to tackle the growing menace of so-called legal highs will be discussed at crunch talks between government, health and police officials next month | Scotsman, UK

'Legal high' blamed for sickness at Nottinghamshire school

A "legal high" drug was blamed for pupils falling ill at school, including two who were taken to hospital | BBC, UK

Open Letter to the Media and Policy Makers Regarding Alarmist and Inaccurate Reporting on Prescription Opiate Use by Pregnant Women (PDF)

Medical and psychological researchers urge that policies addressing prenatal exposure to opiates, andmedia coverage of this issue, be evidence-based rather than perpetuate and generate misinformation and prejudice | IDHDP, UK

Filming of binge drinkers in Cardiff allowed

Plans to film binge drinkers and show them footage of their drunken behaviour to help them change their ways will go ahead after concerns were addressed | BBC, UK

Conference 2013: Professor Mark Bellis on the ‘alcohol harm paradox’

Professor Mark Bellis sets out initial findings from Alcohol Research UK’s current Flagship Research Grant – Understanding the ‘Alcohol Harm Paradox’| Alcohol Research UK, UK

You never took drugs, but you cannot keep your child

Some family court rulings are impossible to understand | Telegraph, UK

'They go like children running to an ice cream man'

Shocking moment dozens of addicts swarm round dealer’s car | Sun, UK

Government issues sexual health guidance for councils

The Department of Health has set out what it expects of local authorities when they take over responsibility for commissioning sexual health services on 1 April | CYP Now, UK

Doping in sport: Counting the cost

The murky world of doping in sport burst onto the mainstream news agenda with a vengeance late last year with the Lance Armstrong scandal | BBC, UK

Signs of a rethink on America's War on Drugs

Maryland looks likely to follow Washington and decriminalise marijuana | Independent, UK

Review: Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, By Marc Lewis

For obvious and sensible reasons, nature has evolved neurochemicals with which to reward or discourage particular behaviours, which is why we find intrinsic pleasure in things such as sex and nice food | Independent, UK

I am not an alcoholic, says MP Eric Joyce

MP Eric Joyce, who was held by police after an alleged drunken brawl at a bar in the House of Commons, has written a blog denying he is an alcoholic | BBC, UK

Rise in abuse of cannabis, says report

The global regulatory body on drugs has highlighted a sharp rise in the abuse of cannabis and so-called new substances in Ireland | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Closer Than You Might Think: Where the UK Can Look for Drug Policy Answers

This week, the 56th Session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs - the single most important drug policy gathering in the world - met amidst new calls for legalization from some NGOs | Huffington Post, USA

A View of the Drug War: Stop Blaming Police and Start Emphasizing Personal Responsibility

An anti-law enforcement sentiment currently exists in American society, particularly among those who are disconnected from the realities of inner-city areas that are plagued by crime | Huffington Post, USA

Unfair Punishments

Congress embraced a destructive policy when it decreed in 1996 that people convicted of drug felonies would henceforth be banned for life from receiving food stamps or cash assistance unless they lived in a state that expressly opted out of the ban | NY Times, USA

Dating in Middle School Leads to Higher Dropout, Drug-Use Rates, Study Suggests

Students who date in middle school have significantly worse study skills, are four times more likely to drop out of school and report twice as much alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use than their single classmates, according to new research from the University of Georgia | Science Daily, USA

The Global Drug Survey - video

The Survey proves that Australians are drinking like fish, with alcohol taking out the top spot as the most commonly used drug | Age, Australia

The respectable drug-taker

Every day Simon gets up at 5.30am to do yoga. Afterwards he heads to his full-time job at a university. Sometimes, he throws in some volunteer work as well | Age, Australia

Legal drugs might represent a quick fix but dependency proves hard to swallow

Perceptions of prescription medication as the first line of treatment - or a 'safer' way to party - open the door to addiction | Age, Australia

Drugs and alcohol: the secret life of us

Scores of middle-class Australians are drinking at dangerous levels and ending up in emergency departments with alcohol-related problems, the largest survey of Australians' present drug and alcohol use has found | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Death toll rises as prescription drug abuse grows

More people are dying from abusing prescription drugs, which are being misused at historic rates and increasingly for recreational purposes | Age, Australia

Women use cannabis to be social - expert

Recent research has revealed that women become addicted to cannabis for social reasons, such as keeping relationships, University of NSW experts say | Big Pond News, Australia

Presentations from AOD13

Slideshare presentations from ReGen's conference are now online, ReGen, Australia

And finally...

Russian bears who are so addicted to aviation fuel they sniff it until they pass out 

These brown bears are keen to play with discarded barrels - because they have developed a nose for aviation fuel | Daily Mail, UK