DS Daily - 7th November 2013

Drug treatment performing well but faces big challenges

Drug treatment in England continued to perform well in 2012 to 2013, helping just over 29,000 people to recover from addiction. Report available here (PDF) | PHE, UK

Recovery from drug dependency: where next?

Today Public Health England published national drug treatment statistics for adults in 2012-13. They show that treatment continues to perform well overall and that, within the context of declining prevalence, the numbers in treatment are falling. Access remains quick and easy for anyone who needs help with a drug problem | PHE Blog, UK

Latest instalment of ‘Matrix Bites’ foundation course

Latest weekly cell-by-cell ‘bite-size’ introduction to the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Matrices, cumulating to a year-long foundation course. This one deals with how the implementation and impact of alcohol screening and brief intervention are affected by commissioning, contracting and purchasing decisions across an administrative area. Sign up for further instalments here | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Legal Highs Should Be Regulated In Britain, Not Brussels, Say Lords

European officials should rethink proposals to seize power from the individual countries like the United Kingdom to regulate and ban legal highs, peers have warned | Huffington Post, UK

Rebuilding shattered lives - Women involved in prostitution

Today, we launch the ninth and final theme of our Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign. It focuses on issues surrounding women involved in prostitution who are homeless or at risk of homelessness | St Mungo's, UK

Volunteers to smoke strong cannabis for Channel 4 show

Professor Val Curran and Professor David Nutt will carry out the trial for the show Drugs Live: Cannabis looking at the effect of skunk, cannabis resin and a placebo on volunteers in a laboratory setting | Telegraph, UK

Electronic cigarettes: public health problem or potential solution?

The use of electronic cigarettes in the UK continues to grow, posing complex challenges for regulators and public health policymakers alike. Current debates represent a struggle over whether e-cigs will ultimately be viewed as a trusted medicine, an everyday consumer product or a problematic recreational drug, writes Dr Catriona Rooke | Manchester Policy Blog, UK

NSP outcomes tool

Over the last year or so I've come across a lot of people talking about developing tools for monitoring 'Outcomes' in needle programmes, but I've yet to see one that actually manages to work in real life. So I've been developing a tool for NSPs that may be a solution | Injecting Advice, UK

Drinks watchdog has concerns over use of social media

A watchdog set up to investigate complaints about irresponsible alcohol promotions in Northern Ireland has raised concerns about the use of social media | BBC, UK

Dark net marketplace Silk Road 'back online'

Reports suggest that the Silk Road, the anonymous marketplace that traded in drugs and other illegal goods, is back online, in a new version | BBC, UK

Identifying and supporting children affected by parental substance use - slideshare

Slides to accompany a resource for schools in England on children affected by parental substance use. Prepared by Adfam for the ADEPIS project | Mentor, UK

A third of young men have suffered from 'manorexia' - either by purging or abusing drugs - because they hate their appearance 

Almost one in three young men has gone to extremes – including making themselves sick after eating – to enhance their appearance | Mail Online, UK

British sportsmen's union launches legal bid to ensure athletes caught using recreational drugs are treated 'sympathetically' instead of banned

Elite British sports stars have launched legal action against the World Anti-Doping Agency to ensure athletes caught using recreational drugs are treated 'sympathetically'| Mail Online, UK

£136m cocaine haul hidden among bananas on ship discovered by UK drugs police

The biggest cocaine haul found by UK drugs officers in more than two years has been discovered hidden among bananas on a ship that sailed from Colombia | Independent, UK

City split on Edinburgh alcohol sales crackdown

City licensing chiefs are split over whether to launch a major crackdown on alcohol sales in the Capital, the Evening News can reveal | Edinburgh News, UK

Police back limits on off-sales in 25 areas of Highlands

The opening of new off-licences should be discouraged in specific parts of the Highlands, Police Scotland has said | BBC, UK

Toronto residents divided on Mayor Rob Ford crack row - video

Toronto's embattled mayor Rob Ford faces mounting calls for his resignation amid an ongoing drug abuse scandal | BBC, UK

Spain's king of the e-cigarette

Registering every design for the product in Spain, one man is set to make a fortune out of a boom in smokeless cigarettes | Guardian, UK

UK Anti-Doping budget cut leads to fears over fight against drugs cheats

There are fears that an upcoming budget reduction for UK Anti-Doping, the standalone agency launched to great fanfare before the London Olympics, will impact on its ability to catch drug cheats | Guardian, UK

Lobbying bill paused for six weeks to allow government rethink

Ministers forced to concede to avoid bill being pushed to select committee for up to three months | Guardian, UK

Hyperactive UK: warning as ADHD drug prescription rates soar 50 per cent in five years

Doctors worldwide urged to be 'conservative' when diagnosing condition | Independent, UK

2013 National Report (2012 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point. Ireland: new developments, trends and in-depth information on selected issues (PDF)

Ireland:New Developments, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues | HRB, Ireland

2013 EMCDDA scientific paper award applauds excellence in drug-related research

The four winners of the 2013 EMCDDA scientific paper award will be honoured in Lisbon this week at the third annual award ceremony hosted by the EU agency | EMCDDA, Portugal

Promoting Excellence in Drug Prevention in the EU - Phase II of the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards Project

The Prevention Standards provide the first European framework for high quality drug prevention. Organised in an eight-stage project cycle, the Standards outline the necessary steps inplanning, implementing and evaluating drug prevention activities | EMCDDA, Portugal

New app now in handy pocket format to help ex-drug and alcohol abusers

Ex-drug and alcohol abusers who have completed their treatment need a simple support system and daily motivation. Now they are getting both - in a handy pocket format | News Medical, USA

How Should We React If the Mayor of Toronto Smoked Crack?

It may be a little much to say that every person in North America has taken psychoactive substances—but it's not too far off | Psychology Today, USA

Former UK Gov't Drug Advisor Calls For More Access To Ecstasy

The UK’s drug laws are still preventing scientists from exploring the potential benefits of substances like cannabis and MDMA, according to Professor David Nutt, a leading neuroscientist and former government drug advisor | Forbes, USA

'Silk Road 2.0' Launches, Promising A Resurrected Black Market For The Dark Web

The Silk Road is dead. But the dark web dream lives on. On Wednesday morning, Silk Road 2.0 came online... | Forbes, USA

Special Issue: Marijuana Wars

The failed war on marijuana has claimed countless lives to incarceration, mandatory minimiums and the marginalization that come from a drug crime rap sheet. That's why, in The Nation’s new special issue, editor Katrina vanden Heuvel declares. "It’s time to end pot prohibition. It’s time to legalize marijuana." | Nation, USA

Addicts may be seeking relief from emotional lows more than euphoric highs

Cocaine addicts may become trapped in drug binges – not because of the euphoric highs they are chasing but rather the unbearable emotional lows they desperately want to avoid | Medical Xpress, USA

Stigma a major barrier to treatment for pregnant women with addictions

Doctors and other health care providers need to check their moral outrage at the door and treat pregnant women addicted to drugs and alcohol with compassion and supportive, team-based care, urges the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse | CMAJ, Canada

Significant decline in asthma admissions since smoking ban

Ministerof Health Dr Fenton Ferguson says there has been a 20 per cent reduction in asthmatic admissions to hospitals since the imposition of the no smoking policy in specified public spaces | Jamaica Observer, Jamaica


And finally...

Cannabis farm accidentally photographed in Rightmove estate agent advert

Drug paraphernalia not removed before estate agent took promotional photographs for the sale | Telegraph, UK