DS Daily - 14th November 2013

DrugScope Daily: from DrugScope’s CEO

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We are staggering blind past the danger of excess alcohol

If we are to combat the UK's growing drink problem, we must update the NHS's misleading unit guidelines and ban alcohol advertising | Guardian, UK

Britain faces a liver disease 'epidemic'

As rates of cirrhosis rise sharply in younger people, the government faces renewed calls for alcohol controls | Guardian, UK

Can England stop smoking?

The government wants 210,000 smokers in England to quit for good every year until 2015. How realistic is this target? | Guardian, UK

Magnetic fields 'help smokers quit'

Using magnetic fields to alter brain activity may help some people quit smoking, according to an early study | BBC, UK

Tonight investigates drug driving: The great unknown risk on UK roads

We know Britain has a serious drug habit, among the worst in Europe as a matter of fact. Yet our courts rarely deal with drug driving cases | ITV.com, UK

Opium wars

Afghanistan, the country we invaded partly to liberate it from the drug trade, has become a narco-state | Telegraph, UK

FEAD New contributor - Jim McCambridge London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Jim McCambridge was first trained in Sociology, and then in Social Work, and went on to work with drug users. He is a senior lecturer in Behaviour Change in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.. | FEAD, UK

Of RAGs and riches: indicators of public health in the Public Health Outcomes Framework

PHOF was born out of the need to understand how well we are improving and protecting public health. Its vision is to increase life expectancy and to reduce differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities | PHE, UK

Politicians wrongly claiming expenses 'worse than if they smoked crack cocaine' according to Londoners

Londoners are more outraged by politicians wrongly claiming expenses than if they are caught smoking crack cocaine, a YouGov poll has shown | Independent, UK

Hepatitis Scotland e-Bulletin: A treatment focus

In this bulletin we focus on recent treatment news, including research presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of the Liver in Washington D.C, along with other stories relevant to the treatment of viral hepatitis | Hepatitis Scotland, UK

Six fresh policing ideas from past 12 months

It is almost a year since the first police and crime commissioners (PCCs) were elected in England and Wales. With a BBC survey showing that more than a third of adults were unaware whether they have a PCC or not, what fresh policies or innovative ideas have made an impact? | BBC, UK

Briton faces death penalty over Indonesia drugs charge

A British woman is facing the death penalty after admitting trafficking 1.4kg (3lb) of crystal methamphetamine into Indonesia | BBC, UK

Man dies after opening 'Pandora's Box'

Coroner unable to establish why Jason Airey's heart stopped after he opened 'Pandora's Box' | Telegraph, UK

They need to "Man up!" - what students who drink think of those who don't

There's a scene in the 2013 comedy film The World's End in which a group of middle-aged old school friends are on a nostalgic pub crawl, yet one of them, Andy Knightly, insists on abstaining from alcohol. "I haven't had a drink for sixteen years Gary," he tells the ring-leader and lush Gary King. "You must be thirsty then," Gary retorts | BPS Research Digest, UK

The feeling of drinking alcohol without hangovers, disease or addiction? Bring it on

We stubbornly refuse to engage in a proper debate about the health effects of alcohol | Independent, UK

Tough year for NI pub trade

As the Northern Ireland pub industry gears up for what it hopes is a busy Christmas period, publicans are taking stock of what has been a difficult 12 months | BBC, UK

Drug fucking the weekend away

They stand accused of destroying lives, and some say they’re destroying the gay scene. Stuart Haggas looks at the truths and consequences of drugs like crystal meth, G and mephedrone | GMFA, UK

City Health Conference, Glasgow 2013 - video

A flavour of the 2013 City health Conference held in the Science Centre Glasgow in November 2013 | City Health International, UK

ADEPIS in Durham: an overview of parental substance use and its impacts on children

On Thursday 7th November we brought together practitioners involved in the support of families affected by substance misuse to provide examples of good practice in identifying and supporting pupils affected by parental substance misuse | Mentor-ADEPIS, UK

Equinox alcohol and cannabis network: Herts County Council

Equinox was commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to set up confidential networks for alcohol and cannabis support [radio interview mp3 here] | Equinox, UK

Toronto's Rob Ford says he bought drugs in last two years

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitting buying illegal drugs in the past two years, at a raucous meeting at which city councillors asked him to take a leave of absence | BBC, UK

World Anti-Doping Agency: why drug-busting must replace blustering

Wada might sound frightfully impressive, but its continued waffling is threatening the very credibility of athletics | Guardian, UK

Alcohol is not a solution in which we should expect problems to dissolve

Opinion: We can learn much from the accounts of people who have survived attempts to kill themselves | Irish Times, Ireland

Did the CIA secretly dose people with LSD?

The hippies and other counterculture movements weren’t the only groups to experiment with mind-altering substances. Starting in 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency conducted research on psychedelic drugs as part of a top-secret behavior modification program codenamed MKULTRA | History.com, USA

Weed Pioneers Look To Save Epileptic Kids With New Medical Marijuana Strain

"Charlotte's Web" isn't just a classic piece of children's fiction, it's also the name of one of the most coveted medical marijuana strains that is being used to treat children with epilepsy | Huffington Post, USA

'Quitting cold turkey' can lead to mental decline, shows study

Can quitting drugs without treatment trigger a decline in mental health? That appears to be the case in an animal model of morphine addiction. Georgetown University Medical Center researchers say their observations suggest that managing morphine withdrawal could promote a healthier mental state in people | News Medical, USA

Heroin addicts launch Charter challenge to prescription ban

Five people severely addicted to heroin are launching a constitutional challenge to the federal government’s ban on the prescription version of the drug, The Globe and Mail has learned | Globe and Mail, Canada

Pivot and Providence Health Care to announce response to controversial heroin treatment regulations

A Catholic-run health care organization and Vancouver advocates for the poor are joining forces to take action against the federal government over new regulations that restrict access to heroin treatment for addicts | Vancouver Sun, Canada

Magic pancakes and alcohol don’t mix

Alcohol ads on television aren’t allowed to be broadcast before 8:30pm, except during live sport, when because of a curious exception in the Commercial Television Code of Practice, alcohol advertising is allowed to screen during the day on weekends or public holidays as part of a live sporting event | Drinktank, Australia

Recreational ritalin as 'risky' as methamphetamine

Students using Ritalin as a party stimulant and study aid need to be aware that recreational use could be as harmful as methamphetamine, an expert says | TVNZ, New Zealand

Dealers swapped for online drugs

Kiwi drug-users are trading in street dealers for the click of a button, spending big through online black markets | stuff.co.nz, New Zealand