DS Daily - 2nd October 2013

DrugScope conference 2013: Game on: drug and alcohol services and the new local players. Final programme (PDF)

6th November 2013 9.45 am – 4.30 pm, Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA. Book now | DrugScope, UK

What is Stoptober and why is it popular?

There are approximately 10 million adults in Britain who smoke cigarettes.Research suggests that those who successfully give up for four weeks are five times more likely to stay smoke-free | Telegraph, UK

Why meth hasn’t broken bad in the UK

The final episode of the award-winning American TV show Breaking Bad aired last night. Set against the backdrop of illicit crystal methamphetamine production, the series highlights the huge problem parts of the US have with this particular drug | Conversation, UK

Should cannabis be legal everywhere? Debate

Debate with Ethan Nadelmann and Neil McKeganey defending and against the motion respectively | Economist, UK

Commuters in for a surprise after outbreak of 'zombies' in London to warn smokers of dangers of tobacco

Thirty actors wore specially commissioned Halloween-style masks as part of a stop smoking campaign | Independent, UK

Conservative conference: Campbell on alcohol pricing

Tony Blair's former director of communications was in unfamiliar territory when he went to the Conservative Party conference to call for a U-turn about minimum unit pricing for alcohol | BBC, UK

Peruvian prosecutors still won't accept guilty pleas from British women accused of drug smuggling

The Peruvian prosecutor in charge of a drug case involving two British women arrested at Lima's airport trying to smuggle cocaine to Spain says they will remain under investigation for six months if their guilty pleas are not accepted | Telegraph, UK

Binge Drinking: How Type Of Wine Glass Influences How Much Alcohol You Pour

If your weekend was blighted by hangovers and morning-after-the-night-before regret (dancing on the table using your iPhone as a microphone was indeed a low point) you'll be pleased to learn that binge drinking is not your fault. Well, not entirely... | Huffington Post, UK

War on illegal drugs - podcast

In this podcast we will interview the authors of our research papers, to explain why they carried out the research, how they did it, and what they found | BMJ, UK

Trends in alcohol portrayal in popular music: A longitudinal analysis of the UK charts

The exposure of young people to alcohol in the media is a major concern given its potential impact on drinking behaviours. Young people spend increasing amounts of time listening to popular music, within which US studies have found a growth in alcohol references and brand promotion | Psychology of Music, UK

Jersey customs says there are 'higher priorities' than tobacco

Tackling drug smuggling is more important than stopping people with too many cigarettes, says the director of law enforcement at Jersey customs | BBC, UK

Payment by results and the Work Programme

The Department for Work and Pensions published the 3rd performance statistics from the Work Programme last Thursday 26 September 2013 | RussellWebster.com, UK

The voluntary sector and Transforming Rehabilitation

There are an estimated 1,475 charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations whose main clients are offenders, ex-offenders and their families in England according to a 2010 Cabinet Office study | RussellWebster.com, UK

Use of cocaine may increase one's vulnerability to HIV infection

Cocaine use may increase one's vulnerability to HIV infection, according to a new research report published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. In the report, scientists show that cocaine alters immune cells, called "quiescent CD4 T cells," to render them more susceptible to the virus, and at the same time, to allow for increased proliferation of the virus | News Medical, USA

How Much Meth Does Your State Cook? These Maps Show the Drug's Foothold In America

The most striking thing about the methamphetamine crisis in America can be seen by looking at a single map. Meth isn't a big city problem | PolicyMic, USA

Colorado accepts first applications for recreational-marijuana stores

Colorado marked a new marijuana milestone Tuesday when it became the first state to begin taking applications from people wanting to open legal recreational-marijuana stores | Denver Post, USA

Smoking bans in prisons don't work

The proposed ban on smoking in NSW prisons seems like a good idea ("NSW prisoners to be banned from smoking", September 30). After all, 50 per cent of smokers die from a tobacco-related illness | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Sydney backyard drug labs 'like Breaking Bad'

NSW police admit the proliferation of suburban drug labs is beginning to resemble the TV series Breaking Bad, about a chemistry teacher who cooks up meth in his backyard | Age, Australia

NSW launches dob-in-a-drug-house campaign

Neighbours are being urged to look out for strange smells, chemical containers and blacked-out windows under a new campaign targeting illegal drug labs in NSW | Perth Now, Australia

Programme allows drug users to test drug purity - video

More than 400,000 people are estimated to have used drugs for recreational purposes in New Zealand last year | 3news.co.nz, New Zealand