DS Daily - 10th October 2013

DrugScope conference, 6th November – just four weeks to go!

Game on’: Topics to be debated and discussed include: ‘The changing scene - local authorities, police and crime commissioners and public health’; the challenge of alcohol and ‘new’ drugs; engaging with local commissioners; learning from ‘Payment by Results’; the impact of ‘localism’; service access for women involved in prostitution; prescription and over-the-counter drugs; ‘A climate of change: the service user view’; and much more…

More information about topics, workshops, speakers and conference fees (with a discount for DrugScope members) here | DrugScope, UK

Universal Credit Factsheet

Universal Credit is a new benefit that replaces Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance and income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits and Housing Benefit. This fact-sheet outlines everything you need to know about the benefit | DrugScope, Recovery Partnership, UK

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recruitment campaign

The Home Office is seeking members for the ACMD with expertise in a number of drug-related areas | Home Office & ACMD, UK

Matrix Bite 1- Alcohol: Screening and brief interventions

First weekly cell-by-cell ‘bite-size’ introduction to the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Matrices, cumulating to a year-long foundation course on the evidence base for treatment and allied interventions. This one deals with alcohol screening and brief intervention. Open the cell here and unfold the bite by clicking on the Matrix Bite link at the bottom. Sign up for further instalments here | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Nick Clegg criticises 'unimaginative' Conservative drugs policy

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has accused the Conservatives of refusing to look "imaginatively" at new ways of tackling the UK's drugs problem | BBC, UK

Brighton and Hove legal highs drugs clinics opened

Specialist clinics to help people addicted to "legal highs" have been set up in Brighton and Hove | BBC, UK

Drugs suspect held in Amsterdam in 'National Crime Agency first'

A suspected drugs trafficker has become the first British fugitive to be arrested overseas since the National Crime Agency (NCA) launched on Monday | BBC, UK

Council crackdown on shops selling cigarette to U-18s

More than a third of shops in Belfast, checked by city council officials, have illegally sold cigarettes to under-18s | BBC, UK

Russian claims of drugs haul on seized ship is ‘ridiculous’, says Greenpeace

The 28 protesters and two freelance journalists are currently being detained and had previously all been charged with ‘piracy’ | Independent, UK

'When mummy's tired she has wine': Could drinking alcohol in front of your children be harming them?

From colourful TV adverts and shiny pictures in magazines, to rambunctious cider tents at music festivals and clinky bottles of wine on restaurant tables: it is impossible to shield your children from alcohol completely | MailOnline, UK

'Please don't use drugs... it's risky': Open prison takes the softly, softly approach with polite letter asking inmates nicely not to escape

Prisoners have been sent letters politely informing them not to take drugs and asking why inmates want to escape. Bosses at Ford Open prison admitted in a letter there had been an 'increase' of Class A drugs and reminded them of the 'risks' of taking them | MailOnline, UK

Prescription pot allowed on planes? Airports 'relax security' on travelers carrying medical marijuana

Rules are increasingly relaxing on people wanting to travel on planes with prescription marijuana | MailOnline, UK

South Tyneside school calls in police drugs dog

Bosses at a school in South Tyneside called in police when they suspected there were illegal drugs on the site | Shields Gazette, UK

Rochdale among worst in country for alcohol-related hospital admissions

Public Health England concluded ‘the health of people in Rochdale is generally worse than the England average’ after assessing 32 key indicators | Manchester Evening News, UK

Man arrested after calling cops to complain about being ripped off in 'drug deal'

Police say Daniel Noehl admitted to smoking crack cocaine when they went to his home, and he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia | Mirror, UK

Transforming Rehabilitation by the numbers

Transforming Rehabilitation is the Ministry of Justice’s initiative to outsource the probation service. The graphic below provides a brief overview of the size of the project | RussellWebster.com, UK

European drugs gang targets immigrants

An eastern European drugs gang is forcing newly arrived immigrants to sell drugs around the country, threatening harm to their families at home | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Why do doctors abuse prescription drugs? 'Self-medication' is key reason

Based on focus groups with physicians in treatment for substance abuse, the findings lend "unique insights" into the reasons why doctors abuse prescription medications—as well as important implications for prevention and recognition | EurekAlert, USA

Living With Ross Ulbricht: Housemates Say They Saw No Clues Of Silk Road Or The Dread Pirate Roberts

To the hundreds of thousands of online users of the Silk Road narcotics marketplace, he may have been known by the swashbuckling alias, the Dread Pirate Roberts. To the FBI, he was known as Ross Ulbricht, a 29-year-old former physics student turned criminal mastermind | Forbes, USA

Scenes from Peru’s Cocaine Capital

For thousands of years in parts of South America–Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru–coca has been involved in daily life.  It is part of the religious tradition of Andean people; it has been used as medicine to treat altitude sickness; and to this day, thousands of people pull coca leaves from small pouches, stuff a small bolear between their mouth and gums and go about their day | TIME, USA

Addiction can’t always be cured so let’s focus on quality of life

Alcohol and substance abuse costs the Australian economy A$24.5bn a year. The human toll from accidents, overdoses, chronic disease, violence, mental illness and family disruption, however, is immeasurable | Conversation, Australia

Call to lift drinking age 'worth testing'

A WA public health expert says a national trial of a legal drinking age of 21 could help show whether it reduces harm such as drunken behaviour and is acceptable to the community | West Australian, Australia

Rise of Deaths Linked To PMA Sold As MDMA

If you haven't heard of the drug PMA, it's probably because it's being sold as something else and a mere change in name has proven to be a fatal alteration indeed. In August of this year, the Office for National Statistics made public figures on drug-related deaths in 2012 | au.ibtimes, Australia

Smoke, mirrors and ciggy packs

Almost a year after they came into effect, have Australia's tough new tobacco packaging laws had an impact on smoking rates? | Age, Australia

The road's closed for these drugs

Australians were enthusiastic users of the online illicit drug market Silk Road. But now its owner has been arrested and the site closed. Will they return to the more dangerous alternative of buying on the streets? | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia