DS Daily - 23rd October 2013

Third instalment of ‘Matrix Bites’ foundation course

Third weekly cell-by-cell ‘bite-size’ introduction to the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Matrices, cumulating in a year-long foundation course. This one deals with how the implementation and impact of alcohol screening and brief intervention are affected by the management functions of selecting, training and managing staff and managing the intervention programme | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Half of young people see their parents drunk

Parents are putting children at risk of developing alcohol problems by setting bad examples, suggests research showing nearly half of young people have seen their mother or father drunk | Telegraph, UK

Cherry Healey - Old before my time: Alcohol - BBC3

Series in which Cherry Healey investigates the alarming rise in numbers of young people suffering from illnesses associated with older people due to alcohol, drugs and obesity | BBC, UK

‘It takes a lot to build trust’ Recognition and Telling: Developing earlier routes to help for children and young people

The research was prompted by a concern to improve access to protection and support for children and young people at risk of harm. The Munro Review of Child Protection (2011), commissioned by the government, argued that a child’s journey from experiencing problems to getting effective help should be at the heart of the child protection system. [Includes references to children whose parents use alcohol and other drugs] | Children's Commissioner, UK

HMRC 2013 data on alcohol duty fraud & consultation on tackling fraud proposals

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have published revised data on the estimated value of alcohol duty fraud for 2011-12. Lost revenue is estimated at £1.2 billion per annum of total annual tax revenue of over £9 billion, including avoided excise duty and illicit alcohol | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Street injecting & the case for drug consumption rooms in Birmingham - video

Philippe Bonnet describes the case for drug consumption rooms in Birmingham UK. Filmed at the National Needle Exchange Forum annual meeting in Bournemouth in September 2013 | Jon Derricott, UK

Harm Reduction Cafes: the importance of sharing - Nigel Brunsdon - video

Nigel Brunsdon talking about harm reduction cafes at the National Needle Exchange Forum Conference in Bournemouth. September 2013 | Jon Derricott, UK

Horrific cost of taking legal highs: Mother releases shocking picture of her son, 20, on his deathbed after he suffered fatal heart attack from smoking herbal substance

A grieving mother today released this harrowing photograph of her dying son as a warning to others about deadly legal highs | Mail Online, UK

Scratch and sniff drug cards 'increase' farm detections

Scratch and sniff cards to help people detect cannabis farms have resulted in a 28% increase in reports of cultivation, Crimestoppers said | BBC, UK

Police locate a marijuana farm using Google Earth after satellite images shows plants 'neatly lined up in a row'

Police say images from Google Earth helped them track down a marijuana farm. Officers in Grants Pass, Oregon, heard 50-year-old Curtis W. Croft was bragging about drugs he was growing on his property | Mail Online, UK

BMJ to ban research funded by the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry has been shown to mislead with its research, but is forcing it to become more hidden a better option? | Guardian, UK

Selling amphetamine emblazoned athletic shirts v overselling amphetamines: a tale of two entrepreneurs

What could be more tasteless and, possibly, harmful than a Los Angeles boutique selling sweat shirts and tee shirts, looking like football jerseys, with the word “Adderall”—a prescription amphetamine for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)—with a large player type number below it? | BMJ, UK

Only 3% of hepatitis C patients in England receive treatment

A new report, published by The Hepatitis C Trust, has found that hepatitis C is grossly under-prioritised in England. Despite it being curable, only 3% of people receive treatment each year | MNT, UK

Nottingham-wide alcohol ban zone backed by council

Plans have been approved for a city-wide ban on street drinking across Nottingham | BBC, UK

'Mini-Magaluf' fear of resident who wants alcohol ban after midnight

A resident in Clapham has said he supports a proposed ban on selling alcohol after midnight because the area is becoming a "mini-Magaluf" | BBC, UK

Will the new resettlement prisons work?

One of the least controversial aspects of Transforming Rehabilitation, the Ministry of Justice’s project to reform the probation service, is the establishment of resettlement prisons | Russell Webster.com, UK

Five rugby union players test positive for recreational drugs

Players to remain anonymous under RFU's 'first-strike' policy. 345 tests conducted under Illicit Drugs Programme | Guardian, UK

Herbie Hide admits conspiracy to supply cocaine

Former world champion boxer Herbie Hide has admitted a drugs charge after he was secretly filmed by a newspaper apparently arranging a drug deal | BBC, UK

Prince George's royal christening photographer on the joys of cocaine

Jason Bell, who is rumoured to be the official photographer for Prince George's christening, has spoken about the joys of cocaine | Telegraph, UK

Uruguay sets price of legalised cannabis at $1 a gram

President José Mujica presses on with plan to create government-run legal marijuana industry to combat criminals | Guardian, UK

Illinois high school starts randomly testing students WEEKLY for drugs AND alcohol

An Illinois high school has started random testing of drugs and alcohol in its students in a bid to stop students from taking the substances. The private St Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Chicago, will start testing its students this week by taking hair samples | Mail Online, UK

Spike in crime linked to heroin use

A significant rise in muggings and thefts in Cork’s city centre is being blamed on an increase in the number of heroin addicts who need to get money quickly for their next fix | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Teens using muscle building supplements risking health

Teenage rugby players using supplements to bulk up are putting their health at risk, the IRFU has warned | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Column: Facing the fear – over half our population drinks in a high-risk way

Last month World Suicide Prevention Day was marked, and last week World Mental Health Day took place – it was good to see the important issues raised on these days being debated and heard | Journal, Ireland

Minimum price for alcohol to be introduced

Cabinet decides to proceed with range of measures but proposed sports sponsorship ban kicked to touch | Irish Times, Ireland

Exclusive: Should MDMA be Legalized for Medicinal Purposes?

When someone mentions psychedelic drugs or MDMA, the immediate response is to think about ecstatic smiling teenagers waving glow sticks at a nightclub, dancing vigorously at an after-hours club to some hard-hitting, bass-laden electronic music | Shalom Life, Israel

Poll: Clear majority support legalizing marijuana for the first time

More Americans think that marijuana should be legalized than those who want it kept illegal, according to a new poll | CNN, USA

Marijuana Breath Test Could Offer Alternative To Controversial Blood Test For Pot DUIs

Can a person be too stoned to drive? That's a question that many states -- including Colorado and Washington, both of which now have recreational marijuana laws on the books -- have tried to address in recent legislation | Huffington Post, USA

Is Consumer Response to Plain/Standardised Tobacco Packaging Consistent with Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Guidelines? A Systematic Review of Quantitative Studies

The primary objective of this systematic review was to locate, assess and synthesise published and grey literature relating to the potential impacts of standardised tobacco packaging as proposed by the guidelines for the international Framework Convention on Tobacco Control | PLOSone, USA

In France, an E-Cigarette Bubble?

Ask any one of the some 400 entrepreneurs in France who in the last year or so have thrown themselves into the e-cigarette business, opening boutiques with names like Smok’It, Ciga’Lib, Ci-Klop and AlterCig | NY Times, USA

A New Agenda for International Drug Policy

More than a million people have been murdered in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last ten years, many and possibly most of them in fights over drugs, drug turf or drug trafficking routes | opencanada.org, Canada

Farewell from a blockbuster benzo

Xanax, one of Australia's best-known brand-name drugs, is to be withdrawn after 22 years on the market, Pfizer has announced | Australian Doctor, Australia

Cannabis and Sleep – A Literature Review (PDF)

Poster literature review on cannabis and sleep | NDARC, UNSW, Australia

Comparison of adolescent alcohol use at baseline and first follow-up: Results from the Drinking and Teens Project (PDF)

Poster summarising the project | NDARC, UNSW, Australia

Alcohol destroys one in four diets

A survey of 1000 slimmers has found that over the course of a week's boozing, 26 per cent of slimmers typically consume a quarter of their weekly calorie intake in alcohol alone | news.com.au, Australia

Where there is smoke ...

The biennial Smokefree Oceania conference is in Auckland this week. Health reporter Martin Johnston looks at research and policy highlights from the meeting, attended by more than 400 international delegates | NZ Herald, New Zealand