DS Daily - 9th September 2013

Drug Driving (Assessment of Drug Misuse) Bill 2013-14

A Bill to provide for the assessment of drug dependency or propensity for drug misuse of persons who, in the course of investigations for certain driving offences, have provided blood or urine samples that reveal the presence of certain drugs; and for connected purposes | Parliament.uk, UK

New website: Nicotine science and policy

Knowledge Action Change announces the launch of a new website devoted to news, research, comment and policy analysis on nicotine containing products, in particular nicotine delivery devices such as electronic cigarettes and other novel nicotine delivery systems, smokeless tobacco, and other non-combustible tobacco products | Nicotine Science & Policy, UK

Caffeine and energy drinks

This briefing paper sets out what schools need to know about caffeine use by children and young people. It includes case studies of two schools (primary and secondary) who found that caffeine use was a problem for their pupils and how they addressed this | Mentor-ADEPIS, UK

Tobacco plain packaging

The Scottish Government is pressing ahead with plans to introduce tobacco plain packaging, with a consultation on next steps planned early next year | Scottish Government, UK

The legal and public health response to novel psychoactive drugs

The papers in this virtual issue highlight the need for a very different regulatory regime to address the challenge presented by a plethora of new psychoactive substances appearing on the market. Read the relating Editorial. All articles in the virtual issue are available FREE to download until 30th September 2013 | Addiction, UK

Patient-centred leadership - rediscovering our purpose

This report, Patient-Centred Leadership: Rediscovering our purpose, summarises the main findings of the Francis Inquiry in relation to leadership and culture in health services. Published by The Kings Fund it sets out what needs to be done to avoid similar failures in future. It has just been added to the Skills Consortium Skills Hub | King's Fund, UK

E-cigarettes: do they really work?

One and a half million Britons are smoking electronic cigarettes, but do they help beat addiction or just corrupt by stealth? | Guardian, UK

E-cigarettes 'as effective' as nicotine patches

Electronic cigarettes appear to be at least as effective as nicotine patches in helping people to give up smoking, research suggests | BBC, UK

Tobacco giant Philip Morris 'spent millions in bid to delay EU legislation'

Leaked documents show scale of Philip Morris efforts against anti-smoking directive | Guardian, UK

How cigarette packet warnings affect children - Behind the headlines

"Graphic images don’t deter young smokers," says BBC News reporting that picture warnings depicting the dangers of smoking have little impact on underage smokers | NHS Choices, UK

Family Voices 2013 now open!

Adfam has launched Family Voices 2013, our annual writing competition for families affected by drug or alcohol use | Adfam, UK

A nation of prescription drug addicts: More Britons die from abusing painkillers and tranquillisers than heroin and cocaine

Addiction to prescription drugs is so rife that more Britons die from taking painkillers and tranquillisers than heroin and cocaine. There were 807 fatal overdoses involving prescription drugs last year, a rise of 16 per cent in five years, official figures show | Mail Online, UK

Up all night on the drug that never sleeps

There’s a drug I’ve been wanting to try for ages. It’s called modafinil and it’s marketed as a “cognitive enhancer”. It helps you concentrate for awesomely long periods, say the millions of students who use it | Telegraph, UK

Lung diseases cause one in 10 deaths across Europe

Lung conditions are the cause of one in 10 of all deaths in Europe and smoking is a major factor, says a report from the European Respiratory Society | BBC, UK

Welcome to the Steroids and Image Enhancing Drugs (SIEDs) Survey - 2013

You are invited to contribute to this Public Health survey which has been designed to gain better insight into the nature and use of steroids and image / performance enhancing drug | Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Time to lift alcohol ban at football matches – SFA

Scottish  football chiefs want ministers to look at ending a controversial ban on alcohol sales in stadiums on match days | Scotsman, UK

What I'm really thinking: the barman

'It's tedious being sober in a room full of drunks, but entertaining to hear the formerly prim customer trying not to slur her words'| Guardian, UK

Red wine - what's behind its healthy reputation?

In recent years, red wine has received some pretty good press. When we think of a healthy form of alcohol, red wine tends to be the top choice | BBC, UK

Campaigners to hold Reading cannabis protest picnic

Hundreds of campaigners plan to risk prosecution by smoking cannabis in an open space in Reading in a bid to get drug laws changed | BBC, UK

Dane launches street magazine to help drug users fund their habit

Social entrepreneur Michael Lodberg Olsen challenges authorities in Denmark with project to give users 'dignity' | Guardian, UK

Ex-drug addict hands over apology note and $400 in cash to grocery store he robbed at gunpoint 12 years ago

A family who run a grocery store in Nashville were astounded and moved by the actions of a former drug addict and thief who robbed them about 12 years ago | Mail Online, UK

The wealthy 'make mistakes', the poor go to jail

 left my Wall Street trader job and began photographing drug addicts in NYC. These two worlds have entirely different rules | Guardian, UK

Mexican judge frees teens jailed after cocaine found in van bought at US government auction

A federal judge has freed two teenagers who were jailed for nearly 10 months, despite evidence showing that the cocaine that police found in their van may have been hidden in the vehicle before it was bought at a U.S. government auction | Telegraph, UK

When drug mules land in Ireland

As Michaela McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid wait in jail for their trial in Peru, what becomes of foreigners who are caught trying to smuggle narcotics into Ireland? | Irish Times, Ireland

Drug use outside Dublin continues to grow, says report

The annual report by Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) shows that there is a growth in drug use outside Dublin, with their team in the Midlands working with an average of 130 clients per month | Journal, Ireland

Harm reduction in Afghanistan - video

An interview with Jamshid Azimy from Médecins du Monde about harm reduction programs in Afghanistan | FilmBySBF, France

Rise Is Seen in Students Who Use E-Cigarettes

The share of middle and high school students who use e-cigarettes doubled in 2012 from the previous year, federal data show. The rise is prompting concerns among health officials that the new devices could be creating as many health problems as they are solving | NY Times, USA

John McCain On Marijuana: 'Maybe We Should Legalize'

McCain isn't the first one in his family to show signs of support for marijuana legalization. His daughter Meghan McCain came out in favor of pot legalization -- and admitted she'd smoked a joint -- in June 2012 | Huffington Post, USA

Critique 122: Does moderate wine consumption lower the risk of developing depression?

Moderate consumption of wine may reduce the incidence of depression, while heavy drinkers seem to be at higher risk | Boston University School of Medicine, USA

Critique 123: Alcohol consumption and lymphoid and myeloid neoplasms

Our study did not show an inverse association between alcohol consumption and lymphoid neoplasms. Also, no inverse association was observed with myeloid neoplasms. If any association between alcohol consumption and lymphoid neoplasms exists, our study suggests an increased risk rather than a decreased risk | Boston University School of Medicine, USA

Pre-access drug and alcohol testing rejected in Ontario

Arbitrator follows Supreme Court of Canada’s lead in determining employer must have proof of existing problem to justify testing | Canadian Employment Law Today, Canada

A pause for a cause - FASD Awareness Day - 9th September

International FASD Awareness Day is marked in the 9th minute of the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month of each year, representing the 9 months of pregnancy | DrinkTank, Australia

Pregnant women warned to adopt zero tolerance approach to alcohol intake

To drink or not to drink during pregnancy: the age-old debate is ramping up with the State Government ordering expectant mums not to touch a drop of alcohol | Daily Telegraph, Australia

Grow your own pot: Mexico City may legalise cultivation

The Mexico City council may legalise cultivation of cannabis plants and the creation of private marijuana smoking ''clubs'' as part of controversial legislation to liberalise consumption | Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Heroin scourge shifts to the west

A sharp rise in heroin use across Melbourne's west is outstripping drug safety programs at a faster rate than in the inner city, public health advocates warn | Age, Australia

Sport addicted to addictions

It took Australian cricket 25 years to kick the smoking habit, and even then, it had to have its arm twisted by the federal government of the day | Age, Australia

Victoria's booze culture proving a major headache

The state's binge on liquor licences comes at a huge cost | Age, Australia

Study links high lead levels to anxiety, alcohol problems

Childhood lead exposure in the South Australian city of Port Pirie has been linked to psychological illness and substance abuse problems in adulthood | Australian, Australia