DS Daily - 10th September 2013

What’s going on?

What is happening to the commissioning landscape and how will it affect us, asks Marcus Roberts of DrugScope | DDN, UK

DrugScope Frequently Asked Questions Refreshed and Updated

DrugScope’s FAQs contain detailed answers to over 30 of the most popular questions about drugs and drug issues. The answers include important facts, and detailed, independent discussion of the topics. The FAQs have now been fully reviewed and updated with the latest trends, evidence and statistics | DrugScope, UK

Up to 7 days’ life gained for every 28 you remain smokefree

Stoptober – England and Wales’ mass 28-day stop smoking challenge – is back following its huge success last year, which saw 160,000 people successfully complete the challenge. The campaign is launched by Public Health England (PHE) as new research shows the extra years of life that can be gained by giving up smoking and staying smokefree | PHE, UK

Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards Review - [please help]

The draft revised National Occupational Standards for the adult substance misuse workforce are now available for comment. This is your opportunity to have your say – your feedback will help to inform the final standards. The consultation runs from 1st August until 30th September 2013 | Skills for Health, UK

Skip one drink

Addaction has launched its Skip One Drink campaign. Find out more here | Addaction, UK

Skills and Employment - new theme launched for the shattered lives campaign

This theme explores the issues surrounding employment and skills for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is being led by Expert Group member Baroness Stedman-Scott, Chief Executive of Tomorrow’s People | St Mungo's, UK

Effect of the first federally funded US antismoking national media campaign

Every year, smoking kills more than 5 million people globally, including 440 000 people in the USA, where the long-term decline in smoking prevalence has slowed | Lancet, UK

E-cigarettes help you quit as well as nicotine patches

Smokers keen to quit are just as likely to be successful if they use electronic cigarettes as they are with nicotine patches, the "gold standard" quitting aid. The findings come ahead of a critical debate in the European Parliament on 8 October to decide whether e-cigarettes should be regulated as medicinal products, which would drastically reduce their availability | New Scientist, UK

Risk for Fetal Alcohol Damage Higher for Kids in Care Systems

Children living in orphanges, foster care, and similar settings had higher rates of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) compared with those in the general population, according to a meta-analysis | Medpage Today, UK

Is counselling dispensable in methadone programmes?

Guidelines mandate it, but does counselling really help new methadone patients? In this US study, up to a year after starting treatment patients offered virtually no counselling for the first four months were doing as well as those offered regular counselling. But intensive and high quality counselling may have enabled more to safely leave treatment | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Banning Khat is one of the most dangerous decisions made during the 'war on drugs'

Khat has been part of Somali, Yemeni and Ethiopian culture for hundreds of years. In banning the substance, Theresa May runs a very real risk of creating violence and organised crime | New Statesman, UK

Reconviction Rates in Scotland: 2010 -11 Offender Cohort

Scotland's Chief Statistician today published Reconviction rates in Scotland: 2010-11 offender cohort. This provides detailed analyses of one year reconviction frequency rates and one year reconviction rates, including offender characteristics, disposal and crime type, and geographical area | Scottish Government, UK

Two-thirds of criminals given drug order reoffend within a year

Two-thirds of criminals handed a drug treatment and testing order (DTTO) in Scotland’s courts reoffend within a year, figures published today have revealed | Scottish Conservatives, UK

Drug user apologises for 'playing football': 'Now I know the risks, I'll stick to laughing gas', says Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker, the Tottenham Hotspur and England right-back, has apologised for being photographed apparently taking nitrous oxide, or laughing gas – the only drug which you take by repeatedly sucking on a balloon | Telegraph, UK

London Youth Involvement Project final report

A report on the activities and outcomes of this project which ran from 2010 – 2013, funded by the City Bridge Trust and the Peter Cruddas Foundation,  with a group of youth advisors to inform the work of policy makers, practitioners and others working within drug prevention in London | Mentor, UK

Binge drink warning to Bradford mums-to-be

The nine per cent of pregnant women in Bradford who binge drink have been warned their actions could lead to permanent health problems in their children | Telegraph & Argus, UK

Prisoner died after taking heroin in his cell at Dovegate...

A prisoner sent to a new wing for offenders with drug problems died in his cell from a heroin overdose just days before he was due to be released | This is Staffordshire, UK

Police open unit to combat drugs at Erlestoke Prison

A police base is being opened at a Wiltshire prison in a bid to reduce the amount of drugs being brought in and distributed | BBC, UK

Jamaica's ganja tours draw the tourists

Cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy trips to hidden plantations and sample strains of the drug that inspired Bob Marley | Guardian, UK

Now that America is changing its mind on cannabis its time for India to do the same 

Smoking cannabis is getting more acceptable around the world. In 2003 Canada became the first country to allow medical marijuana; 19 US states allow medical use. Chile, Guatemala, Columbia and Ecuador have decriminalised personal use. Uruguay has legalised it | MailOnline, UK

Not suitable for children: The Breaking Bad inspired toy drugs den

Company produces new Breaking Bad inspired toy | Independent, UK

Warning as cases of painkiller poisoning on rise

The number of people seeking help for suspected poisoning from common painkillers stored in home medicine cabinets is escalating. The National Poisons Centre had to field 1,622 calls about possible poisoning by paracetamol last year – up from 1,082 in 2007 | Irish Independent, Ireland

E-Cigarette Marketers Have an Eye on Teens

I was standing outside our neighborhood ice cream shop one recent evening when I noticed a plume of smoke rise above a gaggle of teenagers waiting in line ahead of me | NY Times, USA

Marijuana use on the rise among young adults, fiftysomethings

The growing popularity of marijuana has propelled a rise in drug use among Americans, including those in their 50s and 60s, a recently released national survey shows | LA Times, USA

Addressing Canada’s appetite for risky alcohol consumption

Canadians love their alcohol. According to the Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey (CADUMS) 2012, 78.4 percent of Canadians have consumed alcohol in the past 12 months, compared to 24.1 percent who have used a pharmaceutical drug, 10.2 percent who have consumed cannabis, 1.1 percent who have consumed cocaine or crack and 0.6 percent who have consumed ecstasy | Media Planet, Canada

Disadvantaged smokers lead record charge to quit

Smokers are trying to ditch the habit in record numbers | Herald Sun, Australia



And finally...

Drunk and boarish: swigging pig hogs 18 beers at campsite

Campers told to lock up food and drink after feral pig goes on bender in Western Australia and ends up in altercation with cow | Guardian, UK