DS Daily - 6th September 2013

'A Bitter Pill' survey and campaign to reduce drug related deaths

The aim of this survey is to find out the habits, thoughts and knowledge of people across the UK in relation to recreational drugs. Includes interview with DrugScope CEO | Key 103, UK

ACMD advises the government on the control of prescription drugs

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has recommended the control of three prescription medicines | ACMD, UK

Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) 2006 (TUPE) Regulations - Government Response to Consultation

In this Government Response we set out a reforming package of amendments to the TUPE Regulations | Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK
See the DrugScope submission to this consulation here

The drugs bubble no one can burst

A report this week declared Britain 'the addicted man of Europe’. But the lethal new stimulants flooding our streets are not only easy to buy – they are legal | Telegraph, UK

Transforming Legal Aid: Next Steps

The Ministry of Justice has published a response to the Transforming Legal Aid consultation launched in April, including a further consultation on a revised model of procurement for criminal legal aid and options for reform of advocacy fees | Ministry of Justice, UK

Justice secretary scraps plan to award legal aid contracts to lowest bidder

Chris Grayling unveils new consultation after proposal for price-competitive tendering sparked protests from lawyers | Guardian, UK

Adfam are proud to present: The Gary Seaman Award 2013 for outstanding practitioner work supporting families affected by substance use

Gary Seaman provided many years of dedicated work to support carers and those impacted by the effects of substance misuse in the London Borough of Lewisham and beyond | Adfam, UK

Influencing Adfam Local Structures and Networks Training

This free training course for family support workers will provide an opportunity for practitioners to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to influence local structures and networks. Please note that this training is only available for managers and practitioners who work primarily to support families affected by drug and alcohol use | Adfam, UK

Police and crime commissioner: why my job should be scrapped

West Midlands commissioner Bob Jones says 'the easy way to be a PCC is to not make any unpopular decisions'| Guardian, UK

Marijuana activist who spent years arguing it was safer than alcohol is killed in head on collision with 'drunk-driver traveling wrong way down interstate'

A prominent medical marijuana activist who insisted that the drug was safer than alcohol has been killed by a suspected drunk driver | Daily Mail, UK

Canada's Ontario police make huge meth bust

Methamphetamine with a street value of C$40m (£24m) was seized at three drug labs in late July. One lab was guarded by a bear trap hidden by leaves | BBC, UK

'Floor paint' legal high can cause delirium and aggression

Police have issued a warning about a new type of legal high which can cause fits and outbursts of aggression | Lincolnshire Echo, UK

Merchant’s Quay report says homelessness and drugs use on the increase

Merchant’s Quay Ireland’s report says its needle-exchange service in Dublin recorded 20,847 client visits in 2012, up almost 2,000 on 2011 | Irish Times, Ireland

Daily Mail 'exposé' on online drugs is nothing but herbs

A newspaper which claimed to have purchased cannabis from a Dublin drug dealer following an online order in fact only bought kitchen herbs | Herald Reporter, Ireland

Follow The Bitcoins: How We Got Busted Buying Drugs On Silk Road's Black Market

The crypto-currency Bitcoin has become the preferred payment method for much of the online underground, hailed by none other than the administrator of the booming Silk Road black market as the key to making his illicit business possible | Forbes, USA

Welfare Drug Test Veto Overridden By North Carolina GOP, Gov Fights Back

The North Carolina GOP is having a big fight over making poor people pee in cups | Huffington Post, USA

Marijuana, Sex and Amsterdam

For the past twenty years, I have researched the economics of drug legalization versus drug prohibition | Huffington Post, USA

Call to change the definition of drunk

The term "drunk" should be redefined and "vindictive" police should be stripped of powers to fine pubs and clubs under law changes proposed by NSW's powerful hotel lobby | The Age, Australia