Daily news - 15th August 2017

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UK news

Drug-related deaths in Scotland, 2016

Statics Announcement. Numbers of drug-deaths in Scotland by (e.g.) age, sex, Health Board and council areas, and whether particular drugs were in the body. Statisics should be available here around 9.30am | Gov.uk, UK

Armed forces deploy brief interventions: will it work?

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) have released figures on an initiative to deliver alcohol brief interventions across the armed forces via dental check ups, identifying 61% of military personnel drinking at a risky or harmful levels | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Smokers to face steep fines if caught lighting up within 15m of Scots NHS hospitals – here are both sides of the argument

Current regulations banning cigs inside premises will be extended to include the strip around buildings and make smoking a crime — not just a breach of NHS rules | Scottish Sun, UK

Ryanair calls for airport alcohol ban before 10am and a two drink limit

A two-drink limit before a flight: that is the demand from Ryanair. Europe’s biggest budget airline has called on UK airports to cap alcohol sales to passengers, and to ban alcohol sales before 10am | Independent, UK

Panorama - plane drunk - BBC iPlayer

Panorama investigates the growing numbers of British passengers flying drunk | BBC, UK

Do you think alcohol should be banned in airports and on planes? - BBC radio

Whose responsibility is it to ensure passengers don't get drunk in airports | BBC radio Wales, UK

Anatomy of a joint: On the way to define a standard cannabis unit

A study conducted by three UCL researchers aimed to compare self-reported and actual doses of cannabis and tobacco in a joint, and how these are influenced by controlled acute administration | Volte Face, UK

Police say blue Tesla 'ecstasy' pills could contain meth and cocaine

They're apparently circulating in Northumbria | MixMag, UK

All the Dodgy Stuff Found in the Drugs at Boomtown This Year

Fiona Measham from drugs testing and welfare organisation The Loop told us what turned up in people's drugs | VICE, UK

Derby mobile police station to cope with Black Mamba and Spice

A mobile police station has been set up in Derby to try and crack down on the use of illegal psychoactive drugs, such as Black Mamba and Spice | BBC, UK

“Things are happening and there are people doing incredible work” – assurance efforts underway to tackle issues with ‘legal highs’ in Wrexham

A lengthy statement explaining the issues the town faces with so called ‘legal highs’ has been posted online by Wrexham Council – with the message that while work is being done to tackle the problem, it is “bigger than any single organisation’ | Wrexham.com, UK

Celebrating Recovery

When it comes to valuing and celebrating recovery and wellbeing from drug and alcohol addiction, Doncaster has placed itself firmly on the map | ASPIRE, UK

Chandos house - BBC video

Bristol's Chandos House rehab centre for men discusses the problem of funding sector cuts and how it has tuned to the private sector for help | BBC Points West, UK

Church buys pub to spread the Word of God via craft ale

A Norwich church is thought to have become the first in England to own a pub after the vicar decided it was the best way to spread the Word | Telegraph, UK

Eddie Girvan: 'High on drugs' killer 'to serve three years in jail'

A woman who killed a pensioner while "high on crystal meth and heroin" has been given a six-year sentence | BBC, UK

Dover drug smuggler hid heroin in charcoal boxes

A man who tried to smuggle £11m worth of heroin into the UK by hiding it in boxes of charcoal has been jailed | BBC, UK


International news

Laughing gas sales balloon on Dutch party scene

Wholesalers in the Netherlands say that in the past two years there has been a 400% rise in sales of nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas | BBC, UK

Glass of wine or beer a day reduces risk of an early death, says new study

A glass of wine or pint of beer a day can help people to live longer, according to new research. The study suggests that light-to-moderate alcohol consumption - classed as less than 14 drinks a week for men, and seven for women - may have "protective" health effects and can reduce the risk of dying young | Telegraph, UK

India's Alcohol Ban: The Impact on Business - BBC radio

Since April there has been a ban on the sale of alcohol within 500 metres of India’s state and national highways. In a special programme, the BBC's Rahul Tandon explore's India's tricky relationship with alcohol and speaks to those both for and against the ban | BBC, UK

Colombia: Searching for an alternative to coca

In the remote region of Putumayo in southern Colombia, the economy depends almost entirely on one thing: coca, the raw ingredient for cocaine | BBC, UK

Who is Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman and when does the Mexican drug lord go on trial?

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is the head of one of Mexico's most violent drugs gangs, the Sinaloa Cartel, and for decades oversaw the trafficking of billions of dollars in narcotics into America and around the world | Telegraph, UK

Free shots and Jägerbombs: Parents told to warn Leaving Cert students of 'pervasive' drinks promos

A HSE expert says drinks promotions can encourage students to drink a lot in a short space of time and lead them into dangerous situations | Journal, Ireland

Increases in alcohol use, especially among women, other groups

Alcohol use, high-risk drinking and alcohol use disorders has increased in the US population and across almost all sociodemographic groups, especially women, older adults, racial/ethnic minorities and individuals with lower educational levels and family income, according to a new study | Science Daily, USA

Brain study connects cannabis, oxygen changes

New research from the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas reveals that levels of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that leaves a euphoric feeling, directly correlate to changes in how the brain utilizes oxygen | Medical Xpress, USA

Clinical appearance and unusual imaging findings of pediatric ketamine overdose

Perhaps the saddest drug abuse stories are about unsuspecting children who inadvertently ingest dangerous substances in the home | Medical Xpress, USA

E-cigarettes: How safe are they for cardiovascular health?

More and more people turn to e-cigarettes thinking that they are a safe alternative to conventional tobacco-based cigarettes. But are they really? A new study investigates | MNT, USA

One in twelve doctors accepts payment from pharmaceutical companies related to opioids

One in twelve physicians -- and nearly one in five family medicine physicians -- accepted payments from pharmaceutical companies related to opioids, according to a new study | Science Daily, USA

What Trump's National Opioid Emergency Should Look Like

The president should strip away the red tape preventing people from getting methadone or buprenorphine, which are proven to reduce opioid overdose | VICE, USA

Evidence on cannabis for chronic pain and PTSD

Little quality evidence to make firm conclusions about the effectiveness of cannabis and cannabinoid products for treating chronic pain or PTSD | EurekAlert, USA

God, opium, and alcohol: How British civil servants coped in colonial India

When India gained independence from Britain on August 15, 1947, the majority of Anglo-Indians had either left or would leave soon after. Many within the Indian Civil Service would write of the trauma that they experienced from witnessing the violence of the years leading up to the end of British rule and the bloodbath that would follow as the lines of partition were revealed | Quartz, USA

Substance abuse needs mature approach

The AMA has called on the Federal Government to treat substance abuse and other behavioural addiction problems within the community as a high-level priority to address | AMA, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

DrugWise book reviews

Harry Shapiro reviews: Taking Care of Business: police detectives, drug law enforcement and proactive investigation, Matthew Bacon, Oxford: OUP, 2016 and Good Cop, Bad War, Neil Woods, J.S. Rafaeli, London: Ebury Press, 2016 | DrugWise, UK

Does cannabis influence depression?

Major depressive disorder (MDD) ranks as one of the leading causes of disability in the world and yet only a minority of people receive treatment (Thornicroft 2017) | Mental Elf Blog, UK

Drunken airline passengers are being arrested in record numbers, but don't pretend that this isn't what airports want

Perhaps it is time to call time on those beautifully lit, neatly stocked, expansive rows of vodka and gin with a lovely looking promo boy or girl offering you a snifter | Independent voices, UK

How running saved me from boozy lunches and obesity

When the Observer columnist first went out for a run he hobbled home, only managing 200 metres. Four years later, running is a liberation ... | Observer, UK

Legal weed: An accidental solution to the opioid crisis?

It’s hard to go a day in Canada without hearing about at least one of two types of drugs – but for vastly different reasons. One class of drug — opioids — kills four people a day in British Columbia. The other — cannabis — will be legal for adult purchase and consumption by this time next year | Conversation, Canada