Daily news - 24th August 2017

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UK news

RIGHT TO KNOW: Are alcohol labels giving consumers the information they need? (PDF)

Our research shows it is time that we move away from industry self-regulation of alcohol product labelling. Instead, we need mandatory labelling of all products to ensure they convey the information the public are entitled to | Alcohol Health Alliance, UK

Health warnings on alcohol labels in UK are insufficient, says charity

Alcohol Health Alliance says only one of 315 labels it examined had up-to-date guidance and none had illness warning | Guardian, UK

Huge funding boost for new drugs research network in Scotland

Research into the impact of the use of drugs on people and society in Scotland is set to benefit from a ground-breaking collaboration between 11 universities and experts from at least six regional NHS Boards | SDF, UK

One night ecstasy - BBC iPlayer

July 2015. Excitement builds amongst a group of friends from a small town in Cumbria as they head to the defining festival of the summer. Out of sight of their parents they’re planning a weekend to remember | BBC, UK

Police carry out in pre-Notting Hill carnival raids

Police have arrested more than 30 people in a series of dawn raids ahead of Notting Hill Carnival | Telegraph, UK

The UK Recovery Walk Blackpool 2017 Brochure

Please download this years Brochure for all the info you will need for The 9th UK Recovery Walk on 9th September in Blackpool | FAVOR UK, UK

Faces and Voices of Recovery UK Annual Conference 2017

This year's conference will features recovery stories and sessions by academics explaining why narrative and ethnographic research approaches are essential for treatment services, commissioners and policy makers to better understand what support individuals suffering with addiction need for long term recovery. £10 entrance fee | FAVOR UK, UK

Couples 6 week challenge

We’re looking for couples who drink alcohol to take part in a paid 6 week filmed experiment | DrinkAware, UK

Free online training events

Selecton of free webinars on drug testing procedures and the law | Lextox, UK

Addiewell prison officers treated after Spice drug exposure

Two prison officers have been treated in hospital after inhaling second-hand smoke from the Spice drug in a West Lothian prison | BBC, UK

Police officers convicted of abusing positions in 'brazen' plot to steal and deal drugs

Two constables were part of gang plotting to use marked police car to steal drugs | Independent, UK

Drugs runner jailed for rival dealer attack

A drug user recruited by a violent gang has been jailed for helping set up an attack on a rival dealer | BBC, UK

Man caught with 10kg of cannabis at Edinburgh Airport is jailed

A Malaysian man has been jailed for attempting to smuggle about 10kg of cannabis through Edinburgh Airport | BBC, UK


International news

Doing meth raises the risk of strokes in young people

People who use methamphetamine are almost five times more likely to have a stroke caused by a bleed in the brain, many of which are fatal. “We can add stroke to the list of terrible and devastating things that methamphetamine does,” says Damian Zuloaga, of the University at Albany, New York | New Scientist, UK

Magic mushroom chemical may be a hallucinogenic insect repellent

The hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms are well documented. But nobody knows what psilocybin, the chemical responsible, does for the mushrooms themselves | New Scientist, UK

Coalition warned drug dealing will rise if testing of welfare recipients goes ahead

Ted Noffs Foundation CEO says Turnbull government plan ignores evidence and would increase crime | Guardian, UK

UNICEF statement on the impact of the drug war on children’s rights in the Philippines

UNICEF Philippines is deeply concerned about the impact of the war on drugs on Filipino children | UNICEF, USA

Quitline is good value for money, says new study

A new study from the University of Otago, Wellington has found New Zealand's Quitline service is a highly cost-effective way to improve health and even saves the health system money | Medical Xpress, USA

Reducing nicotine content in cigarettes may help decrease addiction, research suggests

The FDA is right - when it comes to disease culprits, cigarette smoking tops the list. While recognized as the number-one cause of preventable disease and death, it's an incredibly tough habit to break due to the addictiveness of nicotine | News Medical, USA

I was pregnant while addicted to heroin. Methadone saved my baby’s life

The stigma and shame of addiction dominated my pregnancy | Vox, USA

Partnership aims to reduce alcohol harms on Canadian campuses

While binge drinking isn’t a new issue for universities and colleges, a more collaborative effort has emerged | University Affairs, Canada

Metamphetamine use linked to heightened stroke risk in young

The stimulant methamphetamine is linked to a heightened risk of stroke among young people, a review by researchers at UNSW’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has found | UNSW, Australia

Settlement Guide: The dangers of prescription medication

When you think about an overdose, you probably have a mental image of somebody doing illegal drugs, like heroin. But it’s actually prescription drugs that are responsible for most of the overdoses in the country | SBS, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Club Soda hosts the first-ever Mindful Drinking Festival

Inaugural event held as part of a movement to get people to be comfortable with not drinking alcohol | IAS Blog, UK

Baby boomers: what's your experience of alcohol and drug misuse?

By 2020, the number of over-50s receiving treatment for substance misuse is expected to skyrocket. We’d like you to share your experiences and thoughts | Guardian, UK

When will we baby boomers accept that we have a problem with booze?

We are blamed for most of the world’s misfortunes and now we’re paying for a misspent youth. In our defence, we were ignorant of the dangers of drink | Guardian opinion, UK

A call to action on Overdose Awareness Day - August 31st

In recognition of the upcoming Overdose Awareness Day celebrated annually on Aug. 31, the City of Greenwood Village joins the chorus urging the search for innovative options to save lives, increase prevention efforts and remember those we have lost to accidental overdoses | South Metro Villager, USA

Could Vancouver benefit from drug decriminalization?

A recent report on Illicit Drug Overdose Deaths by the BC Coroners Service revealed that Vancouver Coastal Health Authority had the highest rate of illicit drug overdose deaths (42.2 deaths per 100,000 individuals) between January and June of this year | Daily Hive, Canada

If Heroin Assisted Treatment Works, Why Isn't Australia Providing It To Those In Need?

We have a solution that will help severely dependent people and it should no longer be ignored | Huffington Post Blog, Australia

Is NZ's sensible drug policy Dunne for good?

Sensible and drugs. Two words that used to be unlikely bedfellows. Yet with United Future leader Peter Dunne, that is exactly what you got | Stuff opinion, New Zealand



And finally...

Woman caught trying to smuggle vodka into racecourse inside sandwich

Southwell Racecourse have shamed a guest for attempting to sneak a bottle of Vodka past security in a sandwich | Independent, UK