Daily news - 5th July 2017

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UK news

Methiopropamine response: letter from Sarah Newton to the ACMD

Sarah Newton reponds to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) about its further advice on Methiopropamine (MPA) | Home Office and Sarah Newton MP, UK

How Glasgow's shooting gallery 'heroin rooms' could look

Plans are progressing to open the UK's first Safer Drug Consumption Facility (SDCF) in the city centre which will allow addicts to inject street bought opiates under medical supervision | Evening Times, UK

Valium: Prescriptions

To ask the Secretary of State for Health, how many prescriptions for valium have been issued in each year since 2010 | They work for you, UK

Letter from North East Directors of Public Health - smokefree law 10 years on

Ten years ago this week (July 1) one of the most important and popular pieces of public health legislation in a generation was introduced - the smoke-free law | Fresh NE, UK

Village pharmacist in Fife to sell booze after councillors give alcohol licence bid the green light

Peter Tinkler gets go-ahead to sell drink from his Pittenweem Pharmacy - which serves a village of under 2,000 and already stocks cigarettes | Sun, UK

5 WAYS celebrates new name with Open Mic Night

On the 30th of June, The Recovery Academy, run by Forward Leeds, was renamed the 5 WAYS @ the Recovery Academy | Forward Leeds, UK

Mindful Drinking Guide: The Results

Last year, Blenheim collaborated with Club Soda on a new project to encourage more mindful drinking. The goal of the project is to help people cut back on their drinking by giving them opportunities to choose healthier options where they would normally drink alcohol. This is accomplished by changing the behaviour of licensed venues, encouraging them to provide better low and no alcohol options | Blenheim, UK

Families Living with Addiction and Recovery

Survey.We are excited to conduct the first nationwide survey designed to document the lives of family members of people in addiction and recovery from alcohol and other drugs. While much is known about the many costs of addiction and problematic drug use, we know very little about what happens to family members of those using or in recovery. The purpose of this study is to gather information about the experiences of family members | Alcohol Research UK, Sheffield Hallam University, Adfam, Helena Centre for International Justice, UK

‘Untouchable’ drugs gang jailed for 30 years

Four members of a drugs gang have been jailed after police seized almost £30,000 worth of drugs and several thousands in cash | ITV, UK

Eli Cox death: Baby 'exposed to cocaine'

A five-month-old baby who died from a "catastrophic" injury had 28 fractures and had been exposed to amphetamine and cocaine, a court has heard | BBC, UK


International news

WHO: Joint United Nations statement on ending discrimination in health care settings

Joint United Nations statement on ending discrimination in health care settings provided herein | IDPC, UK

Poppies, Pomegranates, and Prohibition: the Limitations of Alternative Development

With the purchase of a pomegranate snack bar at the local grocery store, a fruit tree is planted in Afghanistan and a little less illegal opium exists in the world - or so the story goes | Talking Drugs, UK

Tokyo 2020: Governor pushes for smoking ban in Japanese capital ahead of Olympic Games

Yuriko Koike concerned over city's poor air quality but faces opposition from country's powerful tobacco lobby | Independent, UK

Stimulating and supporting a black and minority ethnic voice on drugs issues (PDF)

CityWide commissioned this paper to explore possible structures and processes through which to engage with, hear the voice of, and empower Black and minority ethnic communities in relation to issues of drug use | CityWide, Ireland

Northern Ireland retailers 'the worst in UK' at asking for proof of age when selling alcohol

Retailers in Northern Ireland sold alcohol to more than one in four teenage mystery shoppers last year without asking for proof of age - the worst in the UK | Belfast Telegraph, Ireland

Over 56,000 people in Ireland get help for alcohol abuse

More than 56,000 people across the country have been treated for problem alcohol use between 2009 and 2015 | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Alcohol and Digestive Cancers

UEG is committed to raising political and public awareness of digestive health conditions, informing policy makers and encouraging research | UEG, Austria

Blow for cannabis cafes as numbers continue to decline

The number of ‘coffeeshops’ in the Netherlands is continuing to fall but the closure rate has slowed, new official figures show | Dutch News, Netherlands

Fentanyl: a brief guide for first responders (PDF)

This document contains recommendations on potential best practices for first responders that may encounter, test and transport exhibits that could contain fentanyl‐related substances.   It also contains recommendations for handling and processing of crime scenes and non‐drug evidence, like money, that could be contaminated | DEA, USA

Hundreds of Thousands Finding Employment in Marijuana 

If you’re an American living in a legal weed state, more than likely you’d have a better chance of finding someone to recommend, grow and sell you an eighth of Granddaddy Purple Kush before you found the perfect dental hygienist to clean your teeth | Newsweek, USA

The Heroin Crisis in Trump’s Backyard

In Palm Beach County, where ‘sober homes’ trap addicts and scam insurance companies, the cure is as bad as the disease | Politico, USA

Is Alcohol Good for You? An Industry-Backed Study Seeks Answers

A $100 million study on the benefits of moderate drinking is largely funded by the alcohol industry, and many of the scientists have industry ties | NYTimes, USA

Narco-Drones: A New Way to Transport Drugs

In mid-November, Colombian Police seized 130 kilograms of cocaine and a drone used by narcotraffickers in the Bahía Solano sector of Chocó, allegedly used to send cocaine shipments to Panama | Small Wars Journal, USA

Some Marijuana-Derived Treatments Aim To Soothe Skittish Pets

Along with picnics and barbecues, the Fourth of July brings a less pleasant yearly ritual for many dog lovers: worrying about a family pooch who panics at the sound of firecrackers | npr, USA

Where do political parties stand on cannabis law reform?

Political parties don't always make it easy to work out where they stand on cannabis law | Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand

Healthy Drug Law Parliamentary Symposium, Parliament Buildings

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all this morning to the Healthy Drug Law Parliamentary Symposium, and to our sponsor, the New Zealand Drug Foundation | Beehive.govt.nz, New Zealand


Blog, comment and opinion

Investment in harm reduction for people who use drugs – new research reveals critical shortfalls in some European countries

Harm Reduction International (HRI) recently published a report on harm reduction investment in the European Union, providing a snapshot of investment in harm reduction services in 18 EU countries. It highlights alarming shortfalls in funding for vital harm reduction services in several countries | Nam Aidsmap Blog, UK

The smoking ban ripped the soul out of this country

It is 10 years since smoking in public places was banned in England. Ten years since officials decreed that we could no longer light up at work, in restaurants, in pubs and even at bus-stops | Spectator Blog, UK

Lord Rennard calls for a new Tobacco Control Plan

On Thursday 29 June 2017, in the run up to the tenth anniversary of smokefree legislation in England, Lord Rennard gave a speech in the House of Lords calling for the publication of a new Tobacco Control Plan. This was a part of the Queen’s Speech debate and is republished below | Medium, UK

How did Ireland pass supervised injection facilities for drugs?

"It has passed. A lump in my throat to be honest" – this was the emotional tweet from Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, the former drugs minister in Ireland, as he celebrated the long awaited news that Ireland is set to open Supervised Injection Facilities (SIFs) for individuals to inject drugs | Virgin Blog, UK

Tobacco track and trace tech: A warning

Plans to tackle the problem of illicit tobacco by using track and trace technologies are gathering momentum among European policymakers. But Juan Yañez warns that concerns about the type and timing of the technology need to be raised | Euractiv Blog, Belgium

Pot with patents could plant the seeds of future lawsuits

It’s hard to make sense of cannabis regulation | Conversation, USA

What Cookies and Meth Have in Common

Modern humans have designed the perfect environment for drug and food addiction | NYTimes opinion, USA

FDA's Vaping Regulations Will Hurt Smokers Trying to Quit

Because lawmakers didn't understand that the future might bring new, better products, we'll soon be stuck with only the old, dirty options | Reason Blog, USA

Tax low to get high: governments should keep weed taxes down

With the introduction of draft legislation to legalize marijuana by July 2018 the Liberal government is moving forward on its election promise. But as lawmakers polish the legislation to promote the best policy outcomes, they face a key challenge — they must ensure that any new tax measures encourage marijuana producers, distributors and sellers to become tax-compliant | Conversation, Canada