Daily news - 10th July 2017

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UK news

Calling all rehabs!

The DDN Magazine Residential Treatment Directory is back in print this autumn! The directory will provide a free comprehensive listing of all UK residential treatment services, and will also provide an opportunity for centres to promote themselves to both statutory referrers and individuals looking for help | DDN, UK

Crackdown on drugs, drones and mobile phones in prisons

A huge haul of drugs and mobile phones has been recovered since the introduction of detection measures to crackdown on prison contraband | MoJ, UK

Prison Service finds 225kg of drugs in one year

Prison officers confiscated about 225kg (496lbs) of drugs in one year, according to the Ministry of Justice | BBC, UK

Thousands of Scots caught with cannabis let off with a warning

Police Scotland issued nearly 6,000 warnings for cannabis possession as an alternative to prosecution in the first year of a controversial new scheme.... | Scotsman, UK

Drugs: Greater Manchester

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what discussions she has had with Greater Manchester Police on the recent discovery of a new crystalised form of the drug Spice in that area | They work for you, UK


To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many kilograms of (a) drugs, (b) new psychoactive substances and (c) endangered species goods have been seized in the UK as a result of Europol operations in each year since 2010 | They work for you, UK

Drugs: Misuse

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, what the Government's policy is on the legal status of (a) Spice, (b) Black Mamba and (c) the new highly potent and lethal crystalised form of Spice | They work for you, UK

Rough sleeping in London (CHAIN reports)

[Updated] These reports present information about people seen rough sleeping by outreach teams in London. Information in the report is derived from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN), a multi-agency database recording information about rough sleepers and the wider street population in London | Mayor of London, UK

Contingency Management interventions for non-prescribed drug use during treatment for opiate addiction: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Use of non-prescribed drugs during treatment for opiate addiction reduces treatment success, creating a need for effective interventions. This review aimed to assess the efficacy of contingency management, a behavioural treatment that uses rewards to encourage desired behaviours, for treating non-prescribed drug use during opiate addiction treatment | Drug and Alcohol Dependence, UK

Association between smoking and alcohol-related behaviours: a time–series analysis of population trends in England

This paper estimates how far monthly changes in prevalence of cigarette smoking, motivation to quit and attempts to stop smoking have been associated with changes in prevalence of high-risk drinking, and motivation and attempts to reduce alcohol consumption in England | Addiction, UK

The smoking ban 10 years on: what’s changed on page and screen?

Legislation that restricted smoking at work and in public in the UK now alters how readers and viewers perceive the fictional tobacco habit | Guardian, UK

An Oral History of Britain's Smoking Ban

Ten years after it was introduced, we talk to the politicians, campaigners and pub owners instrumental in making the ban happen – and the DJs and promoters who lived with the consequences | VICE, UK

Drug and alcohol library

This resource is owned and maintained by Scottish Addiction Studies who have been providing quality teaching and research in the addictions since 1984.  This resource specialises in full-text documents, most of which are now available for download | University of Stirling, UK

Love Island receives more Ofcom complaints about contestants SMOKING than having sex on camera

In its three series run the show has become famous for scenes where coupled-up contestants engage in some very steamy acts | Mirror, UK

Mechanic jailed over £1.2m drug haul

A mechanic who was caught with amphetamine worth £1.2m in the boot of his car has been jailed for four years | BBC, UK


International news

“Its only weed”

Based on a report by Ballymun Youth Action, entitled “It’s only weed”: Rethinking our response to young people’s cannabis use | Volte Face, UK

Religious leaders get high on magic mushrooms ingredient – for science

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore enlists priests, rabbis and a Buddhist to test the effects of psychedelic drugs on religious experience | Guardian, UK

Forget Alexa, Amazon's next big product is ... wine

World’s largest retailer moves from tech products to its own wine, to revive the ‘direct connection between wine-maker and customer’ | Amazon, UK

Who was Eva Ekeblad and how did she make flour and alcohol out of potatoes?

Countess Eva Ekeblad was a Swedish noble and agronomist who discovered how to extract starch from potatoes, paving the way for gluten-free baking and alcohols such as vodka, moonshine and potato wine | Telegraph, UK

Inside a massive (and legal) marijuana cultivation centre

A series of pictures from the Essence Vegas facility, in Las Vegas, Nevada, have been released | Metro, UK

Police destroy art installation after mistaking it for cannabis farm

Officers tore up crops which had been planted to transform a 4,000sq m plot of industrial wasteland | Independent, UK

Eleven teenagers taken to hospital after after eating drug-laced gummy bears

Almost a dozen teens fell ill after eating gummy bears laced with the active ingredient in cannabis | Metro, UK

How Uruguay cracked down on smoking - and got results

Smoking is forecast to kill a billion people this century, if left unchecked. To try and buck this trend, Uruguay has introduced some of the world's toughest anti-smoking laws - and has already seen some powerful results | BBC, UK

Philip Morris cigarettes charged millions after losing plain packaging case against Australia

Court of arbitration finds Philip Morris Asia case to be ‘an abuse of rights’ and says it must pay Australia’s multi-million dollar legal costs | Guardian, UK

How safe is vaping?

On the heels of another damning statistic against tobacco—it kills more than 7 million people each year, the World Health Organization said recently—come questions about whether vaping is a healthier substitute | Medical Xpress, USA

Why does prenatal alcohol exposure increase the likelihood of addiction?

One of the many negative consequences when fetuses are exposed to alcohol in the womb is an increased risk for drug addiction later in life. Neuroscientists in the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions are discovering why | Medical Xpress, USA

How sensationalism compounds the opioid crisis

Instead of playing on emotions, we need to destigmatize addiction | Washington Post, USA

Colorado Employers Rethinking Drug Testing

Eight states and Washington, D.C. allow for recreational cannabis, but none have solved the problem of workforce drug testing. Zero tolerance polices are being reconsidered in light of legalized pot | npr, USA

Marijuana Industry Gears Up After N.J. Candidate Backs Legalization

Since Philip Murphy, a Democratic candidate for governor, said he supported making recreational marijuana use legal, growers have stepped up their planning | NYTimes, USA

Drug Wars: Will The Future Of Legal Weed Products Be Decided In Court?

It’s hard to make sense of cannabis regulation | IBTimes, USA

Tobacco Use in Top-Grossing Movies — United States, 2010–2016

The Surgeon General has concluded that there is a causal relationship between depictions of smoking in the movies and the initiation of smoking among young persons | CDC, USA

Why this Ohio sheriff refuses to let his deputies carry Narcan to reverse overdoses

No one has come up with a solution to the opioid epidemic that has decimated Rust Belt states, but for people who overdose, Naloxone is about as effective an antidoteas there is | Washington Post, USA

New AOD guidelines for journalists (July 2017)

In 2007, the Australian Press Council (APC) teamed up with the now-defunct Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) to circulate to newsrooms their combined guidelines for journalists reporting on alcohol and other drugs. That media release can be viewed here | AOD Media Watch, Australia

New Richmond alliance pushes for safe injecting room

Richmond is known for its abundance of authentic Vietnamese food and burgeoning live music scene | Age, Australia

In Uruguay's marijuana experiment, the government is your pot dealer

In coming weeks, cannabis-seeking citizens in this small South American nation will be able to walk into a pharmacy and buy government-approved marijuana for the state-mandated price of $1.70 a gram. No questions asked. No doctor's note required | Age, Autstralia

No consensus on tackling ice violence in emergency wards: NSW coroner

Doctors in NSW emergency wards have no consensus approach to handling rising levels of drug-induced psychosis and violence, a coroner has found | Age, Australia

How to deal with drugs - audio

Professors Ann Fordham and Fiona Measham spoke at Through the Maze this week, about reforming global drug laws. They tell Wallace what needs to change and why Portugal is a role model | Radio NZ, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

Veterans need specific services to overcome addiction

Ex-military personnel who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction more light to succeed in recovery through veteran specific services, new research has revealed | Russell Webster, UK

No respect – stop and search remains as corrosive as ever

Almost exactly 30 years after the Brixton riots, history repeated itself in the summer of 2011 in cities across Britain. Once again, just as Lord Scarman had identified in the 1980s, one accelerant to that unrest was a perception among black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) young people that they were being unfairly treated by police forces using stop and search | CJA Blog, UK

Social justice for all must start with the most excluded

I was glad to join an excellent panel at this week’s IntoWork convention, which brings together policymakers, providers and commissioners interested in employment support. The session asked “what does social justice for all look like?”: as Tony Wilson from the Learning and Work Institute pointed out in his introduction, the question is one that recent governments have engaged with, but struggled to translate into policy | MEAM Blog, UK

Since I sobered up, I have seen the ugly side of Britain's drinking habit

About two months ago, I decided I was going to try and stop drinking. Without wanting to sound like an American therapist, I felt it was no longer serving me very well | Telegraph, UK

Naloxone can save lives on college campuses. But not if it’s only stocked in health clinics

Jennifer Plumb, the medical director of Utah Naloxone, was interested to learn that colleges will be able to get several free doses of a drug that can reverse opioid overdoses through an effort by the Clinton Foundation and Adapt Pharma to give 40,000 doses of NARCAN nasal spray to universities | Washington Post, USA

Doctors and nurses can’t always tell if someone’s drunk or on drugs, and misdiagnosis can be dangerous

Bob has arrived at the emergency department at 10am on a Tuesday after breaking several fingers slamming his hand in a car door. Bob is quite anxious; he speaks quickly and paces around | Conversation, Australia

One big day at the drug symposium

About the time I got on the train at Paraparaumu, in the pre-dawn darkness, the Armed Offenders Squad was assembling in our street back home in Point Chevalier. No cause for alarm, one of them told my neighbour | Public Address Blog, New Zealand


And finally...

A couple’s just got married in a newly legal weed hot house because, Las Vegas

The International Church of Cannabis started offering cannabis-infused ceremonies in May, and there are plenty Instagram accounts dedicated to various weed wedding expos and ‘canna bride’ inspo | Metro, UK