Daily news - 21st July 2017

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Today is International Drug User Remembrance Day


UK news

Drug dealers find new ways to sell spice to evade police crackdown

Researchers in Manchester say drug is being sold in variety of forms including cigarettes dipped in vials of the chemical | Guardian, UK

Mortality among a cohort of heavy drinkers in Edinburgh & Glasgow

This report represents secondary analysis of data derived from a study of the drinking characteristics of heavy drinkers in Scotland and supported financially by the Chief Scientist Office, Scotland (CZH/4/645) and Alcohol Research UK (R2011/01). Favourable ethical opinion was given by NHS Lothian Research Ethics committee (08/S1101/9) with additional approval from the Caldicott Guardians | SHAAP, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Dead at 51 through cheap booze: study shows true impact of alcohol on Scots drinkers

A report published today by Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) further highlights the harmful impact of alcohol in Scotland. SHAAP supported this important work carried out by a team from Edinburgh Napier University. ADVERTISING The findings come from detailed assessment and follow-up of over 600 heavy drinkers attending NHS services in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The study shows the extent of early death, with over 100 of these patients dying over the subsequent 2 and a half years at an average age of 51, around 25 years younger than typical life expectancy in Scotland | Scotsman, UK

Pocket money prices for alcohol continue

Just days before the UK Supreme Court hears a case to decide whether minimum unit pricing for alcohol is legal, a survey shows that cheap, strong alcohol continues to be sold for pocket money prices up and down the country | Alcohol Focus Scotland, UK

Statistical bulletin: Crime in England and Wales: year ending Mar 2017

Drug offences in table 2 | ONS, UK

School exclusions: Record numbers for drugs and alcohol

A record number of school exclusions were issued to pupils last year for drug and alcohol related issues, new statistics reveal | BBC, UK

ISSDP response to the @ONS consultation on changes to the CSEW

In response to the ONS consultation on changes to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP) strongly recommends that the proposal to remove questions on use of illicit drugs (option C) is not implemented | ISSDP, UK

How the tobacco and vaping industries responded to the government's new tobacco control plan

The tobacco and vaping industries have largely welcomed a tobacco control plan released by the government today, which seeks to encourage a loosening of e-cigarette regulations after Brexit | City A.M., UK

Parc Prison: Rise in violence since smoking ban

A rise in the number of violent and self harm incidents at Parc Prison could be linked to the smoking ban, a review has found | BBC, UK

In Search of the Elusive 'Afterglow', MDMA's Anti-Comedown

For most people, life is not good after a night on the Mandy. For the rare few, it's total bliss | VICE, UK

International Remembrance Day (IRD17)

Lambeth Service User Council (LSUC) and the Wandsworth Service User Network (WSUN) invite you to our day to remember family and friends who have died directly or indirectly through drug use | Lambeth.gov.uk, UK

Flitwick father Ross Cowling killed on way home for Christmas

A father was killed while taking presents to his daughters on Christmas Eve, an inquest heard | BBC, UK


International news

Additions to the Effectiveness Bank 21 July 2017

Promising but very different ways to prevent high-risk youngsters growing into risky drinkers tested in London and among poor black families in the US south. The more troubled and troubling of young people benefit most from holistic care which changes their environment in and beyond the family. First rigorous test of an in-prison therapeutic community in comparison with less intensive treatment | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

AlphaBay and Hansa dark web markets shut down

Two of the largest dark web marketplaces have been shut down following a "landmark" international law enforcement investigation | BBC, UK

India fumes as Big Tobacco targets young people in bid to recruit new smokers

Philip Morris using colourful ads at kiosks and handing out free packets of Marlboro cigarettes at parties, tactics that contravene country's anti-smoking laws according to government officials | Independent, UK

Woman shares before and after photos to show the horrific effects of heroin

Melissa Lee Matos has been in recovery from drug addiction for almost a year and a half - and she's just done something amazing to help others who are struggling | Independent, UK

First WHO Forum on alcohol, drugs & addictive behaviours provokes discussion, illuminates challenges & opportunities

The first World Health Organization Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours was held at WHO Headquarters in Geneva from 26-28 June 2017. The Forum focused on enhancing public health actions on alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours to achieve health targets for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Lucy Westerman... shares an overview of the Forum's alcohol themed discussions | NCD Alliance, Switzerland

International Symposium on Nicotine Technology

#ISONTECH Videos are now on-line | ISON Tech, Poland

Heavy drinking during adolescence: Dire effects on the brain

A review of the literature shows that the effects of heavy drinking among young people on the brain are serious -- binge drinking among young people is associated with a thinning or reduction of areas of the brain that play a key role in memory, attention, language, awareness and consciousness, which include cortical and subcortical structures | Science Daily, USA

Team-based model reduces prescription opioid use among patients with chronic pain by 40 percent

A new, team-based, primary care model is decreasing prescription opioid use among patients with chronic pain by 40 percent, according to a new study | Science Daily, USA

There’s a highly successful treatment for opioid addiction. But stigma is holding it back

Medication-assisted treatment is often called the gold standard of addiction care. But much of the country has resisted it | Vox, USA

Study suggests ending opioid epidemic will take years

The question of how to stem the nation's opioid epidemic now has a major detailed response. A new study chaired by University of Virginia School of Law Professor Richard Bonnie provides extensive recommendations for curbing the problem | Medical Xpress, USA

Medical Researchers Are Steps From Legalizing Ecstasy. Here's How They Did It

In January 1967, roughly 20,000 young people gathered at Golden Gate Park for the Human Be-In, a kind of outdoor conference for hippie counterculture. The event introduced the word "psychedelic" to the American mainstream, and the psychedelic evangelist Timothy Leary to San Francisco | Reason, USA

Is microdosing the future of marijuana?

The creator of LSD, Dr. Albert Hofmann, believed that ingesting tiny amounts of the drug could have therapeutic value, and so-called “microdoses” have since been proposed as a substitute for everything from Adderall to marriage counseling. Now, as more states legalize marijuana, the trend that began with hallucinogens has grown to include microdoses of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in weed | VICE, USA

National Drug Strategy 2017-2026

For the first time, Australia has a long-term framework for reducing and preventing the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs through the agreement of a ten-year National Drug Strategy. This is a national strategic framework built on the principles of partnerships, coordination and collaboration, national direction and jurisdictional implementation, and evidence-informed responses | Department of Health, Australia

Parents have critical role in preventing teen drinking

Fewer Australian teenagers are drinking alcohol but more needs to be done to curb the drinking habits of Aussie students, based on the findings of the latest study | Science Daily, Australia

Doctors say lifting e-cigarettes ban could extend their patients' lives

Australia's psychiatrists have broken ranks with the medical fraternity and begun calling on the government to lift the ban on e-cigarettes | Age, Australia

Seven New Zealanders Dead After ODing on What Police Call Synthetic Cannabis

But New Zealand Drug Foundation's director calls the the release of the information premature, saying more testing is needed before it can be determined exactly what these drugs are | VICE, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

The Government Drug Strategy - tackling the complex issue of drug misuse

The new Government Drug Strategy sets out how the Government will tackle the complex issue of drug misuse. We have made progress in recent years but challenges remain, including the increasing rates in drug related deaths | PHE Blog, UK

Young BAME men and stop and search

No Respect is a digest of in-depth interviews with “dozens of young BAME men” and opinion polling of 500 individuals among the two million BAME young people aged 16-30 in England and Wales | Russell Webster, UK

Drugs and alcohol: putting health centre-stage

Drugs strategy no longer focused on criminal justice system | Irish Times Opinion, Ireland

#ADHS2017 Field Reports: Friday, June 23 by Richard Robinson

“The interdisciplinary spirit of enthusiastic curiosity in classrooms doubling up as impromptu saunas” | Points Blog, UK