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UK news

Guidance: Substance misuse

Updated. This guidance is to help professionals in drug and alcohol teams or learning disability teams support people with learning disabilities who have substance misuse problems. It summarises what the research tells us about the particular problems faced by this group of people and what approaches work best | PHE, UK

Minimum alcohol pricing for Wales back on table

Plans to introduce a new law setting a minimum price for alcohol in Wales could be revived by the Welsh Government | BBC, UK


To ask the Secretary of State for Health, when his Department plans to publish the updated Tobacco Control Plan; and if he will make a statement | They work for you, UK

Drug-Taking is Inevitable at Festivals, So We Must Focus On Keeping People Safe

Last year I shadowed The Loop as they offered their pioneering front-of-house drug testing programme in Manchester at one of The Warehouse Project’s club nights | Talking Drugs, UK

The Intrinsic Link between the Movements for LGBT Rights and Drug Law Reform

The movements for LGBT rights and drug law reform are natural allies in the fight for an equal, inclusive, and diverse society | Talking Drugs, UK

A third of offenders test positive for drugs

The statistics, published by the Scottish Public Health Observatory, found of the 633 people tested when leaving jail in a one-month period in 2016/17, 30 per cent were positive for illegal drugs, including the illicit use of prescription drugs | The National, UK

Drug addict situation in Dundee near to crisis point

The Scottish Drugs Forum has warned drug treatment services must be recalibrated because of the growing proportion of older drug users — but the situation in Dundee is already nearing crisis point, with a death rate for older users twice the national average | Evening Telegraph, UK

Third of Scots of offenders tested positive for drugs when they left prison

Almost a third of offenders tested positive for illegal drugs when they left prison last year, according to new figures | Scottish Herald, UK

Charity calls for new focus to combat Hep C infections

There are about 37,000 people living with the virus - but campaigners say as many again are undiagnosed | BBC, UK

National alcohol, drugs and families charity affiliates to Drug and Alcohol Findings

Adfam and the Effectiveness Bank’s provider Drug and Alcohol Findings have agreed to support each other in achieving their objectives | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Breaking Point: Addressing the crisis in alcohol services

[Survey] As part of its ongoing work to support effective treatment, the merged Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern are seeking practitioner experiences of the treatment landscape today. This survey will play a critical role in helping us understand the needs of treatment services and develop evidence-based recommendations | Alcohol Research UK / Alcohol Concern UK

BrewDog sets out ‘world domination’ plan

BrewDog will dramatically expand its international business by pumping funds into markets such as France, Australia and Asia, as the brewer’s founders aim to be the largest craft brewer in the world | Morning Advertiser, UK

How the smoking ban killed off the local boozer

Working-class pubs have been decimated by this petty policy | Spiked, UK

Smoking ban 10 years on: share your memories and experiences

A decade since smoking bans came into force in the UK we would like to hear from readers on how the ban has affected them | Guardian, UK

Dundee doctor convicted of drug supply charges

A doctor acquitted of killing a friend by giving her a cocktail of painkillers has been convicted of drug offences | BBC, UK


International news

Key research on how organisational functioning affects alcohol treatment’s community impact

In the context of a market which drives treatment organisations to grow ever bigger, on the basis of US research we ask, ‘Is small beautiful?’, and explore how an organisation’s control responsibilities might undermine the quality of the therapeutic contacts it is able to impose on offenders | Drug and Alcohol Findings, UK

Why opioid deaths are this generation’s Aids crisis

The soaring numbers of deaths from overdoses in the US and UK requires a radical and fast rethink of drugs policy | Guardian, UK

Experts produce 'High'-way Code for healthier cannabis use 

new review conducted by some of the world’s leading experts on cannabis provides 10 tips on how to reduce the potential harm of using cannabis | Independent, UK

'Not just methadone Tracy': Transformations in service-user identity following the introduction of hepatitis C treatment into Australian opiate substitution settings

Members of the Qualitative Journal Club (QJC) enjoyed reading the paper which explored identity transformations of service users since the introduction of hepatitis C care and treatment within opiate substitution treatment (OST) clinics | SSA, UK

'We’re changing something': can alcohol boost the Bible belt's economy?

In America’s south, alcohol has been steeped in stigma. But attitudes are changing, and lawmakers have been exploring ways to boost their economic potential | Guardian, UK

Florida man wrongly jailed for 90 days after drywall mistaken for cocaine

Karlos Cashe is a handyman, not a drug dealer | IBTimes, UK

Grave concern over increase in young people using 'Dial A Drink'

The service allows for customers to get alcohol delivered to them over the phone | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Public expenditure on supply reduction policies

Evaluating drug policy is an integral part of a cost-efficient approach to tackle illicit drugs. This report takes a first step towards a systematic analysis, by examining a set of representative attempts to estimate public expenditure on supply reduction interventions | EMCDDA, Portugal

Safer Consumption Spaces in the United States: Uniting for a National Movement

Project Inform is pleased to release “Safer Consumption Spaces in the United States: Uniting for a National Movement.” This report stems from a think tank of the same name, held in Baltimore, MD on September 27-28, 2016, where a group of nearly 50 people who use drugs, advocates, policy experts and other public health and harm reduction workers gathered to discuss strategies for moving forward and bringing safer consumption spaces (SCS) to the United States | Project Inform, USA

Researchers examine brain region that affects drug use habits

Studies on rats show infralimbic cortex suppresses cocaine craving | EurekAlert, USA

Legal cannabis laws impact teen use

A new study has found that adolescents living in medical marijuana states with a plethora of dispensaries are more likely to have tried new methods of cannabis use, such as edibles and vaping, at a younger age than those living in states with fewer dispensaries | Science Daily, USA

Deaths among patients with opioid disorders may be cut by one-third by better care

Following three possible recommendations in providing medical care to people with an opioid addiction may cut deaths among such patients by as much as one-third, according to a new RAND Corporation study | Medical Xpress, USA

STAT forecast: Opioids could kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade

Deaths from opioids have been rising sharply for years, and drug overdoses already kill more Americans under age 50 than anything else. STAT asked leading public health experts at 10 universities to forecast the arc of the epidemic over the next decade. The consensus: It will get worse before it gets better | STAT News, USA

Want to Curb the Opioid Epidemic? Don’t Limit Access to Health Care

Offering affordable mental health care coverage is one of the best ways to prevent or address addiction. The Republicans’ ACA replacement takes that away | Slate, USA

Town considering to let overdose “victims” die after 3rd strike

Middletown, Ohio officials are tired of overdoses in their town, and they have a way to stop this from continuing. But city officials are concerned this “proposal” may hurt them in the end. The proposal is a 3-strike policy. On the 3rd 911 call of a known “overdoser”, the 911 dispatcher will simply hang-up | Butler Dispatch, USA

Fraser Health gets Health Canada approval to supervise oral and intra-nasal drug use

Surrey supervised consumption sites no longer restricted to injections | CBC News, Canada

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2015–16

In 2015–16, about 796 alcohol and other drug treatment services provided just over 206,600 treatment episodes to an estimated 134,000 clients. The top 4 drugs that led clients to seek treatment were alcohol (32% of treatment episodes), cannabis (23%), amphetamines (23%), and heroin (6%) | AIHW, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Our children's television viewing is bombarded with the thrills and spills of alcohol'

Our legislators need to take action and alter our harmful relationship with alcohol, writes Dr Bobby Smyth | IAS Blog, UK

Why you should be wary of going to work with a hangover

If you have ever drunk alcohol, there’s a good chance you’ve also had a hangover. As a widely experienced result of alcoholic consumption, hangovers have a broad variety of familiar negative effects: vomiting, fatigue, headache and increased blood pressure are common physical reactions | Conversation, UK

Legalized marijuana is making it harder for police to search your car

Drug policy experts often say that the health risks of marijuana use are relatively minor compared to the steep costs of marijuana enforcement: expensive policing, disrupted lives, violence and even death | Washington Post Blog, USA



And finally...

Birds found a healthy use for cigarettes

Specifically, these birds pack their nests full of cigarette butts to ward off ticks, which eat the finches’ feathers and suck their blood, according to Constantino Macías Garcia, the study’s lead author | NYPost, USA