Daily news -30th June 2017

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UK news

Man dies after taking 'potent' crystallised Spice, not MDMA

A man thought to have been killed by the drug MDMA had taken a "much more potent version" of Spice, Greater Manchester Police has said | BBC, UK

Walking the advocacy tightrope – a KBS 2017 special

Podcast. How do alcohol researchers promote their work in a policy environment fraught with tensions between policymakers, NGOs, and industry? | IAS, UK

PE01651: Prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to take action to appropriately recognise and effectively support individuals affected and harmed by prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal | Scottish Parliament, UK

Alcohol Marketing during the UEFA EURO 2016 Football Tournament: A Frequency Analysis

This study examined the frequency and nature of alcohol marketing references in broadcasts of the 2016 UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) European Championships football tournament in the United Kingdom (UK). | IJERPH, UK

Veterans need specific services to overcome addiction

The research, carried out by Sheffield Hallam University’s Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice on behalf of the charity Addaction, and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), looked at the work of the Right Turn project, which has been developed to support veterans who are recovering from addiction and helping them reintegrate in to civilian life | Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, UK

EDM 15: Government's alcohol strategy

That this House notes that among those aged 15 to 49, alcohol is now the leading risk factor for ill-health, early mortality and disability and the fifth leading risk factor for ill-health across all age groups... | Parliament.uk, UK

EDM 20: Government's drug strategy

That this House is shocked that more people die of drug misuse than on the roads; notes that drug-related deaths are at record levels; recognises that drug treatment services not only save lives but every £1 invested saves society £2.50 in health, welfare and crime costs... | Parliament.uk, UK

EDM 21: Hepatitis C

That this House notes that hepatitis is a leading cause of death globally with a toll exceeding that of HIV; further notes that World Hepatitis Day on 28 July 2017 is one of only four disease-specific global awareness days endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO)... | Parliament.uk, UK

EDM 22: Drug and alcohol treatment charities

That this House notes that several charity providers in the drugs and alcohol sector have had to merge recently as a result of financial difficulties; further notes that the Drugs, Alcohol and Justice Cross-Party Parliamentary Group has repeatedly warned that it was only a matter of time before a major provider would go out of business... | Parliament.uk, UK

Queen’s Speech - Debate (4th Day)

My Lords, I will address a matter which risks getting lost in the battle for Brexit but which urgently needs Home Office attention. I refer to the hundreds of thousands of severely and chronically ill patients whose symptoms are currently not controlled | They work for you, UK

Qualitative Methods Journal Club

This new SSA-funded initiative is aimed at increasing knowledge of qualitative research practice. The Journal Club will be hosted by different international academic institutions on a rolling 6 month programme | SSA, UK

No respect: Young BAME men, the police and stop and search (PDF)

The number of stop and searches carried out each year in England and Wales is in decline, but this decline has disproportionately favoured white people. While the overall number of searches has dropped from a high of 1.2 million to a low of 380,000 in 2015/16, BAME people collectively are now three times more likely than white people to be searched, up from twice as likely the year before | CJA, UK

Stop and search is not used fairly, most young BAME people believe

Three-quarters say they and their communities are targeted unfairly by police tactic, which has declined steeply | Guardian, UK

Inside Liverpool's Teenage Gun Gangs

A decade after the murder of Rhys Jones, why is the city's gang scene kicking off? | VICE, UK

Police patrol Welsh village to head off hunters of LSD stash

Dyfed-Powys police are acting on claim of 1977 Operation Julie detective that LSD tabs are still to be found in former west Wales drugs factory | Guardian, UK

Ignore the Public at your Peril

Drug related deaths are at their highest on record and the call to action has been predominantly targeted towards treatment professionals. Volteface met with Michaela Jones, Community Director of in2recovery, to find why mobilizing the community would be key to reducing this alarming rise in drug related deaths | Volte Face, UK

WATCH: Our New Film About a Guy Being Injected with Ketamine

'Eternal K-Hole of the Spotless Mind' follows a young man's quest to curb his drinking with the help of ketamine | VICE, UK

Alcohol Alert Bulletin: June 2017

Latest edition of the bulletin | IAS, UK

UK Armed Forces veterans may be more at risk of developing problem gambling

In a new report released today (21 June) by Swansea University and funded by the Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), preliminary findings suggest UK veterans may be at an increased risk of developing gambling problems than non-veterans, and that this vulnerability may be related to prior experience of traumatic events | Swansea University and FiMT, UK

Up to 15 ambulances called to Leeds prison daily due to former ‘legal highs’

As many as 15 emergency ambulances were called to HMP Leeds every day when problems with prisoners taking former ‘legal highs’ reached their peak last year | Yorkshire Evening Post, UK

Drugs worth more than £2.7m seized in a year in north east Scotland

Drugs worth more than £2.7m were seized in the space of a year in the north east of Scotland, police have said | BBC, UK


International news

Albanian gangs 'controlling' UK drug trafficking market

Violent Albanian criminal groups are exerting "considerable control" over the drug trafficking market in the UK, a law enforcement report has said | BBC, UK

Canada Drug Consumption Rooms to Allow Oral and Nasal Use, as Overdose Crisis Escalates

For the first time, Canadian authorities are permitting people to consume drugs orally and nasally in drug consumption rooms, as the country’s overdose crisis escalates | Talking Drugs, UK

The brutal war on drugs in the Philippines – in pictures

A year on from the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte, his ‘war on drugs’ has claimed the lives of more than 7,000 Filipinos, according to Human Rights Watch. Duterte won last year’s election with promises to rid the country of drugs and crime, kill every drug dealer and user and to feed their corpses to the fish in Manila Bay | Guardian, UK

Samples of 155 footballers – including a current Russia international –suspected of containing banned doping products

More than 150 footballers - including at least one current Russia international - were implicated in sport’s biggest drugs scandal on Wednesday | Telegraph, UK

Drunken abuse of children 'a crisis'

Violence against young people by parents abusing alcohol has been described as a "national crisis" by the author of an audit on child protection within the State | Independent, Ireland

Delighted mum reveals Ava to begin cannabis treatment

Irish cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey has announced that her daughter Ava will begin her medical cannabis treatment today in Holland | Irish Independent, Ireland

Methadone is getting an image rehab as opioid crisis deepens

Nearly a half-century into the “war on drugs,” with a new wave of opioid addiction at crisis proportions, a handful of commercial health insurers are beginning to cover methadone maintenance, the oldest and best-researched treatment for addiction to heroin and prescription pain relievers | Philly.com, USA

Anti-overdose drug Naloxone to be available at all New York State courts, officials say

The opioid antidote Naloxone will be made available at all New York State courts as part of a new initiative to combat the drug epidemic, officials said Thursday | NY Daily News, USA

Data On Drug Use Is Disappearing Just When We Need It Most

It’s no secret that heroin has become an epidemic in the United States. Heroin overdose deaths have risen more than sixfold in less than a decade and a half | Five Thirty Eight, USA

What Happens When The Heroin Epidemic Hits Small Town America?

West Virginia has the highest drug overdose death rate in the country. New Yorkerwriter Margaret Talbot interviewed addicts, their families and health professionals to understand why | npr, USA

Health Canada approves supervised consumption of oral and intra-nasal substances at two Surrey sites

Harm reduction advocates in Surrey say federal approval allowing drug users to use orally and nasally — and not just by injection — at two supervised consumption sites is long overdue and will save lives | Vancouver Sun, Canada

Illicit Drug Data Report

Our Illicit Drug Data Report (IDDR) informs Australia’s understanding of the illicit drug threat | ACIC, Australia

Aust demand fuels record drug seizures

Australia's enormous demand for illicit drugs has resulted in a record number of seizures and arrests with 10 tonnes of supply intercepted in the past 18 months | News.com.au, Australia

Herald Sun : Victoria is Australian’s amphetamines capital, new data shows

Police seized almost 4900 kilograms of amphetamines in the last financial year, a whopping 396 per cent increase on the year before after several huge busts | VAADA, Australia

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard tells drug-taking doctors to 'get out of our public hospitals'

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has issued a stern directive to doctors who take illicit drugs on their days off, telling them to "get out of our public hospitals" | Age, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Finding the moment - earning from the anti-tobacco movement

This week marks the 10 year anniversary of the smoking ban in public places. It offers a chance to reflect on lessons we can learn from health movements that helped get us here | RSA Blog, UK

Increasing international intrest in drug checking

With growing international attention on the impacts and broad potential of drug checking services, a number of events at HR17 featured research findings and frontline experience with this harm reduction intervention | ICSDP Blog, UK

Vivitrol offers the fantasy of being drug-free. But that’s not the most important thing in tackling addiction

Stinging investigations by the New York Times, National Public Radio, ProPublica, and others have recently exposed how the drug maker Alkermes is promoting Vivitrol — a long-acting injection that blocks the effects of opioids — at the expense of other, better-studied treatments for opioid dependence | STAT News opinion, USA

E-cigarettes needed to get more adults to quit smoking

Some tobacco control activists are so blinded by a commitment to destroy the tobacco industry that they can't see the potential of a life-saving, harm reduction alternative, e-cigarettes | Age comment, Australia