Daily news - 2nd October 2017

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Stoptober resources

From our free app and daily emails, to face-to-face expert support and much more – we've got loads of support to help you quit, so choose the combination that's right for you | NHS, UK


UK news

The case for a national prescribed drug helpline

Over 1 million patients are taking dependency-forming medications unnecessarily in England, including benzodiazepines, z-drugs, antidepressants and opioids | APPG, UK

Women’s deaths from drug misuse up 95 per cent in a decade - video

The number of women dying as a result of drug misuse has risen by 95 per cent in England and Wales in the last ten years. While fewer women are taking drugs, record numbers are dying from using them | Channel 4, UK

Report Illicit Drug Reactions- RIDR

PHE is piloting a new national system for reporting the effects of new psychoactive substances (NPS) and other drugs, in a similar way to how adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs are reported to the MHRA’s Yellow Card Scheme | PHE, UK

Ayahusaka - video

DrugWise Director, Harry Shapiro discusses Ayahuasca on The Victoria Derbeyshire programme. Watch from around 1 hours 15 mins in | BBC iPlayer, UK

Ayahuasca: Hallucinogenic drug used by indigenous Amazon tribes could help treat eating disorders, study finds

Participants reported a reduction in symptoms and a shift in attitude toward their bodies | Independent, UK

ACMD members' register of interests

This register of interests for the council members of the ACMD lists their occupations, the organisations they work for and the nature of any interests they might have | ACMD, UK

Police set up national unit to study effects of ‘legal highs’

A new national centre of excellence and drug intelligence unit is being established to study the effects of so-called legal highs.... | Scotsman, UK

Herald campaign exposes Scottish society's addiction to prescription drugs

We need to talk about drugs. Scotland, to resurrect an old slogan, needs to know the score | Herald, UK

Alcohol incident 'blight' faces pubs in the Scottish Borders

A police report has highlighted how a "blight" of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour continues to affect licensed premises in the Borders | BBC, UK

Scotland gets first ever 'drug rehab village'

The proposal for the groundbreaking Scottish residential drug recovery project near Ayr - inspired by some of the most radical rehab programmes around the world – has been given the go-ahead. Those behind the 'rehab village' say it will save lives | Herald, UK

Britain is developing a weed café culture under the radar

Enterprising youths are providing an in-demand product that governments around the globe are regulating and taxing | Independent, UK

Under 30's urged to drink less

People under 30 are being encouraged to drink less in a new scheme being launched on Merseyside and in Cheshire | ITV, UK

Are universities failing to act on heavy drinking?

A recent Telegraph article reported universities are doing little to address drinking as thousands of Freshers' week events and parties kicked off the new academic year | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Mushroom Grazing: The Legal Way of Taking Class A Drugs?

In the kaleidoscopic, ever-changing drug landscape we have found ourselves in these days, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the bread and butter. Whilst you’ve now got an alphabet soup of so-called ‘research chems’ to choose from, staples like magic mushrooms will always be there | Volte Face, UK

Ten treated after taking drugs in prison

Ten prisoners at Hydebank Wood in south Belfast received medical treatment following an incident believed to have involved drugs | BBC, UK

Needle exchange should not be in Glasgow Central train station, says drug expert

Glasgow's  busiest needle exchange should never have been opened in the city’s largest train station, according to an expert | Herald, UK

Early Break launches ‘Memotional’ microsite to help children explore their emotions

Early Break is proud to announce the launch of ‘Memotional’, a bright, interactive and engaging microsite designed to help younger children explore their emotions (www.memotional.co.uk) | Early Break, UK

New Books on Addiction - September 2017

Addiction publishes new book lists five times per year, both in print and on this website.  Items are alphabetised by author within each list | SSA, UK

Cannabis growing gang sentenced

Five people have been sentenced over a £10m cannabis operation involving more than 6,000 plants across three sites | BBC, UK

Man jailed for stealing safe full of heroin in Falkirk

A man caught stealing a safe containing heroin worth £270,000 has been jailed for three years | BBC, UK

Drug dealer finally jailed after hiding on a pig farm in Florida for five years

A drug dealer who avoided capture for five years by hiding on a pig farm thousands of miles away has finally been caught and jailed | Metro, UK

Prescription drug addict's mum has 'funeral planned'

In a drawer in her bedroom, a Belfast mother has her son's funeral plan tucked away | BBC, UK

How Merseyside's gangs are 'UK's second biggest' exporters of guns, drugs and crime

This overview explores how those criminal networks are created across county borders | Mirror, UK


International news

Liquid genocide: alcohol destroyed Pine Ridge reservation - then they fought back

For years, 11,000 cans of beer a day were poured into the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, causing untold damages | Guardian, UK

Bruce Parry on returning to the jungle, hallucinogenic drugs, and why he wants to start a tribe of his own  

was 17 when I watched Bruce Parry attempt to push his penis back inside his body. I suppose it's fair to say he's been a hero of mine ever since | Telegraph, UK

Canada MPs to loosen penalties for drunks in kayaks

In Canada, you may soon be able to paddle a canoe while cracking open a cold one | BBC, UK

Acryloylfentanyl to be placed under control across the EU

This week, the EU has reacted to serious concerns over the use of the synthetic opioid acryloylfentanyl by deciding to subject it to ‘control measures’ throughout the Union | EMCDDA, Portugal

A horrifying statistic that conveys the sheer scale of the US opioid crisis

The opioid crisis in the United States is killing nearly one hundred people per day. Some areas are particularly hard hit, leaving officials to deal with constantly multiplying bodies of those claimed by overdose. | Quartz, USA

Fentanyl Test Strips Might Prevent Heroin Overdoses

As the nation comes to recognize drug abuse and addiction as a public health issue rather than a moral failing or lack of character, harm reduction strategies have leapt to the forefront. These tactics are taking on new forms and making advances that save lives | InspireMalibu, USA

Why It Took Google So Long to End Shady Rehab Center Ads

In May, scores of people on the front lines of America’s opioid crisis packed the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers conference in Austin to listen to a Google contractor named Josh Weum | Bloomberg, USA

Prescription medication the cause behind most drug-related deaths

Almost 2000 Australians died from drug use last year – and it was not illicit drugs to blame, but common prescription medications such as painkillers | New Daily, Australia

Australia's 'war on ice' allowing opioid use to soar, former addicts say

Recovering drug addicts say Australia's so-called 'war on ice' is allowing the use of heroin and other opioids to skyrocket, back to the deadly levels seen in the early 1990s | MSN, Australia

Inside Sydney and Melbourne's illegal tobacco hotspots that are costing the economy millions

here are Spoonbills and Manchesters, cigarettes you have never heard of, and loose-leaf from the Victorian Riverina for the first time in a decade | Age, Australia

$20,000 fines for 'sly grog' runners who supply alcohol to dry communities

Sly grog runners who take alcohol into dry zones will face heavy penalties under new laws the South Australian Government will introduce | News.com.au, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Inspirado – The Recovery Board Game

Inspirado is a board game developed with and for people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse to support treatment and recovery | Russell Webster, UK

The real reason some people become addicted to drugs

Why do they do it? This is a question that friends and families often ask of those who are addicted | Conversation, UK

The tyranny of Regulation

Probably one of the most potent arguments in favour of drug law reform is based on the idea of taking control of the huge trade in drugs from the uncontrolled criminal gangs and properly regulating that trade to ensure a consistent product | UKCIA blog, UK

Rites of passage: Changing engagement in youth risk behaviours

I remember the first time I gambled. I was eight and at my dad’s golf club. Whilst the adults chatted, I wandered off and found this amazing machine with bright lights, fruity symbols and fun music that gave me money when I put my coppers into it | BASIS Blog, USA

We get it, you did a blog about vaping

I love teasing my friends who use e-cigarettes. There’s something intrinsically uncool about e-cigs – they’re gadgety, a bit silly-looking thanks to their chunkiness and the huge clouds of vapour they produce, and bring to mind the sort of middle aged geezer who hangs around CAMRA beer festivals with a beer checklist | Adam Smith Institute Blog, UK

Law Enforcement Isn't The Way To Stop Most Drug-Related Deaths In Australia

The ABS has just released statistics with the alarming standout that drug-related deaths in Australia have reached a 20-year high. Last year, 1808 people died of drug-induced deaths in Australia -- the last time we saw similar figures was during the heroin crisis of the 1990s | Huffington Post Blog, Australia

Meet my friend, the dole bludger 

I want  to tell you about my friend — the dole bludger | Adelaide Now blog, Australia