Daily news - 5th October 2017

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UK news

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We talk so readily about the science of addiction – dopamine receptors, the way our brains are wired. But do we think enough about matters of the heart – the direct connection between one human being and another? The need for belonging runs throughout this month’s articles | DDN, UK

Health Matters: preventing ill health from alcohol and tobacco use

This professional resource focuses on preventing ill health caused by alcohol and tobacco use and makes the case for why NHS providers should implement the ‘preventing ill health by risky behaviours – alcohol and tobacco | PHE, UK

Implementing 'Preventing ill health by risky behaviours'

This commissioning for quality and innovation (CQUIN) allows South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust to refocus on alcohol screening and interventions | PHE, UK

Drug-related deaths involving nitrous oxide, 1993 to 2015

Number of drug-related deaths where nitrous oxide was mentioned on the death certificate, 1993 to 2015 registrations | ONS, UK

Number of hippy crack deaths DOUBLE in a year as expert warns the 'appalling trend' needs to be reversed before more young people die

The number of deaths from inhaling so-called hippy crack has doubled in just one year, alarming figures reveal | Mail Online, UK

Antidote to synthetic cannabis 'Spice' intoxication could be found in slimming drug

Early research from Queen Mary University of London has potentially found an antidote that can rapidly stop the intoxicating effects of cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids | Medical Xpress, UK

Communication re Prenoxad labelling

Correction made to Prenoxad Injection labelling. Product use and dosing schedule remain unchanged. (04.10.17) | SMMGP, UK

Study links vegetarian diet in pregnancy to substance abuse in offspring

"Pregnant vegetarians are three times more likely to have kids who abuse drugs and alcohol," reports the Mail Online | NHS Choices, UK

Alcohol and sport: is booze ruining the result?

At the recent Hitting the bar conference the question we addressed was almost as intractable as ‘Will Cardiff City ever make it back to the Premier League?’ – can sport can ever have a healthy relationship with alcohol? | Alcohol Policy UK, UK

Publishing Addiction Science, third edition

Free ebook. Publishing Addiction Science is a comprehensive guide for addiction scientists -- especially novice researchers -- facing the complex process of publishing in scholarly journals | SSA, UK

Is the government finally starting to see sense on e-cigarettes?

This month is ‘Stoptober’, the annual government-backed campaign to persuade smokers to give up tobacco for good. This year, for the first time, the organisers have taken the decision to endorse vaping as an effective tool to help smoking addicts quit | Spectator, UK

Student reveals life on "smart drugs" and warns of misuse amongst colleagues

Studyng at a top university comes with obvious benefits but if you take a look past the student satisfaction surveys and smiling faces of open day tour guides, you will find a study culture that thrives on stimulants | Herald, UK

Reece Parker: Let’s question why drug use is so high

Since the first introduction of synthesised drugs to synthesised music, they’ve been a pair which have crossed society hand-in-hand.... | Yorkshire Evening Post, UK

Smokers in Cumbria asked to switch cigarettes for Stoptober

Stoptober, The 28-day mass quit smoking challenge, is back for another year | ITV, UK


International news

Guinness brewery site in Dublin tapped for redevelopment

Historic St James’s Gate brewery to be ‘dynamic urban quarter’ with housing, shops and offices, says drinks firm Diageo | Guardian, UK

Louis and Petty Betty - video

Louis talks to "Petty Betty" about her addiction which began when she was a child | BBC, UK

Melbourne's Yarra river Australia's deadliest per kilometre for drowning deaths

Men in late 20s and early 30s with alcohol or drugs in their system the most frequent victims of fatal river drowning | Guardian, UK

Remember the proposed 'booze curtains'? Smaller shops have won the battle against them

Smaller shops have won their battle to get rid of the proposed 'booze curtain' which would have hidden alcohol from customers' view | Independent, Ireland

NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator points the way to quality treatment

A new online resource is now available to help people recognize and find high quality care for alcohol use disorder, which affects more than 15 million adults in the United States. The Alcohol Treatment Navigator | NIH, USA

Study pokes holes in fetal alcohol hypothesis

A new study appears to challenge the theory that cells in the brain's immune system are the culprit behind the neurological damage that occurs in children exposed to alcohol while in the womb | Science Daily, USA

FDA clears first over-the-counter (OTC) carbon monoxide breath sensor for use in smoking cessation programs

Carrot Inc.'s Bluetooth-enabled mobile device helps users learn how smoking affects their carbon monoxide levels | PRNewsire, USA

Big Tobacco to Spend Millions on Self-Critical Ads in U.S.

Makers of Marlboro, Camel to buy prime-time TV spots, newspaper ads with ‘corrective’ messages to resolve long-running legl case | Wall Street Journal, USA

FDA's Approval Of A Cheaper Drug For Hepatitis C Will Likely Expand Treatment

Valerie Green is still waiting to be cured. The Delaware resident was diagnosed with hepatitis C more than two years ago, but she doesn't qualify yet for the Medicaid program's criteria for treatment with a new class of highly effective but pricey drugs | NPR, USA

McDonald’s ‘happy’ meals came with a side of cocaine

A night shift manager at a Bronx McDonald’s was dishing up more than ​burgers and ​fries — he was busted for ​offering a side of cocaine in his Happy Meals | NYPost, USA

Experimenting with a difference

According to Amanda Feilding, one tenth of what’s considered a full dose of LSD is enough to make her feel “sparkly.” As the founder and director of the UK-based non-profit Beckley Foundation, Feilding has spent decades collaborating with scientists around the world to better understand how psychedelic drugs like LSD, ayahuasca, and magic mushrooms affect the brain | Statesman, India

Risky behaviour and adverse events are increasing among ecstasy users

A survey to determine trends in the patterns of Australian drug use and the drug market has found a shift towards the higher purity crystal form of MDMA | Medical Xpress, Australia

Justin Trudeau surprises premiers, outlines proposed excise tax on legalized marijuana

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is proposing to levy a federal excise tax on recreational marijuana once it becomes legal next July, with the provinces and territories receiving half the revenue | Global News, Canada

Experts Plead With Medical Council To Cut Through The Smoke Surrounding E-Cigarettes

It's hoped a new review will take a harm reduction perspective | Huffington Post, Australia


Blogs, comment and opinion

Health Matters: preventing ill health from alcohol and tobacco use

Welcome to the latest edition of PHE’s Health Matters, a resource for local authorities and health professionals, which for this edition focuses on preventing ill health caused by alcohol and tobacco use | PHE Blog, UK

Why we should conduct research in collaboration with people who use alcohol and other drugs

If you have ever struggled to recruit participants to your trial, discovered that the results of your survey are compromised by missing data, wondered why interviewees in a qualitative study did not grasp the point of your questions or been disappointed that your research findings were not embraced enthusiastically by the treatment sector, then this editorial—on conducting research in collaboration with people who use substances—might be for you | BMJ editorial, UK

Pharmacists have a role to play in averting prescribed drug dependence

There has been a lot of helpful and challenging information in your coverage of prescription drug problems, A Bitter Pill, this week | Herald letters, UK

"I'm that guy" - creating a short alcohol awareness film for young people

The team at Subwize has been working in partnership with NCS The Challenge for the past 2 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience as the young people bring so much energy, fun and great ideas | Change Grow Live blog, UK

A missing voice: the human rights of children to a tobacco-free environment

In this commentary, we flag the importance of taking a child-rights approach in the context of tobacco control, which is thus far unprecedented. This text was written in response to the Seventh Conference of States Parties of WHOs Framework Convention on Tobacco Control held in India from 7 to 12 November 2016 | BMJ editorial, UK

Nick Clegg: The rise in opioid deaths is an indictment of our blinkered drugs policy

Last year, nearly 90 people a week in the UK died as a result of drug use – the highest number on record | i news opinion, UK

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971: the Most Dangerous Law of Our Time

“If you do the crime, you do the time,” a phrase carelessly bandied about to justify almost anything. Black and white. End of. Just get over it. But it’s difficult to “get over it” because of that fundamental flaw, the almost unanswerable question: What is a “crime?” | Anyone's Child Blog, UK

The power of art: an unmistakable image for drug law reform

It’s an unmissable statement of unity from within the community – Transform Drugs Policy Foundation has unveiled a striking mural which, undeniably, sends the message that we are collectively impacted by current drug laws | Virgin Blog, UK

E-cigarettes and youth smoking: be alert but not alarmed

Conner et al and Best et al report the results of two longitudinal studies of teenagers in the UK that examined the relationship between vaping an e-cigarette and smoking a cigarette. Similar to studies conducted in the USA, they both report an association between experimentation with vaping and subsequent experimentation with smoking | BMJ editorial, UK

Lobbying Act: lifting the lid on a hidden sphere

It appears some companies now do their lobbying through industry groups so that their own fingerprints won’t be on the process | Irish Times opinion, Ireland

America’s 8-Step Program for Opioid Addiction

The president hasn’t declared an emergency, but one exists. Here are some crucial measures to break its grip | NYTimes opinion, USA

The opioid epidemic in 6 charts

Drug overdose deaths, once rare, are now the leading cause of accidental death in the Unites States, surpassing peak annual deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents, guns and HIV infection | Conversation, USA

View from the USA: Holy smoke

Under a psychedelic roof in Colorado, the bong-toting congregation of the International Church of Cannabis have found their higher calling | National Geographic, USA

Is It O.K. to Give Cigarettes to a Homeless Person?

After a passer-by handed over a half-used pack of cigarettes to a homeless man on a Melbourne street, the man asked that I accompany him to a nearby convenience store to help him buy more cigarettes as he was running low for the week | NYTimes, USA