Daily news - 6th October 2017

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UK news

'Crisis' warning over homeless addicts admitted to hospital

More than 21,000 homeless people have been admitted to hospital with problems relating to drink and drugs over the past three years | BBC, UK

Drug addiction: 'Shocking' waiting list for help

More than 600 people in Belfast are currently on a waiting list seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction | BBC, UK

‘Going Country’: how British gangs are using children as drug runners

County (or country) lines, the smuggling of drugs from borough to borough, is nothing new | i news, UK

Britain's Teenage Drug Runners - BBC iPlayer

BBC Three film uncovering how gangs operating in cities have expanded their drug operations into the countryside and seaside towns | BBC, UK

Prisoners recovering from addiction encounter ‘cliff edge’ with little support on release

A new report warns that drug recovery work in prison is largely futile unless suitable accommodation and support are available to prisoners after release | University of York, UK

“Those who use Spice are the most vulnerable and socially excluded – and that’s horrific”

“Spice changes your concept of time. If you’re street homeless and you want something to pass your time and misery, Spice is the perfect drug. A day on Spice just flips by, it’s gone.” | Volte Face, UK

We Know Almost Nothing About How “Study Drugs” Are Used By Students

Despite the headlines warning of an “explosion” in students taking drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, their prevalence – and their risks – remains a scientific black spot | BuzzFeed, UK

The Welsh have stopped drinking, but we've all stopped smoking: what tax receipts tell us about Britain's four nations

What can you tell about a country from its tax? Quite a lot, it turns out. Yesterday HM Revenue & Customs published a regional analysis of its takings, covering a number of different taxes over the past 20 years, and it revealed some interesting facts about Britain today and the ways it has changed | Telegraph, UK

Men should avoid having sex with women who have drunk any amount of alcohol, says barrister

A criminal barrister says men should not sleep with women who've drank any alcohol - because consent laws are misunderstood by some men | Independent, UK

Drink-drive rules 'need updating for autonomous car era'

Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be exempt from drink-drive laws if they are using autonomous cars, an Australian report has suggested | BBC, UK

Blenheim launches 2016/17 Impact Report

Last year, Blenheim helped over 10,000 people, and we’re keen to celebrate the wonderful work our staff and volunteers have done across London. We are proud to have helped almost half of our service users to stop drinking alcohol, almost one-third to enjoy a higher quality of life, and 94% said they would recommend our services to others | Blenheim CDP, UK

Tory MP Crispin Blunt reveals his reasons for advocating the legalisation of cannabis in the UK

During an Adam Smith Institute fringe event in partnership with Volteface at this year’s Conservative Party Conference, MP and former Minister for Prisons and Youth Justice Crispin Blunt came out in favour of legalising cannabis to tackle the negative effects of its prohibition on British society | Volte Face, UK

Interview of MP Paul Flynn, more than 30 years long advocate of cannabis reform

Next Tuesday, MP Paul Flynn will present a Ten Minute Bill to the House of Commons in order to facilitate access to medical cannabis for the patients who seek it, while the United Patients Alliance will host a tea party in front of the Parliament to raise awareness around medical cannabis | Volte Face, UK

The Weed Activists Lighting Up in Public

These campaigners believe the best way to rid cannabis of its stigma is to just consume it openly in public | VICE, UK

Post-Doctoral Transitional Development Support

Successful applicants for SSA Post-Doctoral Transitional Development funding can receive salary support for up to four months full-time, or up to eight months part-time, towards post-doctoral development of research applications. The research proposal must be relevant to, and supportive of, the objectives of the SSA | SSA, UK

Barrister who was once one of Britain’s highest-paid legal aid lawyers is found guilty of misconduct after he gave drug addict client £2,300 to help 'turn her life around'

A former top lawyer who was one of the highest paid barristers in the country has been found guilty of giving a client £2,300 to help 'turn her life around' | Mail Online, UK

Pair accused of 'cuckooing' Gravesend home

Two people have been accused of "cuckooing" a property in Gravesend and using it as a base to supply drugs | BBC, UK

Gordon Ramsay reveals drug-loving diners asked him to put cocaine on desserts

The TV chef tells how the class A drug is rife in the restaurant industry in new ITV documentary Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, in which he examines how the substance is made | Mirror, UK


International news

Silicon Valley's LSD habit is exploding, and now a 27-year old is offering how-to tutorials over Skype

Microdosing involves taking tiny, "sub-perceptual" doses of LSD or another psychedelic for 6-8 months | Business Insider, UK

'Scarface' Was Inspired by This Lavish, Coke-Fuelled Hotel

The de-facto headquarters for Miami's cocaine trade was a dangerous, opulent place where the underworld mixed it up with celebrities | VICE, UK

Stephen Paddock's brother 'is suspected drug dealer wanted by police'

Bruce Paddock jumped bail after he was convicted of vandalism | Independent, UK

At the dark end of the street (PDF)

A report on street based injecting in Dublin city centre | Ana Liffey Drug Project, Ireland

Catholic bishops criticise ‘glamourising’ of alcohol

Bishops highlight the ‘human devastation’ caused to Irish society by alcohol| Irish Times, Ireland

Deaths from Opioid Overdoses Soar

Men and women of all ages are dying from heroin and fentanyl overdoses | Scientific American, USA

Asking kids about drugs doesn't prompt drug use, study finds

It is an oft-repeated fear, particularly among parents: that discussing an undesirable behavior, or even an illegal or dangerous one, may encourage kids to try it | Medical Xpress, USA

A candidate genetic factor for effects of prenatal alcohol exposure has been found

Researchers have found a genetic variation, which associates with the damage caused by maternal alcohol consumption. This genetic variation clarifies the role of genetic factors in the alcohol-induced developmental disorders and could be useful in future diagnostics | Science Daily, USA

Beer brands popular among youth violate code with youth-appealing ads

Alcohol brands popular among underage drinkers are more likely to air television advertisements that violate the industry's voluntary code by including youth-appealing content, according to a new study | Science Daily, USA

GW researcher receives more than $2.3 million to study cocaine's influence on HIV

he research team at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences will look at how cocaine use affects HIV infection, replication, and transcription | EurekAlert, USA

Cleaning up 'Methadone Mile' and other drug havens

A young woman crouches on a dusty strip of grass alongside a busy Boston thoroughfare and plunges a needle into her arm. Around the corner, a couple stands zombie-like in the middle of the sidewalk, oblivious to passing pedestrians on a muggy morning | Medical Xpress, USA

Study finds Narcan revived 653 opioid overdose victims in Erie County

Over a two-year period, more than 650 people who overdosed on opioids in Erie County were revived using the overdose drug naloxone, known more commonly by its brand name Narcan | Medical Xpress, USA

Alberta releases proposed legalized cannabis rules, sets 18 as minimum age

Alberta is proposing to make 18 the minimum age to use cannabis when new laws liberalizing marijuana kick in next summer | National Post, Canada


Blogs, comment and opinion

Unless prisoners have a good place to live after release, prison drug rehabilitation won’t work

Drug recovery work in prison is largely futile unless suitable accommodation and support are available to prisoners upon their release. That is the finding of newly published research I have led that analysed the effectiveness of ten pilot projects within prisons aimed at getting prisoners off drugs and alcohol and reintegrated into communities | Conversation, UK

Greater Manchester Leads The Way To Help People Kick The Habit This Stoptober

As Stoptober enters its sixth year, the movement continues to transform lives and has inspired more than 1.5million smokers to attempt to quit | Huffington Post Blog, UK

Tobacco Tax Reform: At the Crossroads of Health and Development

Few people today doubt that smoking is bad. But many, including seasoned policy makers, do not realize just how bad it is. Bad for people, bad for economies, and bad for poverty reduction | World Bank Blog, USA