Daily news - 8th September 2017

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UK news

Guidance: Alcohol: applying All Our Health

Examples and interventions to help people live healthy lifestyles, make healthy choices and reduce health inequalities | PHE, UK

Drinks industry downplaying alcohol-cancer link – report

Portman Group and Drinkaware among those accused by academics of obscuring heightened risks of cancer in drinkers | Guardian, UK

Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 - Question

To ask Her Majesty's Government, in the light of the failure of prosecutions brought under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, whether they will review the legislation | They work for you, UK

Celebrating Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, a time to celebrate recovery and the everyday accomplishments, more so than any other month. This year’s theme is “Roads to Recovery,” which represents the individual journey service users take while working towards recovery | Blenheim, UK

Perioperative tobacco use treatments: putting them into practice

Treatment for tobacco use is efficacious and beneficial to health. Although guidelines recommend that all patients who use tobacco are offered treatment as a part of their clinical care, implementing treatment has proven challenging | BMJ, UK

Marijuana use does NOT affect teenager's IQ, says new study (but it does make you dumber as an adult)

Cannabis use does not affect teenager's IQ, new research reveals | Daily Mail, UK

Manchester City to appoint dedicated staff to update drug testers

Manchester City’s club doctor has revealed they will appoint a “whereabouts administrator” after admitting breaching anti-doping rules had brought their badge “into disrepute” | Telegraph, UK

The Fix Live - BBC Iplayer

Ideas on how to drink less | BBC, UK

London no longer most expensive place to buy beer

For the first time, Surrey has taken over the capital as the most expensive area to buy a drink, with the average pint costing £4.40 | BBC, UK

Fizz Friday: Why women are picking prosecco over champagne

It's Friday and across the country, people will soon be clocking off with a glass of fizz. Sales of the Italian wine are soaring faster than you can say "I'll be there in a prosecco", but what's the secret behind its sparkling success? | BBC, UK

Welcome to the survey on the Use of Synthetic Cathinones

This survey is part of a wider research project looking at the use of synthetic cathinones.  This survey aims to understand reasons for using these molecules, what effects were expected and what was actually experienced, including unwanted and adverse effects.  This survey will take about ten minutes to complete | University of Hertfordshire, UK

Couple robbed by drugs gang because plant in their garden smelt like cannabis

The distinct smell emanating from the house at the end of the cul-de-sac had been familiar to the neighbours for years. But when masked gangsters forced their way into the property, demanding its occupants hand over their cannabis stash, the middle-aged couple were understandably bewildered | Telegraph, UK


International news

Do we need to reform international drug treaties as more countries legalize cannabis?

The future of international drug control treaties is in doubt because of recent treaty-violating decisions to legalize cannabis use in Canada, the United States and Uruguay. Professor Wayne Hall, whose 2014 review of 20 years of cannabis research made world headlines, thinks so | EurekAlert, UK

Irish police invented almost 1.5m breathalyser tests on motorists

Internal Garda report finds that in County Tipperary nearly four times more breath tests were recorded than were carried out | Guardian, UK

Canada First Nations declare drugs state of emergency

Seven Canadian indigenous tribes have declared a state of emergency due to a worsening drug crisis | BBC, UK

Could MDMA Be the Perfect Drug to Treat PTSD? The US Government Wants to Find Out

The US government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reached an agreement with a non-profit, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), for medical testing that could lead to the regulation of MDMA as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) | Talking Drugs, UK

Las Vegas airport BANS marijuana possession and advertizing to fall in line with FAA rules despite the drug being legal in Nevada

An airport in Las Vegas banned marijuana possession and advertising on Tuesday, although recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada | Daily Mail, UK

Merchants Quay Ireland says homelessness is compounding the drug crisis

Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI), which helps homeless people, many with addiction problems, says 'unprecedented levels of homelessness' is resulting in a worsening of the addiction crisis | RTe, Ireland

Man fined for having drug used in Amazon

A man has been convicted of being in possession of a rare drug which he told the court was “mostly used for spiritual or religious practice” in the Amazon jungle | Irish Examiner, Ireland

Long-term opioid prescription use jumps threefold over 16-year period, study suggests

Overall increase driven by patients taking opioid medication for 90 days or longer | Science Daily, USA

What makes alcoholics drink? Research shows it's more complex than supposed

What makes alcoholics drink? New research has found that in both men and women with alcohol dependence, the major factor predicting the amount of drinking seems to be a question of immediate mood. Surprisingly men with a history of depression were drinking less often than men who were not depressed. This probably means that alcohol treatment needs to be individually tailored | Science Daily, USA

Eight priorities identified for tobacco control research

A new set of research priorities to support tobacco control will help ensure future research provides the greatest benefit to public health and value for money, according to an international group led by Oxford University researchers | Medical Xpress, USA

An Ohio county will distribute 30,000 doses of a drug used to reverse opioid overdoses

Hamilton County, Ohio, will distribute 30,000 doses of an overdose-reversing drug to try to stop a rash of deaths that has besieged the area | Washington Post, USA

Rodrigo Duterte’s son is accused of involvement with massive drug deal

It comes after some of the bloodiest violence yet seen in the Philippines' war on drugs | Think Progress, USA

Inside the hazy business of marketing marijuana

With legislation complicating the way medical and recreational marijuana can be marketed, and Facebook and Google’s bans on cannabis businesses promoting posts through their networks, the world of marijuana marketing is hazy | The Drum, USA

Happy hour at bottle shops, as shoppers buy booze and little else 

Slinging booze has emerged as one of the few bright spots in Australia's otherwise struggling retail landscape | The Age, Australia

Senate Report Urges Passing Drug Testing Bill, Despite Widespread Expert Opposition

'Unanimous' expert criticism, but the plan is going ahead anyway | Huffington Post, Australia

'People are dying':Trial of safe injecting room blocked by Andrews government

Calls for 18-month trial of safe injecting room for heroin users are rejected by Andrews government | The Age, Australia

Do We Really Need “Pharma Grade” Medical Cannabis?

There is strong public support for significant reform of Medical Cannabis (MC) regulation. The system currently in place, which focuses wholly on pharmaceutically trialed cannabis-based medicines, removes patient and prescriber choice, and costs are prohibitive | Scoop, New Zealand


Blogs, comment and opinion

The National Poisons Information Service - what it is and does

The National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) has published its annual report, but what is the NPIS, what does it do for public health and how does it work? Director of the service’s Newcastle Unit Professor Simon Thomas explains | PHE Blog, UK

Principles and pragmatism: We need to talk about commissioning

Yesterday the ACMD released a report on the commissioning of substance misuse, and this sort of thing is really the bread and butter of this blog, so I feel like I should overcome my lethargy and comment on it.  And it is worth commenting on, because it makes some important points – but obviously I’m going to challenge a few of its claims and assumptions, otherwise this would be a pretty short and uninteresting post | Thinking to some purpose blog, UK

Up to 15% of doctors are drug addicts. I was one of them

t wasn’t until the state police and the DEA were sitting in my primary care office that I finally stopped denying that I was hopelessly addicted to prescription opiates. The DEA agent said, “Doc, cut the crap, we know you’ve been writing bad scrips.” | LATimes op-ed, USA

Fentanyl and analogs are now the leading drug-related cause of death

This report from the New York Times shows that fentanyl and analogs have overtaken heroin as the leading drug-related cause of death in the USA, which is not at all surprising if you've been paying attention to these over the last few years | The dose makes the poison blog, USA

A medically supervised injection facility matters for Victoria – and for more inclusive mental health support

The report from the parliamentary inquiry into a pilot medically-supervised injecting centre in Victoria has been released, and it has failed to make a definitive statement recommending the establishment of a centre in North Richmond | Conversation, Australia

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink. Full stop

A mother of two boys with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder says every drink a pregnant mother takes damages her unborn child | Drink Tank, Australia



And finally...


Man gets so drunk he forgets selling car and reports it stolen  

A New Zealand man who got so drunk he forgot he had sold his car contacted police the next day to report it stolen | Telegraph, UK