Daily news - 29th September 2017

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Stoptober resources

From our free app and daily emails, to face-to-face expert support and much more – we've got loads of support to help you quit, so choose the combination that's right for you | NHS, UK


UK news

Highest smoking quit success rates on record

Expert report, which coincides with launch of Stoptober, says there has never been a better time to stop smoking | PHE, UK

Bereavement through Alcohol and Drugs

Bereaved through Alcohol and Drugs (BEAD) is a project that was set up four years ago to offer peer support to people who have lost someone due to drug or alcohol use. Funded by the Big Lottery, it is a result of a partnership between Adfam, a charity which supports the families of drug and alcohol users, and Cruse Bereavement Care, the biggest bereavement organisation in the country | Volteface, UK

Hepatitis C in London: annual review

This report focuses on the epidemiology of hepatitis C in London, mainly using routinely available surveillance data | PHE, UK

Hepatitis C in the South East PHE Centre report

This report focuses on the epidemiology of hepatitis C in the South East area, using, in the main, routinely available surveillance data | PHE, UK

Tobacco products and e-cigarette cross-border sales registration

How businesses that supply tobacco products and e-cigarettes via cross-border distance sales can register with the UK government | PHE, UK

Brigade ‘butts’ into vaping campaign

The Brigade welcomes Public Health England’s support for e-cigarettes as a key way to help smokers quit tobacco smoking to help reduce the number of smoking related fire deaths | London Fire Brigade, UK

Alcohol Vulnerability Awareness e-learning

Drinkaware has developed a training for bar and venue staff to give an understanding of vulnerability issues caused by consuming too much alcohol and what to do to support vulnerable people | DrinkAware, UK

Rising beer prices are turning pubs into an 'unaffordable luxury'

A survey of 1,000 beer drinkers by the Campaign for Real Ale found that just 15 per cent believed prices were affordable. The campaign group warned that thousands of pubs could close, or beer prices increase further, unless the Government takes action to cut business rates | Independent, UK

Recovery Walk Scotland 

The Recovery Walk Scotland council are happy to announce its intention to hold Recovery Walk Scotland 2017 in the the fair city of Dundee! Official notification of the event which is planned for Saturday 30th September 2017 has now been formally submitted | SRC, UK

Lee Froch fights back from the brink for title tilt - video

Lee Froch, the older brother of former world champion Carl, tells BBC East Midlands Today how he came close to committing suicide as alcoholism saw his life spiral out of control | BBC, UK

Jeremy Kyle visits illicit marijuana ‘speakeasy’ in Middlesbrough

Chat show host Jeremy Kyle met members of an illicit cannabis club when he visited a secret ‘speakeasy’. Joanna Morris chatted to club members waiting for him to arrive | Northern Echo, UK

Kebab shop boss could face jail over advertising cigarettes on takeaway menus

Nejdet Yesildal was also promoting tobacco in the windows and on the walls of his shop, in breach of licensing rules | Daily Post, UK

Cannabis worth £2.1m seized at Dublin Port

Drugs with an estimated street value of 2.45m euros (£2.14m) have been seized at Dublin Port | BBC, UK


International news

Could psychedelic drug ayahuasca have health benefits?

It is one of the strongest psychedelic drugs in the world, and its use has been spreading from South America to Europe. Many experts say ayahuasca is dangerous, and it is illegal in the UK, but one doctor says it should be researched as a treatment for mental health issues | BBC, UK

Britons are happiest when drinking beer and at the pub, claims study

Drinking beer and sitting in the pub has been scientifically proven to make the British public feel good | Independent, UK

French customs seize €12m of cannabis bound for the Channel Tunnel

Sealed bags filled with 1,698kg of narcotics found hidden in industrial filters | IBTimes, UK

Louis Theroux's Next BBC Documentary Sounds Pretty Harrowing

Louis Theroux's new series on the "most dysfunctional and disturbing aspects of American society" is dropping next month and his first stop is West Virginia - a city so devastated by heroin use that one in 10 babies are born dependent on the drug | Esquire, UK

Smackheads in suburbia: On the frontline of America's drugs epidemic where teens buy heroin during lunchbreak

The US in the grip of its worst drugs crisis in history - MirrorOnline joined cops in California to see the horror first-hand | Mirror, UK

Alleged dark web drug kingpin arrested after flying to US to compete in world beard competition

Gal Vallerius, 38, is accused of using the persona 'OxyMonster' to sell drugs | IBTimes, UK

Research shows impact of drugs and alcohol on health of homeless people

The Head of Research at the Dublin Homeless Region Executive has told RTÉ News that almost all of the homeless people whose deaths she has studied from a certain year died because of drug or alcohol abuse | RTe, Ireland

Injection centres urged for heroin users in Galway

Supervised drug injection centres for Galway have been suggested by a former mayor, in an effort to deal with the city’s growing heroin problem | Connacht Tribune, Ireland

New discovery helps authorities track origin of heroin

Researchers at the FIU International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI) have zeroed in on a unique component of heroin that could pinpoint where it was grown, giving authorities a new tool to potentially disrupt the nation's opioid crisis | PHys.org, USA

Interactive web tool shows potential impact of tobacco policies

If the minimum age for buying tobacco legally were changed to 21, it could save more than 35,000 lives in Texas, 15,000 in Florida and more than 12,000 in Michigan by 2100, according to a new web application | Medical Xpress, USA

Why Would Big Tobacco Pay for an Anti-Smoking Campaign?

The FDA is targeting nicotine levels, and Big Tobacco is funding anti-smoking efforts. Is this the end of cigarettes in America? | Healthline, USA

Retailers suffer, but officials say raising tobacco age decreases smoking

In the past year, Cody Rector has seen most of the regular customers at his smoke shop near Loyola University disappear | Chicago Tribune, USA

The relationship between e-cigarettes and youth smoking uptake

There is some evidence that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking. However, they have also been linked to taking up traditional cigarette smoking, particularly among young people | BASIS, USA

Dabbing Cannabis Oil May Expose You To Cancer-Causing Toxins

New research suggests that an increasingly popular method of cannabis consumption may pose more health risks than other methods from a chemical level | Forbes, USA

Can a pumpkin-shaped molecule bring a different ending to 'Breaking Bad'?

Speed, uppers, chalk, glass, crystal, or whatever you prefer to call them, can be instantly detected from biological fluids with a new portable kit that costs as little as $50 | EurekAlert, USA

First lady listens and learns about opioid crisis (Update)

The first lady heard Thursday from experts and people affected by addiction to drugs whom she invited to the White House for a discussion | Medical Xpress, USA

Washington state, Seattle are latest to sue opioid makers

Washington state and the city of Seattle on Thursday joined more than two dozen other government entities across the country suing to hold opioid makers accountable for an addiction crisis that has claimed thousands of lives | Medical Xpress, USA

Leaders highlight early education for drug misuse prevention

More than 100 children in New Hampshire's largest city have witnessed an adult overdose in their home since 2016. Now, a police program that officials hope will be replicated elsewhere is working to prevent kids from meeting the same fate | Medical Xpress, USA

Colombia's defense minister says drug policy must be long-term

Colombia must maintain eradication and substitution of coca crops as a long-term policy across the Andean nation’s isolated jungle and mountain zones to permanently defeat drug trafficking and consolidate peace, the defense minister told Reuters | Reuters, USA



Blogs, comment and opinion

Why the decriminalisation of marijuana is a civil rights cause

Generations of Americans – mostly people of colour – have been crushed by aggressive laws on marijuana. It’s time for that to change | Guardian, UK



And finally...

Some birds use discarded cigarettes to fumigate their nests

They help to keep parasites at bay | Economist, UK