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Reports: September

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Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England April 2018 to March 2019

This annual report presents results from the monitoring of the NHS Stop Smoking Services in England during the period April 2018 to March 2019. NHS Stop Smoking Services offer support to help people quit smoking. This can include intensive support through group therapy or one-to-one support | NHS Digital, UK

Policy paper - Drugs policy and medicinal cannabis report: government response

The government's response to the Health and Social Care Committee's report | DHSC, UK

Prescribed medicines review: report

Report of the review of the evidence for dependence on, and withdrawal from, prescribed medicines | PHE, UK

Healthy, prosperous lives for all: the European health equity status report (PDF)

This report identifies five essential conditions needed to create and sustain a healthy life for all: good quality and accessible health services; income security and social protection; decent living conditions; social and human capital and decent work and employment conditions. Policy actions are needed to address all five conditions | WHO, Switzerland

DM for Details: Selling Drugs in the Age of Social Media

In this report, Volteface aims to bridge the gap in understanding of how social media is being used as a marketplace for illicit drugs and the impact this is having on young people – social media’s primary user group | Volte Face, UK

Pour Decisions: The case for reforming alcohol duty

This report explores the case for reforming alcohol duty in the United Kingdom, and the principles which should underpin a new, improved alcohol duty regime. This includes consideration of alcohol duty reforms that could be implemented following Brexit | SMF, UK

Smoking and tobacco: applying All Our Health

Updated with advice on tackling the harm from smoking and tobacco | PHE, UK

Taking control of cannabis: A model for responsible regulation (PDF)

Today at Parliament the NZ Drug Foundation released Taking control of cannabis: A model for responsible regulation, a new report that shows how we can take back control of cannabis from organised crime | NZDF, New Zealand

Alcohol guidelines for pregnant women: Barriers and enablers for midwives to deliver advice (PDF)

The aim of this study was to explore knowledge and implementation of the CMO guidelines amongst UK midwives. A mixed-methods design was used to explore implementation barriers and midwives’ beliefs about addressing alcohol during antenatal care with pregnant women | IAS et al, UK

Kosovo country overview 2013

This Country overview provides an overview of the drug situation in Kosovo (designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence) | EMCDDA, Portugal