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National Drug and Alcohol Education Conference 2021 - Why it matters and how to do it well

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Organised jointly by The Alcohol Education Trust, The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation and the London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum, the aim is to ensure that all professionals working with young people are equipped with the most up to date facts and figures, an understanding of best practice and the evidence base, and resources and tools to deliver engaging and effective drugs and alcohol education.

Who is this conference for?
• Teachers, senior leaders, PSHE leads and pastoral staff, youth and children’s workers, mentors and coaches
• CCGs, Public Health, social workers, school nurses

The Guildhall, Basinghall St, London EC2V 7HH
Monday 28th June 2021
Delegate and stand prices from £60




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Reports: April


Establishment of a High Level Taskforce to consider the mental health and addiction challenges of persons interacting with the criminal justice system

The establishment of the Taskforce is further to the Government’s commitment to ensure the critical mental health needs for people in prison are met, addiction treatments are provided and primary care support is available on release, in order to ensure improved outcomes for individuals and for society | Department of Justice, Ireland

New ESPAD results: teenage drinking and smoking down, but concerns over risky cannabis use and new addictive behaviours

The study, published in collaboration with the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA), is based on a 2019 survey in 35 European countries, including 25 EU Member States | ESPAD, Portugal

The Biden-Harris Administration’s Statement of Drug Policy Priorities for Year One (PDF)

The overdose and addiction crisis has taken a heartbreaking toll on far too many Americans and their families. Since 2015, overdose death numbers have risen 35 percent, reaching a historic high of 70,630 deaths in 2019 | The Whitehouse, USA

Co-involvement of Opioids in Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Cocaine and Psychostimulants

From 2009 through 2019, the rate of overdose deaths involving both cocaine and opioids increased at a faster pace than the rate of overdose deaths with cocaine but no opioids | CDC, USA

Giving the ok to ‘Stay In. Drink Up.’ What happens when the alcohol industry is in charge of alcohol marketing regulation during the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF)

Twelve months since Australia first went into lockdown, Cancer Council has released a report demonstrating how industry codes failed to protect the community from harmful alcohol advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic | Cancer Council WA, Australia

Coroner calls for urgent drug testing services in Victoria

Victorian Coroner Paresa Spanos is calling for the urgent implementation of public services that check the content and purity of illicit drugs, following an investigation into the harrowing deaths of five young men | Coroner's Court of Victoria, Australia

Drugs in the Time of COVID: Interim Report

Since the beginning of the first national coronavirus lockdown, Release has operated a public, online survey designed to monitor how people are buying their drugs. The purpose of this survey, which is open to anyone residing in the UK over the age of 18, is to determine the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic, and corresponding restrictions, have had on buying illegal substances | Release, UK

Death Penalty For Drug Offences: Global Overview 2020

This report, our tenth on the subject, continues our work of providing regular updates on legislative, policy and practical developments related to the use of capital punishment for drug offences, a practice which is a clear violation of international law | HRI, UK

Profile of 16/17-year-old smokers Based on analysis of data from the UCL Smoking Toolkit Study and ASH Smokefree Youth Surveys (PDF)

Between 2007 and 2019, smoking prevalence in the 16/17-year-old age group fell from 23.3% to 7.8%. The population of smokers in this age group fell by 66.5% between 2007 and 2019, the biggest decline of any age group | ASH, UK

Department of Health annual report 2019

Prevention, early intervention, and empowering people to look after their own health and wellbeing are essential elements of our Healthy Ireland strategy – the ‘whole of Government’ framework for improving health and wellbeing and the quality of people’s lives | DoH, Ireland

Methamphetamine developments in South Asia: the situation in Iran and the implications for the EU and its neighbours — EU4MD special report

Iran is a key transhipment point for illicit drugs along the Balkan and Southern trafficking routes and this report examines the threats posed by its potential emergence as a transhipment point for Afghan methamphetamine (‘shisheh’) | EMCDDA, Portugal

Drug Decriminalisation: Progress or Political Red Herring?

This report, like our previous report on Portugal, is intended to open up the debate on decriminalisation and make clear the expectations people who use drugs have for future action on drug policy reform. Most importantly, it includes a call for full decriminalisation without sanctions as the new baseline for measuring progress on decriminalisation in the future | INPUD, UK

Taking stock of half a decade of drug policy - An evaluation of UNGASS implementation

April 2021 marks the five-year anniversary of the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs. This report aims to take stock of progress made on the implementation of the operational recommendations included in the UNGASS Outcome Document | IDPC, UK

European Union Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment

Close to 40% of the criminal networks active in the EU are involved in the trade in illegal drugs | Europol, The Netherlands

Narcotic Drugs 2020: Estimated World Requirements for 2021 (PDF)

Global production and stocks of opium increased significantly in 2019. Opium imports, on the other hand, showed a strong decrease, from 53.5 tons (5.8 tons in morphine equivalent) in 2018 to only 11.3 tons (1.2 tons in morphine equivalent) in 2019, with one traditional importer ceasing imports altogether. The continuing low demand for the drug could signal a trend towards the eventual elimination of the drug from the international market for opiate raw materials | INCB, Austria

Pot, water theft, and environmental harms in the US and Mexico

The government of Mexico is on the verge of legalizing cannabis for industrial, medical, and recreational purposes, legislation that would make Mexico only the third country to legalize all aspects of cannabis production and all types of the plant’s use | Brookings, USA

Trends in Drug-Induced Deaths in Australia, 1997-2019

This bulletin reports on all drug-induced deaths (i.e., deaths directly attributable to drug use) in Australia from 1997 to 2019. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) were accessed from the Cause of Death Unit Record File (COD URF) though the Australian Coordinating Registry (ACR) and analysed in consultation with the ABS | NDARC, Australia

Volunteering as a service user in the UK: Findings from a cross-sector survey (PDF)

The survey focused on service user volunteers in the criminal justice, drug & alcohol, homelessness and complex needs sectors. Its purpose was to inform a new best practice guide to enable organisations to provide the best support to service users working as volunteers and for service users to know what they should expect from the services they volunteer for. {See also Russell's blog below] | Russell Webster, UK