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STRADA vacancies:

STRADA has vacancies for a Training Officer and Operations Manager.

Drug treatment EDM:

DrugScope is calling on people to ask their local MP to support a parliamentary motion recognising the benefits of drug treatment.


DrugScope evidence to the Royal College of Psychiatrists:

DrugScope gave oral evidence to an inquiry on suicide and self-harm and made a written submission to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


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Welcome to DS Daily, our new daily drug and alcohol news service. We are launching the service both as part of our core commitment to the provision and dissemination of up to date information and in support of our role as a membership organisation for the sector. The service will operate every weekday, plus you can subscribe to a weekly email which will provide you with a summary of the week's news.


We are also very pleased to announce that Jim Young, formerly of Daily Dose, has joined our DS Daily team.


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Reports November 2009


Statistical bulletin showing information on the Scottish prison population

Including by main crime/offence [Scottish Government, UK]

NDAREC Khat Report

Khat: current views from the community around the UK [NDAREC]

No One Left Out - communities ending rough sleeping

An annual progress report: November 2008 - November 2009

Statistics on Drug Misuse: England, 2009

This annual statistical report presents a range of information on drug misuse amongst both adults and children. It also includes a focus on young adults. The report is primarily concerned with the use of illicit drugs. 74-page PDF. Excel format [The Health and Social Care Information Centre, UK]

Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill (SP Bill 34)

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision regulating the sale of alcohol and licensing of premises on which alcohol is sold and to make provision for the imposition of charges on holders of licences granted under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. Explanatory Notes and Policy Memorandum [Scottish Parliament, UK]

Social consequences of harmful alcohol use in Ireland

The report compiles and analyses the available data on the subject, and uses a combination of archival data, survey research results and research literature . 64-page PDF [Health Research Board, Ireland]

New report on synthetic drugs trend in Asia

While countries in the region have increased their efforts to tackle the problem, a new UNODC report (Patterns and Trends of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants and Other Drugs in East and South-East Asia 10 MB PDF) highlights the continued need for joint efforts, both at the national and regional levels [UNODC]

Adult family members and carers of dependent drug users - full report

The full 55-page PDF report by Prof. Alex Copello, Lorna Templeton and Dr Jane Powell [UKDPC]

New report on Vancouver’s illicit drug use epidemic

Report prepared by the Urban Health Research Initiative of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. 53-page PDF [UHRI, Canada]

Identifying Effective Interventions for Preventing Underage Alcohol Consumption

A report identifying a range of effective interventions aimed at preventing/reducing alcohol use in young people, and particularly underage drinkers. Final Report prepared for Wirral Drug and Alcohol Action Team. 29-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, UK]

Legislative Innovation in Drug Policy

This briefing summarises good practices in legislative reforms around the world, representing steps away from a repressive zero-tolerance model towards a more evidence-based and humane drug policy [Latin American Initiative on Drugs and Democracy via IDPC]

The Effects of Drug User Registration Laws on People’s Rights and Health

Recent research has revealed that drug user registration laws in the former Soviet Union unfairly restrict the civil rights of drug users and impede their access to drug treatment. Key Findings from Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. 42-page PDF [Open Society Institute via IDPC]

The Afghan Narcotics Industry

While the economic and narcotics situation in Afghanistan may be improving, there are still areas: mainly the south (and some parts of the west) where the situation is significantly worse since the invasion and though now improving, are still at astonishingly high levels of production of opium, violence, and corruption. 2.3MB PDF [Center for Strategic and International Studies]

Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey

This survey is important because it provides reliable, current information about the health behaviour, risk behaviour, attitudes and beliefs of Ontario children and adolescents. Highlights 346 Kb - Detailed findings 1.7 Mb [Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada]

Perceptions of crime and anti-social behaviour

Findings from the 2008/09 British Crime Survey. 49-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

Deaths among drug users - a new report (Ireland)

The first national report on trends in deaths among drug users due to traumatic or medical causes [Health Research Board, Ireland]

How do methamphetamine users respond to changes in methamphetamine price?

The aim of the current study was to estimate how methamphetamine users would respond to changes in the prices of methamphetamine and heroin, using hypothetical drug purchasing scenarios. 16-page PDF [NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research]

Family Drug and Alcohol Court Evaluation Project - Interim report

This report presents interim findings from the evaluation of the first pilot Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) in Britain. FDAC is a new approach to care proceedings, in cases where parental substance misuse is a key element in the local authority decision to bring proceedings. 99-page PDF [FDAC Research Team Brunel University, UK]

HIV testing and counselling in prisons and other closed settings

This position statement aims to ensure: That people held in prisons and other closed settings are not left out of efforts to scale up access to HIV testing and counselling, as part of broader efforts to scale up access to comprehensive and evidence-based HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for prisoners [UNODC / WHO]

Improving health, supporting justice

The national delivery plan of the Health and Criminal Justice Programme Board. 68-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Equality Impact Assessment of Improving Health, Supporting Justice

The findings from this EIA have been fed into the policy development stage and should be recognised as key areas for development to ensure equality of access for all. 86-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Tools to Help Address Co-Occurring Disorders and Homelessness

A new Web site to help SAMHSA grantees, health professionals and the public address problems of homelessness and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders [SAMHSA, USA]

Local Matters

A new report "Making it Local" has been published which looks at the functionality and status of DATs and other local drug partnerships. In equal measure optimistic and critical, the report makes a series of recommendations about how local structures could be supported to better implement national strategy - while prioritising the needs of people directly affected by drug use and local communities [Sara McGrail, UK]

Mental Health, Abuse, Drug Use and Crime: Does Gender Matter?

Theories on the causal relationship between drug use and crime in Australian literature have often overlooked the influence of gender as a confounding variable [Australian Institute of Criminology]

Legislative Innovation in Drug Policy

This briefing summarizes good practices in legislative reforms around the world, representing steps away from a repressive zero-tolerance model towards a more evidence-based and humane drug policy. Full 20-page PDF [TNI via IHRA]

How the Department of Health Influences healthy living

The use of behaviour change programmes in public health. 90-page PDF [RAND]

Evaluation of Wirral Life Education Centre on the health and wellbeing of primary school children

An evaluation of a national charity working locally with primary schools, parents and carers, and others in the community to help children make healthy choices. 56-pahe PDF [Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, UK]

Transform launch new guide to legal regulation of drugs in the House of Commons

Transform is pleased to announce that our latest publication, ' After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation' has been launched at an event in the House of Commons on the 12th of November, with simultaneous launches taking place in the US (at the Drug Policy Alliance conference in Albuquerque ), Australia and Mexico. December will see further launch events in Brazil and the EU parliament [TDPF, UK]

Services that Manage the Care Needs of Drunk and Incapable People: A Review of the Literature

Reviews the worldwide literature on services that exist to manage the care needs of drunk and incapable people. Undertaken as part of a larger study on services for drunk and incapable people in Scotland [Scottish Government, UK]

Managing the Needs of Drunk and Incapable People in Scotland: a Literature Review and Needs Assessment

Summary of findings and recommendations from a research study on managing the needs of drunk and incapable people in Scotland [Scottish Government, UK]

Longitudinal analysis of the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey 2003–06

This report presents longitudinal analysis of self reported data on offending, drug use and anti-social behaviour amongst young people (initially aged 10 to 25) from the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey, which was carried out annually between 2003 and 2006. 45-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

Untold Damage: Children's accounts of living with harmful parental drinking

This report highlights the findings of a collaborative research study undertaken by SHAAP(Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems) and the NSPCC's Childline in Scotland service to explore children and young people's experiences of harmful parental drinking and the concerns they express about the impact this is having on their lives. 50-page PDF [SHAAP and Childline, Scotland, UK]

The Orientation and Integration of Local and National Alcohol Policy in England and Wales

The study was multi-dimensional and employed qualitative documentary analysis and semi-structured interview methods to explore the roles, responsibilities and viewpoints of a range of stakeholders operating at the national or local level. 13 page PDF [AERC, UK]

Responsible retailing of alcohol in Ireland

This first Compliance Report is being made to the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform in accordance with Section 7 of the Explanatory Memorandum section of the Voluntary Code on the Display and Sale of Alcohol in Mixed Trading Premises. 21-page PDF [Responsible retailing of alcohol in Ireland]

Policies to Prevent Drug Problems

This document focuses primarily on policy research needed to prevent problems associated with illegal drugs in the United States. 36-page PDF [RWJF, USA]

TIP 49: Treating Alcohol Use Disorders with Medication

People with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) now have more options in seeking help. A new resource from SAMHSA provides clinical guidelines for the proper use of medications in the treatment of AUDs. 127-page PDF [SAMHSA, USA]

Mentoring Former Prisoners

A Guide for Reentry Programs. 98-page PDF [Private / Public Ventures, USA]

A Comparison of the Cost-effectiveness of the Prohibition and Regulation of Drugs

Due to limitations in available data we have restricted this analysis to heroin and cocaine use (the drugs identified by Government as causing the most harm) in England and Wales. 53-page PDF [TDPF, UK]

Keeping tabs on synthetic drugs

Globally, there are significantly more users of synthetic drugs than there are users of heroin and cocaine combined [UNODC]

Public hearing on harmful use of alcohol

340 contributions were sent in by individuals, civil society groups, WHO Member States and government institutions, academic and research institutions, economic operators and other interested parties [World Health Organisation]

Understanding the ‘Spice’ phenomenon

Although advertised as an ‘exotic incense blend which releases a rich aroma’ and ‘not for human consumption’, when smoked, Spice products have been reported by some users to have effects similar to those of cannabis [EMCDDA]

Market innovation and sophistication challenge drug policies, says EMCDDA

Europe is faced with an increasingly complex and volatile synthetic drug market, says the EU drugs agency [EMCDDA]

Evidence-based practice?

The National Probation Service’s work with alcohol-misusing offenders. 86-page PDF [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Latest drug trends across Europe. HRB compares Irish situation with European findings

This briefing note compares the situation here in Ireland with Europe [Health Research Board, Ireland]

Female Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions Aged 12 to 17

Marijuana and alcohol accounted for 80 percent of all primary substances of abuse reported by adolescent female admissions [SAMHSA, USA]

2009 Annual report: the state of the drugs problem in Europe

The report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe presents the EMCDDA's yearly overview of the drug phenomenon. English PDF [EMCDDA]

Needle and Syringe Program

Return on investment 2: evaluating the cost-effectiveness of needle and syringe programs in Australia 2009 [DoH, Australia]

The Effects of Drug User Registration Laws on People’s Rights and Health

Key Findings from Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. 42-page PDF [Open Society Institute]

Joint Guidance

Joint Guidance on Development of Local Protocols between Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services and Local Safeguarding and Family Services. 24-page PDF [DCFS, DoH and NTA, UK]

Role of the Prison Officer

The twelfth Report together with the Proceedings of the [Justice Committee, Parliament, UK]

The Invisible Tide

Towards an International Strategy to Deal with Drug Trafficking Through West Africa. 44-page PDF [International Peace Institute]

Trends in alcohol- and drug-related ED and primary care visits: data from three U.S. national surveys (1995–2005)

These data suggest that drug-related ED visits are continuing to increase, although the increase has not been as substantial between 2000 and 2005, as that which was observed between 1995 and 2000, and highlight the opportunity provided by the ED and primary care settings for screening and brief intervention for substance-related problems. 7-page PDF [NIH, USA]

Estimating drug harms: a risky business?

Professor David Nutt Eve Saville Lecture 2009. 13-page PDF [Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, King’s College, UK]