Weekly news - 28th August 2009

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Drug Related Deaths in the UK Annual Report 2009

An annual report which analyses drug-related deaths that have occurred in the preceding calendar year and comments on emerging trends. An executive summary of the annual report is also published [International Centre for Drug Policy St George's, London University, UK]

Latest ONS report on drug related deaths

The NTA in conjunction with the Department of Health is committed to delivering an action plan to reduce drug-related harm and overdose death in England and have boosted the national harm reduction campaign by targeting those most at risk of overdose with additional support [NTA, UK]

DrugScope: levels of drug-related deaths 'extremely concerning'

Every drug related death is a tragedy and many could have been avoided. It is extremely concerning that deaths related to illegal drugs are at their highest since 2001. Despite the significant progress made in increasing the number of people accessing drug treatment services clearly more needs to be done [DrugScope, UK]

Government to ban harmful ‘legal highs’

Man-made chemicals which are sprayed on herbal smoking products such as “Spice” and the chemical solvent GBL are two of the so called “legal highs” to be banned by the end of the year, Home Secretary Alan Johnson announced today [Home Office, UK]

ACMD letter to the Home Secretary on the government's consultation on GBL and 1,4-butanediol

As outlined in our original report, the ACMD recognise the indisputable harms associated with taking GBL and 1,4-BD, both of which are rapidly converted to gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) when ingested [ACMD, UK]

All Wales Review of Substance Misuse Prescribing Services

This first review 129-page PDF has focused on the commissioning and provision of substitute drugs such as methadone which is used to help manage and reduce the use of illegal opiate drugs such as heroin. The review has also established an overview of substance misuse services across Wales and a baseline of provision which will be used to inform future reviews. [Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, UK]

NDTMS core data set G consultation

We are asking stakeholders to review the proposals presented here and comment back to us. The consultation will last for 12 weeks and will close on 23 October 2009 [NTA, UK]

Recovery and the UK Drug Treatment System: key dimensions of change

This discussion aims to develop the ongoing debate about the future of the Drug Treatment field in the United Kingdom. It takes up certain themes from the current debates and discussions about the Recovery Orientation in drug treatment and seeks to locate these discussions historically in terms of a paradigm analysis, but also contemporaneously in terms of other key dimensions of current change.. 73-page PDF [Ian Wardle, CEO, Lifeline Project, UK]

New videos [FEAD]

1. Ian Wardle on commissioning and substance misuse services

2. Ian Wardle on 'Recovery' as a challenge to improve quality

The practical guide for preventing and dealing with alcohol related problems

This Practical Guide is the essential reference for all those responsible for, and with an interest in, tackling alcohol-related crime and disorder. 119-page PDF. [Home Office, UK]

Alcohol Concern Survey for Social Workers

As part of our research for Alcohol Awareness Week 2009, Alcohol Concern is conducting a survey of social work professionals in order to better understand the effects of parental alcohol misuse on children [Alcohol Concern, UK]

Local Adult Reoffending 1 April 2008 – 31 March 2009 England and Wales

Statistics bulletin. 42-page PDF [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Video - Drugs, Prison & Recovery revisited

Prison turning offenders into drug addicts - Illegal drugs are so widespread in prison that more inmates are leaving with an addiction to a substance than when they initially arrived [Inexcess TV, UK]

Real Help for Communities: Volunteers, Charities and Social Enterprises

An action plan outlining £42.5 million support for the third sector in the difficult economic climate. 40-page PDF [Cabinet Office, UK]

National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XIV: Teens and Parents

This 14th annual “back-to-school survey” continues the unique effort of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University to track attitudes of teens and those, like parents, who influence them. 67-page PDF [CASA, USA]

National Forensic Laboratory Information System

Annual report 2008. 32-page PDF [DEA, United States Department of Justice]

The TEDS Report - -Heroin and Other Opiate Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment

On 2007, opiates accounted for almost one fifth (19 percent) of all substance abuse treatment admissions [SAMHSA, USA]


The many sides to the Australian opioid pharmacotherapy maintenance system. 108-page PDF [Australian National Council on Drugs]

Modelling pharmacotherapy maintenance in Australia exploring

Exploring affordability, availability, accessibility and quality using system dynamics. 80-page PDF [Australian National Council on Drugs]

Mental health services in Australia 2006-07

Mental health services in Australia 2006-07 is the eleventh in the series of AIHW's comprehensive annual reports on the characteristics and activity of Australia's mental health services, and the availability of mental health resources [AIHW, Australia]