Weekly news - 3rd July 2009

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Diversity: learning from good practice in the field

This report highlights good practice in diversity, based on interviews with local drug partnerships that performed well in a related service review. 28-page PDF [NTA, UK]

Equality and diversity

This is the first detailed investigation into knowledge of drugs and drug services among a range of black and minority ethnic groups in England: South Asian, Black African, Black Caribbean, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot and Turkish, Chinese and Vietnamese [NTA, UK]

Provision of Injecting Equipment in Scotland, 2007/08

This report presents the findings of a survey, carried out by Information Services Division (ISD), on injecting equipment provision (IEP) to injecting drug users in Scotland in 2007/08 72-page PDF [ISD, Scotland]

Drug Treatment Waiting Times Information Framework Report
January-March 2009

This is the first publication of drug treatment waiting times using a revised publication format [ISD, Scotland]

A guide to improving practice in housing for drug users

Offering fresh insight into the development, planning and delivery of housing and related support services for drug users, it introduces new ways of joined-up working that will help to improve practice. 16-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

Moving up a Gear –the Next Steps for DIP

A review of the Drug Intervention Programme A review of the Drug Intervention Programme. 31-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

National Forum on Drug Related Deaths in Scotland: Annual Report 2008-09

This is the second report from the National Forum on Drug-related Deaths [Scottish Government, UK]

Review of the Scottish Drugs Forum

The overall aim of this review was to establish the effectiveness of SDF in delivering its aims and objectives, in particular the extent to which it provides value for money in respect of funding received from the Scottish Government. 97 page PDF [Scottish Government, UK]

Alcohol attributable mortality and morbidity: alcohol population attributable fractions for Scotland

The aim of this study was to calculate alcohol population attributable fractions for Scotland, using the best possible estimates based on the current evidence available in the epidemiological literature and specific estimates of population drinking in Scotland. 56-page PDF [ScotPHO, UK]

Outpatient alcoholism treatment - 24-month outcome and predictors of outcome

Matching patients to different types of treatment by means of empirically based characteristics may help to improve outcome but research has failed to establish reliable predictors in that area. Data from this follow-up study confirm the role of certain clinical outcome predictors. 26-page PDF [Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy]

Alcohol and Offenders Project Report, Yorkshire and Humber Region

This study was commissioned by the Home Office Government Office for Yorkshire and Humber, in collaboration with YHIP, DH, NTA and [Lifeline, UK]

Alcohol consumption and use of acute and mentalhealth hospital services in the West of Scotland

Alcohol consumption has a substantial effect on acute and mental health admissions and bed-days [Epidemiol Community Health]

Corporate Social Responsibility: the new marketing tool

Trends in Alcohol Marketing. 16-page PDF [European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing]

The Seeds of Exclusion 2009

The study is based on in-depth interviews and validated questionnaires involving 967 homeless people2 at Salvation Army centres within the UK and Ireland conducted by the University of Kent and Cardiff University. 4-page PDF [Salvation Army, UK]

Poverty and Inequalities in Scotland

Conference report 14-page PDF [Scotland's Futures Forum, UK]

The need for speed - amphetamine prescribing in the UK

Powerpoint presentation from Russell Newcombe [Lifeline, UK]

Crisis Skylight Newcastle: A Place of Learning and Inspiration

Following the success of the first two Skylights, Crisis wishes to extend this service to other cities. Charities Evaluation Services was commissioned by Crisis in 2008 to undertake an evaluation of CSN. 54-page PDF [Crisis, UK]

We’re all in this together

Improving the long-term health of the nation. 36-page PDF [Public Health Commission, UK]

Do Better Do Less: The report of the Commission on English Prisons Today

The final report of the Commission on English Prisons Today takes a radical look at the purposes and limits of a penal system and how it should sit alongside other social policies [Howard League for Penal Reform, UK]

Jack Straw launches first mental health courts

Problem-solving courts for offenders with mental health problems or learning disabilities, the first of their kind in England and Wales, were formally launched by Justice Secretary Jack Straw [Ministry of Justice, UK]

Towards a Popular, Preventative Youth Justice System

It includes proposals for early intervention for preventative purposes, as well as for the extension of the system to some of those in the 18-21 age group [Institute for Public Policy Research, UK]

Recognising complexity: Commissioning guidance for personality disorder services

Guidance for commissioners in the NHS, criminal justice system, local authorities and others, which provides information and suggestions on best practice when considering services and systems for people with personality disorders. 69-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Peer-based Addiction Recovery Support

History, Theory, Practice, and Scientific Evaluation. 265-page PDF [William L. White, MA. Great Lakes Addiction Technology Transfer Center, USA]

Practice Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Behavioral Health Care

The document that you are about to read is an extraordinary one in its origins, its content, and its value as another step toward achieving and maintaining a recovery-oriented health care service system in Connecticut.. 110-page PDF [Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, USA]

California Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Treatment Report

This report contains data on admissions to treatment opened and discharges from treatment closed from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008. 16-page PDF [California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, USA]

National Education and Prevention Action Plan on Illicit Drugs in Sport

The Australian Government’s $20.1 million Illicit Drugs in Sport - National Education and Prevention Action Plan to help tackle illicit drug use in sport and in the broader community. PDFs [Department of Health, Australia]

Why does cannabis potency matter?

Of the many people who use cannabis world wide, also known as marijuana, very few understand the increase in its potency over time [UNODC]