Weekly news - 20th November 2009

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Improving health, supporting justice

The national delivery plan of the Health and Criminal Justice Programme Board. 68-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Equality Impact Assessment of Improving Health, Supporting Justice

The findings from this EIA have been fed into the policy development stage and should be recognised as key areas for development to ensure equality of access for all. 86-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Local Matters

A new report "Making it Local" has been published which looks at the functionality and status of DATs and other local drug partnerships. In equal measure optimistic and critical, the report makes a series of recommendations about how local structures could be supported to better implement national strategy - while prioritising the needs of people directly affected by drug use and local communities [Sara McGrail, UK]

Collision course

The sensational sacking of Professor David Nutt seems to have come out of nowhere. But the science of drugs and politics have been heading for a showdown since 2001 [Druglink, Drugscope, UK]

Videos with Julian Buchanan

9 videos from Julian Buchanan, Professor of Criminal & Community Justice, Glyndwr University, Wrexham [FEAD, UK]

DrugScope's conference October 2009

Presentations from DrugScope's annual conference - Drug Treatment at the Crossroads: where next for the recovery agenda? October 2009 [DrugScope, UK]

New, improved guidance for schools on drugs and alcohol

Schools Minister Diana Johnson launched a consultation on new guidance for schools to ensure that teachers, parents and the Government are working together to send out a clear message that drug, alcohol and tobacco misuse among young people is unacceptable and could damage their futures [Department for Children, Schools and Families, UK]

Family Drug and Alcohol Court Evaluation Project - Interim report

This report presents interim findings from the evaluation of the first pilot Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) in Britain. FDAC is a new approach to care proceedings, in cases where parental substance misuse is a key element in the local authority decision to bring proceedings. 99-page PDF [FDAC Research Team Brunel University, UK]

Perceptions of crime and anti-social behaviour

Findings from the 2008/09 British Crime Survey. 49-page PDF [Home Office, UK]

RCGP: More Conference Presentations Now Online

Fourteen more presentations and posters from the RCGP 14th National Conference, in Liverpool on 7-8th May 2009 [SMMGP]

Evaluation of the Delivering for Mental Health Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme - Research Finding

This research findings presents the findings of an evaluation of the peer support worker pilot scheme [Scottish Government, UK]

Evaluation of the Delivering for Mental Health Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the peer support worker pilot scheme [Scottish Government, UK]

Deaths among drug users - a new report (Ireland)

The first national report on trends in deaths among drug users due to traumatic or medical causes [Health Research Board, Ireland]

National Conference 2009 Presentations

Presentation slides from the Irish Needle Exchange Forum National Conference 2009 [INEF, Ireland]

South West Conference Presentations

From the Annual Alcohol Conference held in Bridgewater on the 11th Nov. 09 [Alcohol Learning Centre, UK]

Issues of Substance 2009

Explores the Role of Substance Abuse Treatment Through a National Treatment Strategy in Canada [CCSA-CCLAT, Canada]

The Financial Burden of Substance Abuse in West Virginia

This report, published by the West Virginia Partnership to Promote Community Well-Being and funded by the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Block Grant, details the financial burden of substance abuse on the health care system. Full report [SAMHSA, USA]

Tools to Help Address Co-Occurring Disorders and Homelessness

A new Web site to help SAMHSA grantees, health professionals and the public address problems of homelessness and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders [SAMHSA, USA]

How do methamphetamine users respond to changes in methamphetamine price?

The aim of the current study was to estimate how methamphetamine users would respond to changes in the prices of methamphetamine and heroin, using hypothetical drug purchasing scenarios. 16-page PDF [NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research]

Mental Health, Abuse, Drug Use and Crime: Does Gender Matter?

Theories on the causal relationship between drug use and crime in Australian literature have often overlooked the influence of gender as a confounding variable [Australian Institute of Criminology]

HIV testing and counselling in prisons and other closed settings

This position statement aims to ensure: That people held in prisons and other closed settings are not left out of efforts to scale up access to HIV testing and counselling, as part of broader efforts to scale up access to comprehensive and evidence-based HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for prisoners [UNODC / WHO]

UN Report on HIV Testing and Counselling in Prisons

The document acknowledges that access to HIV prevention, treatment and care – including key harm reduction interventions – remains inadequate in most prison systems [IHRA]