Weekly news - 27th November 2009

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DrugScope's conference 2009

Presentations from our annual conference - Drug Treatment at the Crossroads: where next for the recovery agenda? October 2009 [DrugScope, UK]

Statistics on Drug Misuse: England, 2009

This annual statistical report presents a range of information on drug misuse amongst both adults and children. It also includes a focus on young adults. The report is primarily concerned with the use of illicit drugs. 74-page PDF. Excel format [The Health and Social Care Information Centre, UK]

Adult family members and carers of dependent drug users - full report

The full 55-page PDF report by Prof. Alex Copello, Lorna Templeton and Dr Jane Powell [UKDPC]

Sacking of Prof Nutt - Professor Nutt's response

Response (Published 18th November) from Professor David Nutt to the request from the Science and Technology Select Committee for information about the background to the sacking of Prof Nutt from the ACMD [Commons Science and Technology Committee, Parliament, UK]

Home Secretary responds to MPs on sacking of Professor Nutt

The Commons Science and Technology Committee publishes (18th November) Home Secretary, Alan Johnson's response to its request for background to the sacking of Professor David Nutt as Chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs [Commons Science and Technology Committee, Parliament, UK]

The dismissal of Professor Nutt as Chairman of the ACMD

Miscellaneous Reported Papers (Published 18th November) [Commons Science and Technology Committee, Parliament, UK]

Government vs science over drug and alcohol policy

It would be an understatement, given the political, media, and academic interest, to say that I stirred up a hornets' nest in the UK Parliament and elsewhere - Professor David Nutt (Free registration required) [Lancet, UK]

An Audience with Professor Nutt - video

On 11th November CCJS held an audience with Professor David Nutt chaired by our director, Richard Garside [Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, UK]

Building on progress - Enhancing the response to HIV in England

Reviews the changing landscape of HIV and HIV services in England and considers what needs to be addressed when planning services for the future. 48-page PDF [DoH, UK]

Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill (SP Bill 34)

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision regulating the sale of alcohol and licensing of premises on which alcohol is sold and to make provision for the imposition of charges on holders of licences granted under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. Explanatory Notes and Policy Memorandum [Scottish Parliament, UK]

Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill Health and Sport Committee Call For Evidence

The Committee welcomes evidence from individuals as well as from organisations and professional bodies. The Committee intends that evidence received will inform its consideration of the Bill at Stage 1. All responses will be made available to the Committee [Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee]

Social consequences of harmful alcohol use in Ireland

The report compiles and analyses the available data on the subject, and uses a combination of archival data, survey research results and research literature . 64-page PDF [Health Research Board, Ireland]

Identifying Effective Interventions for Preventing Underage Alcohol Consumption

A report identifying a range of effective interventions aimed at preventing/reducing alcohol use in young people, and particularly underage drinkers. Final Report prepared for Wirral Drug and Alcohol Action Team. 29-page PDF [Centre for Public Health, UK]

Binge Drinking: A Confused Concept and its Contemporary History

This paper discusses the contemporary history of the concept of binge drinking [Social History of Medicine]

Commissioning, Delivery and Perceptions of Emergency Accommodation for Young Runaways

The overall aim of the project was to generate a set of recommendations which will help local authorities and other key stakeholders to develop solutions that will meet the emergency accommodation needs of young runaways. 97-page PDF [Department for Children, Schools and Families., UK]

Call for Operating Grants 2010 in the drugs area

It is aimed at supporting organisations - such as non-profit organisations, voluntary associations, foundations, NGOs or similar bodies, active in the field of Drug Prevention and Information for their activities in their financial year 2010 [European Commission]

The Effects of Drug User Registration Laws on People’s Rights and Health

Recent research has revealed that drug user registration laws in the former Soviet Union unfairly restrict the civil rights of drug users and impede their access to drug treatment. Key Findings from Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. 42-page PDF [Open Society Institute via IDPC]

Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey

This survey is important because it provides reliable, current information about the health behaviour, risk behaviour, attitudes and beliefs of Ontario children and adolescents. Highlights 346 Kb - Detailed findings 1.7 Mb [Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada]

New report on Vancouver’s illicit drug use epidemic

Report prepared by the Urban Health Research Initiative of the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. 53-page PDF [UHRI, Canada]

The Afghan Narcotics Industry

While the economic and narcotics situation in Afghanistan may be improving, there are still areas: mainly the south (and some parts of the west) where the situation is significantly worse since the invasion and though now improving, are still at astonishingly high levels of production of opium, violence, and corruption. 2.3MB PDF [Center for Strategic and International Studies]

New report on synthetic drugs trend in Asia

While countries in the region have increased their efforts to tackle the problem, a new UNODC report (Patterns and Trends of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants and Other Drugs in East and South-East Asia 10 MB PDF) highlights the continued need for joint efforts, both at the national and regional levels [UNODC]