Weekly news - 25th September 2009

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LDAN Briefing on Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse

It is important to address the underlying complexities of both the substance misuse and violent behaviour to fully support and protect the families and individuals involved [LDAN, UK]

Should heroin be available on the NHS?

Yes - Martin Barnes, Chief executive, Drugscope.

No - Neil McKeganey, Director of the Centre for Drug Misuse Research, University of Glasgow. [Times, UK]

New adverts expose the risk of 'legal highs'

The campaign by FRANK, aimed at 18-24 year old clubbers including the student clubbing community, highlights the potential danger of these substances, particularly when mixed with alcohol [Home Office, UK]

Z Drugs on the RADAR

The injection of zopiclone and other (so called) z-drugs in the north east of England led us to do a dedicated RADAR report with local agencies and to develop a leaflet aimed at users in the North East. We are now able to release this information, report and leaflet available as downloads for those who may be experiencing similar situations - Michael Linnell, Russell Newcombe [Lifeline, UK]

Reminder - NDTMS Core Data Set G consultation

There is one month left to respond to the consultation on the National Drug Treatment System (NDTMS) Core Data Set G for drug misusing adults [NTA, UK]

Alcohol use disorders - clinical management: draft guideline consultation

Consultation dates: 17 September 2009 – 12 November 2009. Full guideline - NICE guideline [NICE, UK]

Evidence for the effectiveness and cost–effectiveness of interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm

The WHO European Region has the highest proportion of total ill health and premature death caused by alcohol in the world. The effectiveness of alcohol policies in reducing this harm has been evaluated mainly in North America and northern Europe, but the general principles are applicable across societies and countries 2MB PDF [WHO]

Handbook for action to reduce alcohol-related harm

Every country in the WHO European Region has some form of alcohol action plan. This handbook helps them review, adjust or strengthen their plans to further reduce the harm caused by alcohol 538KB PDF [WHO]

Briefing on Gender Equality Duty

Among other information, it covers the obligations of both service providers and commissioners/funders in ensuring that men and women have equality of access to services [Stella Project, UK]

IHRA Release Position Statement Defining Harm Reduction

After months of discussion and consultation with partners, the Board of Directors and staff have released a detailed position statement defining the term ‘harm reduction’ [International Harm Reduction Association]

EMCDDA policy briefing underlines need for enforceable and evidence-based laws

Alcohol alone is estimated to account for up to 10 000 road deaths a year in the EU, one quarter of all road deaths. But there are no comparable figures are available for road accidents relating to illcit drugs and psychoactive medicines. Theme sheet - Fact sheet [EMCDDA]

Comparing the drug situation across countries: Problems, Pitfalls and Possibilities

Problems, Pitfalls and Possibilities - Briefing Number 19 [Beckley Foundation]

National Drug Research Institute Annual Report 2008: Preventing harmful drug use in Australia

During 2008, NDRI researchers were involved in over 110 projects, many of which are expected to result in a direct influence on policy, practice and the community [NDRI, Australia]